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    Tagine Zhor Menu and Takeaway in Bath

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    1a N Parade, Bath, BA1 1
    17:30 - 21:00Menu
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    Monday - Friday
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    Tagine Zhor

    Moroccan • $$
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    1a N Parade, Bath, BA1 1
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    $$ • Moroccan • Salads • Alcohol
    • Picked for you
        • Harira
          Made with lentils, vermicelli, chickpeas, and coriander and aromatic spices served with herby flat bread.
        • Briwat bel Bkoula
          Filo pastry filled with fresh herby spinach, and spices and feta. Served with jben and house salsa.
        • Lamb Sambouic
          Pastry filled with minced lamb and pine nuts.
        • Pumpkin Kibbeh
          Mediterranean savoury filled with special blend of pumpkin, and chopped chickpeas and aromatic herbs and spices.
        • Spinach Fatayer
          A delicately flavoured filling of spinach, onion and pine nuts in light pastry shell.
      • Nibbles
          • Batata harra
            Herby cubes of potatoes, with fresh chillies, and garlic and sweet peppers.
          • Khaobz Bzouita
            Trio moroccan flat bread: plain; herby garlic butter; and sharmoula harra. Served with olive oil .
          • Mixed Fresh Olives and Flavoured Flat Bread
            Herby olives served with flavoured bread.
          • Hommos Maghribi and Moroccan Style
            Chickpea puree with lemon oil juice. Served with pita.
          • Baba Ghannouj
            Roughly chopped grilled aubergine mixed with tahini, garlic, fresh, lemon and juice and olive oil. Served with pita.
          • Tquitaat
            Moroccan hommos, baba ghanouj, marinated olives, salad garnish served with khobz m’sharmal.
          • Halloumi Meshoui
            Grilled halloumi cheese.
        • Hot Mezze
            • Calamari
              Lightly pan fried calamari in garlic butter, hint of fresh chillies, olive oil, tossed in our blend of herbs and spices and served with sharmoula harra.
            • Cheese Sambousic
              Light filo pastry folded into half moon shape filled with feta cheese, and spring onions and herbs.
            • Tabsil ba Stoff
              A great combination of grilled spiced moroccan sausages and chicken wings. Served with tomato and herby green lentils, and charmoula harra and jben.
            • Falafel
              Deep- fried broad bean and chickpeas, served with our own style hommos and tahini sauce.
            • Lalla Zhor
              Choose from kofta briwats or (v) b’jben briwats or combo. Served with falafel, hommos,house salad garnish moroccan salsa, and jben and pita.
            • Lamb Sambouic
              Pastry filled with minced lamb and pine nuts.
            • Pumpkin Kibbeh
              Mediterranean savoury filled with special blend of pumpkin, and chopped chickpeas and aromatic herbs and spices.
            • Jawaneh M’shwiyeen
              Charcoal- grilled marinated spiced chicken wings served with jben (our own home made yogurt dip).
            • Spinach Fatayer
              A delicately flavoured filling of spinach, onion and pine nuts in light pastry shell.
              vegetarian - nuts
          • Zhor Hot Mezze platters for 2
              • Vegetarian Mezze Platter for 2
                An assortment of potato skins filled with zaalouk ‘n’ cheese or (v) baba ganouj ‘n’ halloumi cheese, pumpkin kibbeh, cheese samboussic, falafel, goat cheese, black olives spinach and feta briwats, and flavoured bread, served with jben and sharmoula harra.
              • Meaty Mezze Platter for 2
                A great combination of lamb kibbeh, kofta and chicken bastilla briwats, spiced jwaneh; prawns mshermal and kofta m’kaoura.
            • Briwats
                • Briwat Mema khadija
                  Filo pastry of boneless chicken cooked in safron sauce, eggs, and honey and almonds. Served with jben and house salsa.
                • Briwat Bjben
                  Filo pastry filled with goat cheese, and black olives and fresh herbs. Served with jben and house salsa.
                • Briwat Lalla fatima
                  Filo pastry filled with herby minced lamb, eggs, and spices. Served with jben and house salsa.
                • Briwat bel kemroon
                  Filo pastry filled with prawns, vermicelli, hint of chillies, lemon juice, and coriander and cumin. Served with jben and house salsa.
                • Briwat bel Bkoula
                  Filo pastry filled with fresh herby spinach, and spices and feta. Served with jben and house salsa.
                • Briwat Dar Kaid
                  Served with sharmoula harra. Served with jben and house salsa.
              • Cold Mezze
                • Traditional Moroccan Mezze
                  nuts - vegetarian
              • Soups
                  • Harira
                    Made with lentils, vermicelli, chickpeas, and coriander and aromatic spices served with herby flat bread.
                • House Specialities
                  • Tagine Lham Bel Barkook
                  • Tagine Djej B’zetoun
                  • Vegetarian Tagine
                    Seasonal vegetables, saffron ginger and coriander sauce served with dry fruits.
                  • Kofta Tagine
                    Homemade minced meat balls cooked in tomato sauce with fresh herbs and aromatic spices topped with baked egg.
                  • Tagine Begri Ba Jelbana Wal Artichoux
                    Traditional beef tagine with green peas, new potatoes, and artichoke hearts and moroccan spices.
                  • Comfit of Duck Tagine-lalla Zhor Way
                    Tagine of duck with caramelised apricots and raisins, sprinkled with roasted almomnds, and seasame seeds.
                • Cous-Cous
                    • S’csou Dyal Mema
                      Dish includes seven original vegetables, served with tunisian herrissa, and marinated raisins and homemade sauce on the side.
                    • Lamb or Chicken or Merguez (Lamb sausage) Cous-Cous
                      With your choice of lamb or chicken or merguez.
                    • Cous-Cous Royal
                      A great combination of chicken, lamb and merguez served as above with traditional seven vegetables.
                  • B’stilas
                      • B’stila D’jej
                        Almonds with saffron sauce baked until crisp and finished with a sugar and cinnamon coating. Served with house salad and home made sauce on a side.
                      • B’stila B’lhout
                        Moroccan speciality of a mix of seafood, wrapped in a filo pastry with a hint of fresh chillies and vermicelle, and baked and served with sharmoula mix and tomato style salsa.
                    • Brochettes
                        • Chicken Brochettes
                          Skewers of chicken.
                        • Mezhor Brochettes
                          Skewers of lamb, chicken and merguez.
                      • Fish
                        • Tagine Bel Hout
                      • Side Orders
                          • Roasted Herby Vegetables and Halloumi
                          • French Fries
                          • Plain Pita
                          • Flavored Khobez
                          • Tagine Bread
                          • Cous Cous
                          • Rice
                          • Hommos
                          • Herrissa
                          • jben
                          • Marinated Fresh Olives
                        • Salads
                          • Moroccan Fresh Salad
                        • Dessert
                            • Al Halawiyat
                              (Pastries with honey and mixed nuts)
                            • Fresh Orange Salad
                              Fresh orange slices with cinnamon, icing sugar, o’blossom and roasted almonds. Served with orange sorbet.
                            • Chocolate Orange Pudding
                              With a rich covertures chocolate ganache infused with orange. Served warm with orange sorbet.
                            • Cinnamon Waffle Crunch Sundae
                              With vanilla ice cream, and maple syrup and laced with mixed nuts pieces.
                            • Rghaif Bel asal
                              With honey.
                          • Beverages
                            • Arabic Coffee
                            • Moroccan Fresh Mint Tea
                            • Espresso Single
                            • Coffee
                            • Decaf. Coffee
                            • Cappuccino
                            • Coffee Latte
                            • Coffee Mocha
                            • Hot Chocolate
                            • House Tea
                            • Earl Grey
                            • Camomile
                            • Peppermint
                            • Green Tea
                            • Coca-Cola
                            • Diet-Cola 330ml
                            • Sprite 330ml
                            • Orangina 250ml
                            • Appletiser 275ml
                            • Freshley Squeezed Orange Juice
                            • Mineral water (Large)
                          • Beer and Cider
                              • Casablanca Morocco
                                Sold out
                              • Peroni
                                Sold out
                              • Corona
                                Sold out
                              • Magners Cider
                                Sold out
                            • White Wine
                                • Guerouane, les 3 domaines, Mekness Sauvignon Blanc - Morocco
                                  Sold out
                                  Lively, fruity, and dry from sauvignon blanc, ugni blanc and clairette grapes, supple, and fresh and easy to drink.
                                • Berri Estates Unoaked Chardonnay - SE Australia
                                  Sold out
                                  Crisp style with a fresh, yet ripe lemon character with no oak ageing.
                                • Belvino Pinot Grigio delle Venezie - Italy
                                  Sold out
                                  Delicately flavoured with notes of green apple and pear, with just a hint of sweetness.
                                • Kleine Zalze Bush Vines Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch – South Africa
                                  Sold out
                                  Soft and creamy, a hint of ripe exotic fruit and a delicious vanilla sweetness.
                                • Errázuriz 1870 Peñelas Block Sauvignon Blanc, Casablanca Valley - Chile
                                  Sold out
                                  Shows concentrated flavours of herbs, cut grass and tropical fruit: all the hallmarks of a good casablanca sauvignon blanc.
                                • Chablis Gloire de Chablis, J. Moreau et Fils - France
                                  Sold out
                                • Vidal Riesling, Marlborough - New Zealand
                                  Sold out
                                  A fine example of the riesling grape, showing lime and floral aromas combined with the minerality and citrus fruit flavours typical of the grape in an off-dry, ‘new world’ style.
                                • Red Knot Chardonnay - Australia
                                  Sold out
                                  Lemon rind, mandarin and honeydew melon are entwined with creamy cashew notes; a deliciously textured palate and a long, fresh, zesty finish.
                              • Rose Wine
                                  • Vendange White Zinfandel, California - USA
                                    Sold out
                                    A brief time with juice and skin together gives this delicate colour, delicious strawberry aroma and zingy freshness.
                                  • Rare Vineyards Cinsault Vieilles Vignes Rosé, Pays d’Oc - France
                                    Sold out
                                    Harvested in the cool of the morning and cool fermented to ensure that the flavours of fresh summer fruit are retained.
                                  • Domaine De Sahari Gris, Morocco
                                    Sold out
                                    Light, racy and stylish rosé with notes of raspberry light flavours and a nice dry finish.
                                • Sparkling
                                    • Bolla Prosecco Extra Dry 20cl - Italy
                                      Sold out
                                      Refreshing fizz with softness to the palate and aromas of fresh apple and pears.
                                    • Fantinel Prosecco Extra Dry - Italy
                                      Sold out
                                      Fresh, dry and fruity, a pleasant and extremely elegant bouquet with delightful, floral hints.
                                    • Pongracz Brut - South Africa
                                      Sold out
                                      Light straw colour with greenish tinges: shows classical yeast and biscuit character with full fruit on the palate and lingering finish.
                                  • Red Wine
                                      • Domaine de Sahari - Morocco
                                        Sold out
                                        Oak-matured wine from mekenes area, displaying red berry flavours and a soft plummy finish.
                                      • Berri Estates Merlot - SE Australia
                                        Sold out
                                        Several specially selected vineyards provide a delicious combination of raspberries, blueberries and soft plum characters.
                                      • Ayrum Crianza Albali, Valdepeñas - Spain
                                        Sold out
                                        From the rioja grape tempranillo this has delicious blackberry fruit flavours and creamy vanilla finish.
                                      • Medallion Rouge Cabernet Sauvignon – Morocco
                                        Sold out
                                        Very stylish blend of cabernet sauvignon and merlot emboldened with a little syrah, with ripe fruit and velvety texture.
                                      • Valpolicella Classico, Bolla - Italy
                                        Sold out
                                        A tremendous trio of traditional grapes all showing ripe round berry fruits and a liquorice hint.
                                      • Vidal Reserve Series Pinot Noir, Hawke’s Bay - New Zealand
                                        Sold out
                                        Raspberry sweetness showing through a youthful character, yet more structure and complexity developing from barrique-ageing.
                                      • Etchart Privado Malbec, Valle de Cafayate - Argentina
                                        Sold out
                                        Deep layers of black peppered plum richness, great intensity of character.
                                      • Veramonte Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva, - Colchagua Valley Chile
                                        Sold out
                                        Rich blackcurrants with a dash of spice. Very smooth and pronounced with a super balance and long lingering finish.
                                      • CB initiales Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot - Morocco
                                        Sold out
                                        Made from carefully selected and extremely ripe cabernet sauvignon and merlot grapes. Fabulous wine of great complexity.
                                    Tagine Zhor has a FHRS rating of 3. This information was updated on 01/09/2022. The current rating is on their page on the FSA Website. Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: Before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a member of staff who can assist if you require information about ingredients and help cater for your needs. Adults need around 2000 kcal a day.
                                    Frequently asked questions

                                    Can I order Tagine Zhor takeaway in Bath with Uber Eats?

                                    Yes. Tagine Zhor takeaway is available on Uber Eats in Bath.

                                    Is Tagine Zhor delivery available near me?

                                    Tagine Zhor delivery might not be available everywhere in Bath, so enter your address to see if it’s available near you.

                                    How do I order Tagine Zhor takeaway online in Bath?

                                    There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. After you’ve looked over the Tagine Zhor menu, simply choose the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. Next, you’ll be able to review, place and track your order.

                                    What’s the best thing to order for Tagine Zhor takeaway in Bath?

                                    What’s best at Tagine Zhor is totally up to you and your personal preference. If you’re in need of some inspiration, consider trying one of the items featured in ‘Picked for you’.

                                    How do I get $0 Delivery Fee at Tagine Zhor in Bath?

                                    The Delivery Fees may vary depending on a number of factors, like your location. Enter your Bath address to see the current Delivery Fee. You can also explore the Uber Eats membership and subscription options available in your area to see if you can save money on Tagine Zhor delivery with $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.