Our Poke Place

$$ • Seafood • Hawaiian • Asian Fusion
25–35 मिनट
  • Mains

  • Extra Sides

  • Beverages


Small Bowl
2 Scoop of Fish + 1 Premium Topping
US$ 12.00
Regular Bowl
3 Scoops of Fish + 2 Premium Toppings
US$ 15.00
Large Bowl
4 Scoops of Fish + 3 Premium Toppings
US$ 18.00
Cooked shrimp cured in lime with onion, tomato, and cilantro.
US$ 10.00
Side of Seaweed Salad
12oz of Seaweed salad goodness
US$ 5.00
Side of Crab Meat
12 oz of Crab meat goodness
US$ 5.00
Spicy Tuna Nacho
Spicy Tuna + Crab Meat with white onion, green onion, masago, crispy onion, and crispy garlic. Served with bed of tortilla chips
US$ 14.00

Extra Sides

Extra Scoop of Fish
If multiple bowls, please specified which bowl
US$ 2.00


Iced cold coke
US$ 1.75
Diet Coke
Iced cold diet coke
US$ 1.75
Hawaiian Sun
Iced cold random selection Hawaiian Sun (Put in Note for Specific Flavor)
US$ 2.25
Young Coconut Juice with pulp
Iced cold coconut deliciousness
US$ 2.50
San Pellegrino
Random Ice Cold Italian Sparkling Beverage (Put in note for specific flavor)
US$ 2.75
Bottle Water
Nestle Pure Life
US$ 1.50
Extra Scoop of Crab
If multiple bowls, please specified which bowl
US$ 1.00
Extra Scoop of Premium Topping
If multiple bowls, please specified which bowl
US$ 1.00
अपने ठेले में वस्‍तुएँ जोड़ें और वे यहाँ दिखाई देंगी।