Nene Chicken (Melbourne Central)

$ • Korean
30–40 דקות
  • Korean Fried Chicken

  • Wingettes and Drumettes

  • Boneless Chicken

  • Half and Half

  • Burgers

  • Lunch Box

  • Fusion Tacos

  • Sides

  • Extra Sauce

  • Beverages

Korean Fried Chicken

Original Fried Chicken
Fried chicken comes with coleslaw and radish.
A$ 11.95
Flavoured Fried Chicken
A$ 13.95

Wingettes and Drumettes

Original Wingettes and Drumettes
A$ 8.95
Flavoured Wingettes and Drumettes
A$ 9.95

Boneless Chicken

Original Boneless Chicken
A$ 31.95
Flavoured Boneless Chicken
A$ 36.95

Half and Half

Half and Half Korean Fried Chicken Large
A$ 24.95
Half and Half Boneless
A$ 38.95
Half and Half Wingettes and Drumettes
A$ 17.95


Original Chicken Burger
A$ 11.95
Kimchi Chicken Burger
A$ 11.95

Lunch Box

Nene Dosirak
Korean black rice served with six pieces of wingettes and drumettes, kimchi, and Korean garden salad.
A$ 13.90
Drumsticks Duo
2pcs of original drumsticks with mustard sauce, chips and choice of garden salad or coleslaw.
A$ 12.90

Fusion Tacos

Coleslaw Tacos
Coleslaw tacos are served with creamy coleslaw chilli flakes and choice of taco shell.
A$ 11.90
Bulgogi Tacos
Bulgogi tacos are served with iceberg lettuce, salsa, cheese, bulgogi sauce and choice of taco shell.
A$ 11.90
Freaking Hot Tacos
Freaking hot tacos are served with iceberg lettuce, salsa, cheese, freaking hot sauce and choice of taco shell.
A$ 11.90


Korean Black Rice
A$ 4.50
A$ 4.95
Sweet Potato Fries
A$ 5.85
Cheesy Sticks
A$ 5.95
Korean Garden Salad
Mixed leaves sales, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion tossed with our secret dressing and topped with toasted white sesame seeds.
A$ 5.95
A$ 5.95
Cheesy Mayo Chips
A$ 6.95

Extra Sauce

Choice of Sauce
A$ 2.50
Ranch Sauce
A$ 1.50
Mustard Sauce
A$ 1.50


Still Water
A$ 3.95
A$ 4.60
Orange Juice
300mL. Keri.
A$ 4.60
Soft Drinks 600ml
A$ 4.60
Soft Drinks 1.25L
1.25 Liter.
A$ 6.50
Lipton Ice Tea Peach
A$ 4.60
Lipton Ice Tea Green Tea Citrus
A$ 4.60
Lipton Ice Tea Lemon
A$ 4.60
Lipton Ice Tea Mango
A$ 4.60
Bundaberg Lemon Lime Bitters
A$ 4.60
Bundaberg Ginger Beer
A$ 4.60
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