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    Bonjour Cafe
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    Bonjour Cafe

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    Location and hours

    20289 Kingsland Boulevard, Houston, TX 77450
    08:00 AM - 02:30 PM
    Tuesday - Friday
    07:00 AM - 03:30 PM
    08:00 AM - 02:30 PM
    European • Modern European • Seafood • Local Eats

    20289 Kingsland Boulevard, Houston, TX 77450 • More info

    • Breakfast/Le Petit Dejeuner

      • Special Morning

        Regular coffee + brioche, 1 fried egg and cheese
      • Croc's Benedict

        Homemade soft bread, cheese, 2 poached eggs, roasted turkey breast, hollandaise sauce made fresh daily, green onion, bacon crumble, and green salad.
      • The Gluten Free Style Eggs Benedict

        Mushroom, potatoes, avocado, rice green onion, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise sauce made fresh daily and bacon crumble.
    • Morning Savory

      • Eggs, Tomatoes, & Cheese

      • Eggs, Cheese, & Bacon

      • Roasted Turkey Breast, Cheese, Avocado & Scramble Eggs

      • Prosciutto, Brie Cheese, Tomatoes & Baby Pickles

      • Chicken, Raclette Cheese, Mushrooms & Egg

      • French Style Scrambled Eggs

        Creamy scrambled eggs, spinach, truffle paste, chef's bread and chef's tomatoes sauce.
      • Morning Crepe

        Cheese, tomatoes, avocado, spinach, 2 fried eggs, and chef's sauce served with salad.
      • The Forest Omelet

        Creamy omelet, cheese, mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes, and feta cheese.
      • French Baguette

      • The Morning Burger

        Chef's burger buns, chef's mayonnaise, truffle scrambled eggs, tomatoes, raclette cheese, and bacon crumble served with salad.
      • French Toast

        Cinnamon and vanilla homemade sweet bread brioche, Nutella, maple syrup, and salty creamy caramel.
      • Chef's Breakfast

        Half mini-baguette with jam, half brioche with Nutella, 2 fried eggs with bacon cheese, and 1 regular coffee.
      • Morning Eggs

        2 fried egg, cheese, chives, roasted potatoes, and feta cheese.
      • Half Croc's Benedict

        You will be ordering half of the regular Croc's Benedict picture attached for this order.
    • Savory Crepes

      • The Cheesy Bacon Crepe

        Goat cheese, swiss gruyere, mozzarella, feta cheese, pine nuts, green onion, tomato sauce, and bacon.
      • The Eggs Crepe

        Scramble eggs and cheese.
      • The Turkey Crepe

        Roasted turkey breast, spinach, tomatoes, and cheese.
      • The Classic Crepe

        Spinach, tomato, and cheese.
      • The Veggies Crepe

        Bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado, feta cheese, green onions, and pesto sauce.
      • Chef's Crepe

        Brie cheese, pear, prosciutto, spinach, roasted almonds, and baby pickles.
      • The Raclette

        Raclette cheese, chicken, avocado, tomatoes, mushroom, green onions, baby pickles, and pesto sauce.
    • Sweet Crepes

      • "Je T'aime" Crepe

        Nutella, banana, strawberries, vanilla chantilly, salty creamy caramel, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
      • Bonjour Cafe Chocolate Crepe

        Homemade dark chocolate ganache 70 percent salty creamy caramel, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
      • The Nutella

      • Suzette Crepe

        Orange and Grand Marnier, french traditional sauce, and vanilla ice cream.
      • The Apple

        Vanilla cinnamon chef´s apples, and salty creamy caramel.
      • The Blueberries & Cream

        Vanilla Honey Cream Cheese Chantilly, and its pillow of blueberries.
      • The French Crepe

        freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar.
      • The Caramel

        Creamy salty caramel, banana, and chocolate sauce.
    • Salads

      • The Veggie Salad

        Green salad, tomatoes, radish, avocado, bell peppers, green olive, pine nuts, and roasted.
      • The Chicken Salad

        Grilled chicken tender, salad, tomatoes, feta cheese, bell peppers, avocado, and pesto sauce.
      • Chef's Salad

        Salad, goat cheese, parmesan, green olive, tomatoes, pine nuts, 2 poached eggs, and bacon.
      • House Salad

        Salad, radish, tomatoes, and parmesan.
    • Entrees

      • Avocado Burger Style (Gluten-Free)

        Whole avocado, mini patty duck meat, tomatoes, radish, raclette cheese, tomato sauce, sesame seeds, french red pepper dust, and baked eggs white in snow.
      • Chicken Burger

        Grilled chicken breast, cheese, chef's mayonnaise, pesto sauce, and chef's guacamole.
      • Croque Madame half

      • Quiche of the Day (Slice)

      • The Baked Honey Goat Cheese Toasted and its garden vegetables

        Toasted home bread and truffle butter, bell pepper, radish, truffle paste, pine nuts, tomatoes, and avocado and pesto sauce.
      • The Avocado Toast

        Toasted homemade bread and truffle butter, avocado guacamole style, tomatoes, feta cheese, radish, pine nuts, and baked white eggs in snow, and tomato sauce.
      • The French Burger

        Homemade burger buns, duck grounded meat flambe with cong, eggplant provencal cooked in chef tomatoes and pesto sauce and mozzarella, green onions, raclette cheese, and chef mayonnaise.
      • Croque Madame

        Homemade soft bread, roast, cheese, green onion, and 2 fried eggs.
      • The French Hot Dog

        Homemade mini french baguette, grilled prosciutto with 1 beef sausage hot dog, dijon mustard, cheese chef's mayonnaise tomatoes, and baby pickles.
      • Soup of the day

    • Dessert A La Carte

      • The Banana Split

        Caramelized banana, vanilla, ice cream, marshmallow, creamy salty caramel, chocolate, nutella, and vanilla chantilly, and cookies.
      • Vanilla Ice Cream Cup

        Make it loaded with chocolate, caramel, and cookies.
    • Beverages

      • Fresh Squeeze Orange Juice

      • Organic Tea From Our Selection

      • Bottled Water

      • Hot Coco

        Milk, cacao, chantilly, and marshmallow.
      • Sparkling Water

      • Soda

      • Bottle Brewed Cold Tea

      • Bottled Juice

      • Coconut Water

      • Americano

        Double espresso coffe, and water.
      • Mocha

        Double espresso milk, and chocolate.
      • Café Latte

        Double espresso, and milk.
      • Cappuccino

        Double espresso, milk.
      • Espresso

      • Ice Coffee

        Double espresso, and milk.
      • Regular Brew Coffee

      • Unlimited Brew Coffee

      • Macchiato

    • Kid’s Breakfast & Lunch

      • The Kid’s Morning Croissant

        Croissant, scramble eggs, and mozzarella. Serve with fresh fruits.
      • The Kid’s Morning Brioche

        Half Brioche, 1 fried egg, cheese, and mozzarella. Serve with fresh fruits.
      • The Kid’s French Toast

        Half cinnamon, and vanilla French Toast, Nutella, caramel, and maple syrup. Serve with fresh fruits.
      • The Kid’s Crepe

        Small crepe, eggs, and cheese. Serve with fresh fruits.
      • The Kid’s Quiche

        Small kids’ quiche of the day. Serve with fresh fruits.
        Sold out
      • The Kids Croque Monsieur

        Half croque monsieur soft bread, roasted turkey breast, and cheese. Serve with fresh fruits.
    • Dessert

      • Vanilla Ice Cream

        Make it loaded with caramel, cookies.