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    Location and hours

    103 Blandford Road, Birmingham, EMEA B32 2LT
    Every day
    16:30 - 22:30

    Royal Munchy Box

    4.5 (83 ratings) • Chinese • $$
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    103 Blandford Road, Birmingham, EMEA B32 2LT
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    $$ • Chinese • Cantonese • English
    • Picked for you
        • Munchy Box 4 Items 拼盘盒4式
        • Salt and Pepper Chicken 椒盐鸡
        • Chicken Noodles 鸡面
        • Chicken Curry 咖喱鸡
        • Munchy Box 5 Items 拼盘盒5式
      • Appetisers  头盘
          • Special Platter 招牌拼
            Served with salt and pepper ribs, prawn toast, veg roll, salt and pepper chicken.
          • Chicken Balls in Batter 鸡球
          • 4 Pieces Chicken Satay Skewer 沙爹串鸡
            Contains nuts.
          • Sesame Prawn on Toast 虾多士
            Served with sweet and sour dipping.
          • Crispy Wan Ton 炸云吞
            Served with sweet and sour dipping.
          • Chicken Cheese Rolls 芝士鸡·卷
          • 6 Pieces Vegetable Rolls 小斋卷
            Served with sweet and sour dipping.
          • 2 Pieces Crispy Spring Rolls 春卷
          • Seaweed 海草
          • Smoked Chicken 烟熏鸡
          • Barbecue Spare Ribs B骨
          • Peking Spare Ribs 京骨
          • Honey Chilli Ribs 蜜辣骨
          • Onion Rings 洋葱圈
          • Whole Crispy Aromatic Duck 全鸭
            Served with pancake, leeks, cucumber and hoi sin sauce.
          • Half Crispy Aromatic Duck 1/2鸭
            Served with pancake, leeks, cucumber and hoi sin sauce.
          • Quarter Crispy Aromatic Duck 1/4鸭
            Served with pancake, leeks, cucumber and hoi sin sauce.
          • Chips 条
          • Prawn Crackers 虾片
          • Curry Samosa 咖喱角
        • Salt and Pepper Dishes  椒盐餐
            • Salt and Pepper Ribs 椒盐骨
            • Salt and Pepper King Prawns 椒盐大虾
            • Salt and Pepper Chicken 椒盐鸡
            • Salt and Pepper Shredded Chicken 椒盐干鸡丝
            • Salt and Pepper Shredded Beef 椒盐干牛丝
            • Salt and Pepper Vegetable Rolls 椒盐斋卷
            • Salt and Pepper To Fu 椒盐豆腐
            • Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings 椒盐鸡翅
            • Salt and Pepper Chips 椒盐条
          • Soups  羹汤
              • Hot and Sour Soup 酸辣汤
              • Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup 鸡米汤
              • Crab Meat Sweetcorn Soup 蟹米汤
              • Chicken Noodles Soup 鸡面汤
              • Chicken Mushroom Soup 毛古鸡汤
              • Fresh Vegetable Soup 杂菜汤
              • Wan Ton Soup 云吞汤
              • Tom Yum Chicken Soup 东炎鸡汤
              • Tom Yum King Prawn Soup 东炎大虾汤
            • Rice - Large Container  白饭
                • House Special Fried Rice 招牌饭
                • Chicken Fried Rice 鸡饭
                • Beef Fried Rice 牛饭
                • Barbecued Pork Fried Rice 叉烧饭
                • Roast Duck Fried Rice 鸭饭
                • King Prawn Fried Rice 大虾饭
                • Singapore Fried Rice 星饭
                • Special Fried Rice 招牌饭
                • Mushroom Fried Rice 毛古饭
                • Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice 杂菜饭
                • Pineapple Fried Rice 菠萝饭
                • Small Egg Fried Rice 蛋炒饭小
                • Large Egg Fried Rice 蛋炒饭大
                • Small Plain Boiled Rice 白饭小
                • Large Plain Boiled Rice 白饭大
              • Noodles - Large Container  面
                  • House Special Noodles 招面
                  • Chicken Noodles 鸡面
                  • Beef Noodles 牛面
                  • Barbecued Pork Noodles 叉烧面
                  • Roast Duck Noodles 鸭面
                  • King Prawns Noodles 大虾面
                  • Singapore Rice Noodles 星米
                  • Singapore Noodles 星面
                  • Special Noodles 招牌面
                  • Patai Chicken Noodles Patai鸡面
                  • Patai Beef Noodles Patai牛面
                  • Patai Noodles Patai面
                  • Mushroom Noodles 毛古面
                  • Mixed Vegetable Noodles 杂菜面
                  • Beansprout Noodles 芽菜面
                  • Fried Soft Noodles 细软面
                • Curry Sauce  咖喱汁
                    • King Prawns Curry 咖喱虾
                    • Duck Curry 咖喱鸭
                    • Beef Curry 咖喱牛
                    • Chicken Curry 咖喱鸡
                    • Barbecued Pork Curry 咖喱叉烧
                  • Thai Curry  泰咖喱
                      • Thai Green Curry Chicken 绿咖喱鸡
                      • Thai Green Curry King Prawn 绿咖喱大虾
                      • Thai Green Curry Chicken 绿咖喱鸡
                      • Thai Green Curry King Prawn 绿咖喱大虾
                    • Chicken Dishes  鸡肉餐
                        • Sweet and Sour Chicken 古老鸡
                        • Crispy Chicken in Kung Po Sauce 宫保鸡
                        • Deep Fried Shredded Chilli Chicken 辣干鸡丝
                        • Chicken in Lemon Sauce 柠檬鸡
                        • Chicken in Plum Sauce 梅汁鸡
                        • Chicken in Orange Sauce 橙汁鸡
                        • Honey Chilli Chicken 蜜辣鸡
                        • Chicken in Black Bean Sauce 士汁鸡
                        • Szechuan Chicken 四川鸡
                        • Chicken Satay 沙爹鸡
                        • Mongolian Chicken 蒙古鸡
                        • Chicken with Spicy Hon Sin Sauce 海鲜汁鸡
                        • Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onion 洋葱鸡
                        • Chicken with Broccoli 西兰花鸡
                        • Chicken with Mixed Vegetables 杂菜鸡
                        • Chicken with Cashew Nuts 腰果鸡
                        • Chicken with Mushroom 毛古鸡
                        • Chicken Omelette 鸡力
                      • Beef Dishes  牛肉餐
                          • Beef in Black Bean Sauce 士汁牛
                          • Deep Fried Shredded Chilli Beef 辣干牛丝
                          • Szechuan Beef 四川牛
                          • Beef Satay 沙爹牛
                            Contains nuts.
                          • Mongolian Beef 蒙古牛
                          • Beef in Spicy Hon Sin Sauce 海鲜汁牛
                          • Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion 洋葱牛
                          • Beef with Broccoli 西兰花牛
                          • Beef with Cashew Nuts 腰果牛
                            Contains nuts.
                          • Beef with Mushroom 毛古牛
                          • Beef in Peking Sauce 京汁牛
                        • Pork Dishes  叉烧餐
                            • Szechuan Barbecued Pork 四川叉烧
                            • Barbecued Pork Satay 沙爹叉烧
                              Contains nuts.
                            • Mongolian Barbecued Pork 蒙古叉烧
                            • Roast Pork in Spicy Hon Sin Sauce 海鲜汁叉烧
                            • Barbecued Pork with Ginger and Spring Onion 洋葱叉烧
                            • Barbecued Pork with Broccoli 西兰花叉烧
                            • Pork with Cashew Nuts 腰果叉烧
                              Contains nuts.
                            • Barbecued Pork with Mushroom 毛古叉烧
                            • Barbecued Pork in Black Bean Sauce 士汁叉烧
                          • King Prawn Dishes  大·虾餐
                              • Crispy Prawns in Kung Po Sauce 宫保大虾
                              • Honey Chilli King Prawns 蜜辣大虾
                              • King Prawn in Black Bean Sauce 士汁大虾
                              • Szechuan King Prawn 四川大虾
                              • King Prawn Satay 沙爹大虾
                                Contains nuts.
                              • Mongolian King Prawns 蒙古大虾
                              • King Prawn in Spicy Hon Sin Sauce 海鲜汁大虾
                              • King Prawn with Ginger and Spring Onion 洋葱大虾
                              • King Prawn with Broccoli 西兰花大虾
                              • King Prawn with Cashew Nuts 腰果大虾
                                Contains nuts.
                              • King Prawn Omelette 大虾力
                              • Sweet and Sour King Prawns 古老大虾
                            • Duck Dishes  鸭肉
                                • Kung Po Roast Duck 宫保鸭
                                • Roast Duck with Lemon Sauce 柠檬鸭
                                • Roast Duck with Plum Sauce 梅子鸭
                                • Honey Chilli Roast Duck 蜜辣鸭
                                • Duck in Black Bean Sauce 士汁鸭
                                • Szechuan Roast Duck 四川鸭
                                • Duck Satay 鸭沙爹
                                  Contains nuts.
                                • Mongolian Roast Duck 蒙古鸭
                                • Roast Duck with Spicy Hon Sin Sauce 海鲜汁鸭
                                • Duck with Ginger and Spring Onion 洋葱鸭
                                • Roast Duck with Broccoli 西兰花鸭
                                • Duck with Cashew Nuts 腰果鸭
                              • Vegetarian Selection  素食选择
                                  • To Fu in Sweet and Sour Sauce 古老豆腐
                                  • To Fu in Black Bean Sauce 是汁豆腐
                                  • To Fu in Peking Sauce 京汁豆腐
                                  • Stir Fried To Fu with Mixed Vegetables 杂菜豆腐
                                  • Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables 炒杂菜
                                  • Mixed Vegetables in Curry Sauce 咖喱杂菜
                                  • Mixed Vegetables in Satay Sauce 沙爹杂菜
                                    Contains nuts.
                                  • Sweet and Our Mixed Vegetables 古老杂菜
                                  • Stir Fried Mushroom 炒毛古
                                  • Stir Fried Beansprout 炒芽菜
                                  • Stir Fried Broccoli 西兰花
                                • Vegetarian Dishes  素食餐
                                    • Vegetarian Fish 斋鱼
                                    • Vegetarian Duck 斋鸭
                                    • Vegetarian Chicken 斋鸡
                                  • Chef Special  招牌餐
                                      • Special Mushroom 招牌毛古
                                      • Special Curry 招牌咖喱
                                      • Special Mongolian 招牌蒙古
                                      • Special Cashew Nuts 招牌腰果
                                        Contains nuts.
                                      • Special Kung Po 招牌宫保
                                      • Special Black Bean 招牌士汁
                                      • Special Szechuan 招牌四川
                                      • Special Ginger and Spring Onion 招牌姜葱
                                      • Special Sweet and Sour 招牌古老
                                    • Sauce  汁
                                        • Curry Sauce 咖喱汁
                                        • Sweet and Sour Sauce 古老汁
                                        • Barbecued Sauce B汁
                                        • Satay Sauce 沙爹汁
                                          Contains nuts.
                                        • Gravy Sauce G汁
                                        • Honey Chilli Sauce 蜜辣汁
                                        • Black Bean Sauce 士汁
                                          Chilli oil.
                                      • All in One Tray  全合一
                                          • Chips with Sauce 条汁
                                          • Fried Rice with Sauce 炒饭汁
                                          • Plain Noodles with Sauce 净面汁
                                          • Rice and Chips with Sauce 饭,条汁
                                          • Plain Noodles and Chips with Sauce 净面,条汁
                                          • Rice and Plain Noodles and Chips with Sauce 饭,净面,条汁
                                          • Boiled Rice with Sauce 白饭汁
                                        • Desserts  甜点
                                            • Banana Fritter with Syrup 炸香蕉
                                            • Pineapple Fritter with Syrup 炸菠萝
                                          • Drinks  饮料
                                              • Coke Can
                                              • Diet Coke Can
                                              • Fanta Can
                                              • 7up Can
                                              • Coke Bottle
                                              • Diet Coke Bottle
                                              • Fanta Bottle
                                              • 7up Bottle
                                            • Munchy Box  拼盘盒
                                                • Munchy Box 4 Items 拼盘盒4式
                                                • Munchy Box 5 Items 拼盘盒5式
                                                • Munchy Box 6 Items 拼盘盒6式
                                              Royal Munchy Box has a FHRS rating of 3. This information was updated on 05/07/2022. The current rating is on their page on the FSA Website. Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: Before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a member of staff who can assist if you require information about ingredients and help cater for your needs. Adults need around 2000 kcal a day.