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    Rice Box Menu and Takeaway in Oxford

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    Location and hours

    178 Cowley Road, Oxford, EMEA OX4 1
    Every day
    12:00 - 23:30

    Rice Box

    4.3 (100+ ratings) • Asian • $
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    178 Cowley Road, Oxford, EMEA OX4 1
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    Wish you could ask someone what's popular here? Uber Eats users might say the Mini Vegetarian Spring Rolls 小斋卷(6), since it's one of the most popular items on the entire menu at this evening go-to. • $ • Asian • Chinese • Rice & Curry • Group Friendly
    • Popular Items

    • Restaurant Minimum Order

    • Starters 头盘

      • Deep Fried Spare Ribs in Garlic and Pepper 椒盐骨
      • Roast Spare Ribs with Cantonese Sauce 中汁骨
      • Roast Spare Ribs with BBQ Sauce Q骨
      • Deep Fried Chicken Wings in Garlic and Pepper 椒盐鸡翅
      • Deep Fried Chicken Wings in Cantonese Sauce 中亦
      • Chicken Gyoza (6) 鸡饺 (6)
      • Deep Fried Wan Tun in Thai Chilli Sauce 炸云吞
      • Satay Chicken Skewers (6) 沙爹串鸡(6)
      • Satay King Prawn Skewers (4) 沙爹大虾串
      • Spring Rolls (Meat) 春卷(肉)
      • Deep Fried Sesame Prawn on Toast 虾多士
      • Mini Vegetarian Spring Rolls (6) 小斋卷(6)
      • Crispy Seaweed 海草
      • Fortune King Prawns (8) 富贵虾(8)
      • Quarter Pounder Crispy Aromatic Duck 1/4香鸭
      • Half Pounder Crispy Aromatic Duck 1/2香鸭
      • Crispy Aromatic Duck (Whole) 香酥鸭(整)
    • Soups 羹汤

    • Chicken and Duck Dishes 鸡肉鸭肉餐

    • Beef, Pork and Lamb Dishes

    • Seafood Dishes 海鲜餐

    • Chow Mein Dishes 炒面

    • Vegetarian Dishes 什才餐

      • Fried Bean Curd with Garlic and Pepper 椒盐豆腐
      • Bean Curd with Mixed Vegetables 杂菜豆腐
      • Sweet and Sour Bean Curd 古老豆腐
      • Satay Bean Curd 沙爹豆腐
      • Chilli Bean Curd 辣豆腐
      • Szechuan Bean Curd 四川豆腐
      • Cashew Nuts with Mixed Vegetables 腰果杂菜
      • Cashew Nuts with Vegetables in Yellow Bean Sauce酱腰杂菜
      • Mushroom Egg Foo Yung 毛古夫
      • Szechuan Mixed Vegetables 四川杂菜
      • Stir Fried Beansprouts with Garlic Sauce 芽菜
      • Mixed Vegetables with Cantonese Sauce 中式杂菜
      • Thai Curry Vegetables 太咖喱杂菜
      • Curry Vegetables 咖喱杂菜
      • Sweet and Sour Vegetables 古老杂菜
      • Bean Curd and Vegetables with Black Bean Sauce 士召豆腐杂菜
      • Mixed Vegetables with Coconut Sauce 椰杂菜
      • Aubergine with Black Bean Sauce 士召茄子
      • Fried Aubergine with Garlic and Pepper 椒盐茄子
      • Mushroom Curry 咖喱毛菇
      • Stir Fry Mushroom 炒毛菇
      • Mushrooms with Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce 酱腰毛菇
      • Pak Choi with Garlic Sauce 蒜蓉小白菜
      • Broccoli with Garlic Sauce 炒西兰花
      • Dry Fried Five Beans 干煸四季豆
    • Omelette Dishes 力条类

    • Thai Curry Dishes 泰咖喱

    • Rice Dishes and Extras 米饭类

    • Special Set Dinners 套餐

      • Set Dinner 2A For 2 Persons 二人餐(D2A)
        Spring rolls (2), sweet and sour pork, chicken with black bean sauce, egg fried rice.
      • Set Dinner 3B For 3 Persons 三人餐
        Chicken wings with cantonese sauce, sweet and sour pork, king prawns with mushrooms, beef with black pepper sauce, special fried rice, prawn crackers.
      • Set Dinner 4C For 4 Persons 四人餐
        1/2 crispy duck, chicken wings with garlic and pepper, Thai chilli chicken, roast pork with green pepper in black bean sauce, king prawns with szechuan sauce, sweet and sour pork, special fried rice (2 boxes), prawn crackers.
      • Vegetarian Set Dinner 2V For 2 Persons 二人斋餐
    • Special Menu Part A

      • Homemade Dumpling in Soup (10) 手工猪肉水饺
        Pork and veg.
      • Wu Dong with Shredded Pork in Pickled Pepper Soup 泡椒肉丝乌冬汤面(辣)
      • Wu Dong with Shredded Duck in Pickled Pepper Soup 泡椒鸭丝乌冬汤面(辣)
      • Thai Style Tom Yum Seafood Noodles in Soup 泰式冬荫海鲜汤面(辣)
      • Mixed Seafood with Vegetables Noodles in Soup 什锦海鲜汤面
      • Pak Choi with Spare Ribs Noodles in Soup 白菜猪骨浓汤面
      • Deep Fried Pork Loin Noodles in Soup 酥炸猪扒汤面
      • Wu Dong with Roast Duck in Soup 烧鸭乌冬汤面
      • Wu Dong with Beef Brisket in Soup 牛腩乌冬汤面
      • Wu Dong with Shredded Pork and Chinese Sauerkraut in Soup 酸菜肉丝乌冬汤面(辣)
      • Wu Dong with Shredded Duck and Chinese Sauerkraut in Soup 酸菜鸭丝乌冬汤面(辣)
      • Shredded Pork with Potherb Mustard Noodles in Soup 雪菜肉丝汤面
      • Wonton Soup Noodles 云吞汤面

      • Mixed Seafood with Mixed Vegetables Crispy Noodles 什锦海鲜炒底面
      • Stir Fried Wu Dong with Mixed Seafood 马来盏海鲜炒乌冬(辣)
      • House Special Crispy Noodles 招牌底面
      • King Prawn Crispy Noodles 大虾底面
      • Beef Brisket Crispy Noodles 牛腩底面
      • Shredded Pork with Pickled Vegetable Crispy Noodles 榨菜肉丝底面
      • Shredded Pork with Pickled Vegetable Rice 榨菜肉丝饭
      • Shredded Duck with Picked Vegetable Crispy Noodles 榨菜鸭丝底面
      • Shredded Duck with Picked Vegetable Rice 榨菜鸭丝饭
      • Fried Noodles with Minced Pork and Oriental Mushroom in Soy Bean Paste 香菇炸酱面
      • Noodles in Szechuan Style 四川担担面
      • Mongolian Lamb with Rice 蒙古羊饭
      • Chicken with Rice 蒙古鸡饭
      • King Prawn in Egg Sauce with Ho Fun 滑蛋大虾河粉
      • King prawn in Egg Sauce with Rice 滑蛋大虾饭
      • Beef in Egg Sauce with Ho Fun 滑蛋牛肉河粉
      • Beef in Egg Sauce with Rice 滑蛋牛肉饭
      • Garnish Mince Pork and Prawn with Aubergine in Chilli Bean Sauce with Rice 鱼香茄子饭
      • Shredded Pork in Chilli Bean Sauce with Rice 鱼香肉丝饭
      • Roast Pork and Duck with Rice 叉鸭饭
      • Spare Ribs in Black Bean Sauce with Rice 豉汁排骨饭
      • Deep Fried Pork Loin in Cantonese Sauce with Rice 中汁猪扒饭
      • Deep Fried Pork Loin in Black Pepper with Rice 黑椒猪扒饭
      • Fuzhou Special Fried Rice 福州炒饭
      • Diced Duck Fried Rice 鸭肉炒饭
    • Special Menu Part B

      • Wok Fried Soft Crab with Chilli and Crushed Garlic 避风塘炒软壳蟹(辣)
      • Wok Fried Aubergine with Chilli and Crushed Garlic 避风塘炒茄子(辣)
      • Wok Fried King Prawn with Chilli and Crushed Garlic 避风塘炒大虾(辣)
      • Dice Chicken and Salted Fish and Aubergine in Casserole 咸鱼鸡粒茄子煲
      • Sauteed Crab in Chilli Sauce 香辣蟹
      • Baked King Prawn with Szechuan Hot Sauce 香辣大虾
      • Chicken Legs with Szechuan Hot Sauce 香辣鸡
      • Fresh Squid with Szechuan Hot Sauce 香辣鲜鱿
      • Chongqing: Chili-Fried Chicken Cubes 重庆辣子鸡
      • Fried King Prawn with Soy Sauce in Shanghai Style 酱油大虾
      • Lamb Fillet in Spicy Hot Pot 石锅羊(辣)
      • Pork Intestine in Spicy Hot Pot 石锅肥肠(辣)
      • Sliced Fish in Spicy Hot Pot 石锅鱼片(辣)
      • King Prawn in Spicy Hot Pot 石锅大虾(辣)
      • Chicken Leg in Spicy Hot Pot 石锅鸡肉(辣)
      • Poached Sliced Fish with Preserved Vegetables 酸菜鱼(辣)
      • Poached Sliced Fish in Spicy Sauce 水煮鱼(辣)
      • Poached Sliced Fish with Pickled Peppers 泡椒鱼(辣)
      • Poached Sliced Fish in Hot Chilli Oil with Bean Sprouts 沸腾鱼(辣)
      • Double-Cooked Pork Slices 回锅肉(辣)
      • Tibet Sliced Lamb 西藏羊(辣)
      • Fried Lamb with Cumin 孜然羊肉(辣)
      • Minced Pork with Vermicelli in Pot 肉末粉丝煲
      • Chinese Leaves, Bean Curd and Vermicelli in Pot 白菜豆腐粉丝煲
      • Deep Fried Pork Chop 香炸猪扒
      • Deep Fried Pork Loin in Garlic and Pepper 椒盐猪扒
      • Pork Loin in Black Pepper 黑椒猪扒
      • King Prawn with Broccoli 大虾西兰花
      • Beef with Broccoli 牛肉西兰花
      • Braised Spare Ribs in Shanghai Style 上海糖醋小排骨
      • Stewed Pork with Brown Sauce in Shanghai Style 上海红烧肉
      • Braise Pork with Preserved Vegetable 梅菜扣肉
      • Pi Pa To Fu 琵琶豆腐
      • Sauteed Shredded Pork in Sweet Bean Sauce 京酱肉丝
      • Shredded Pork and Green Pepper 青椒肉丝
      • Pork Intestines in Spicy Sauce 香辣肥肠煲
      • Pork Intestines with Preserved Vegetables 酸菜肥肠煲
      • Pork Intestines with Onion in Black Pepper Sauce 黑椒葱爆肥肠煲
      • Tong Choi in Malaysian Style 马来盏通菜
      • Pak Choi in Garlic Sauce 蒜蓉白菜
      • Pak Choi in Oyster Sauce 蚝油白菜
      • Stir Fried Potatoes Shred with Green Peppers 青椒土豆丝
      • Hot and Sour Shred Potatoes 酸辣土豆丝
      • Fried Bean Curd with Vegetable and Roast Pork 家常豆腐(辣)
      • Sautéed Tofu with Pork and Potherb Mustard 雪菜肉丝豆腐
      • Dry-Fried Fine Beans 干煸四季豆(辣)
      • King Prawn Coated Salted Egg Yolk 咸蛋黄焗大虾
      • Grilled Aromatic Sea Bass in Spicy Sauce 香辣烤鲈鱼
      • Braised Pork ball in brown sauce 红烧狮子头
      • Pig Ears Dressed with Chlli Oil (Hot)红油猪耳
    • 3 Meal Deals

      • Family Boudle 家庭套餐
        Family pack including: mini vegetarian spring roll (6), sweet sour pork, beef in black bean sauce, stir fried mixed vegetable, large egg fried rice.
      • whole sea bass 风味烤鱼
        Chef's special spicy whole sea bass 风味烤鱼, contains celery, fish, peanuts, and nuts.
    • Thai Special Set Dinner 泰餐

      • Thai Special Set Dinner 2A For 2 Persons 泰2人餐
        Chicken wings with Thai sauce (4), king prawns in Thai style, chicken with red curry, mixed vegetables with coconut sauce, Thai special fried rice.
    • Boxes 碟头饭

      • Bean Curd and Mixed Vegetables with Rice 杂菜豆腐饭
      • Sweet and Sour Bean Curd with Rice 古老豆腐饭
      • Cashew Nuts and Mixed Vegetables with Rice 腰果杂菜饭
      • Szechuan Chicken with Rice 四川鸡饭
      • Thai Chilli Chicken with Rice 泰鸡饭
      • Chicken in Black Bean Sauce with Rice 士召介饭
      • Chicken Curry with Rice 咖喱鸡饭
      • Chicken and Cream of Sweetcorn with Rice 粟米鸡饭
      • Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice 古老肉饭
      • Honey Roast Pork with Rice 叉烧饭
      • Beef Curry with Rice 咖喱牛饭
      • Beef in Black Bean Sauce with Rice 士召牛饭
      • Roast Duck with Rice 鸭饭
      • Aromatic Beef Brisket with Rice 牛腩饭
      • Aromatic Beef Brisket in Curry with Rice 咖喱牛腩饭
      • Ma Po Tofu with Rice 麻婆豆腐饭
      • House Special Rice 招牌饭
    • Bento Box

      • Duck Bento 梅子鸭套餐
        Duck in plum sauce and three mini vegetable spring rolls and chips.
      • Chick Bento 中古鸡套餐
        Sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style and three mini vegetable spring rolls and chips.
      • Vegetarian Bento 斋麻婆豆腐套餐
        Vegetarian mapo tofu and stir fried mixed vegetables and three mini vegetable spring rolls.
      • Seafood Bento 海鲜套餐
        Mixed seafood and pak choi and three mini vegetable spring rolls.
      • Fish Bento 泰鱼套餐
        Thai style fish and pak choi and three mini vegetable spring rolls.
      • Pork Bento 回锅肉套餐
        Double cooked pork slices and pak choi and poached egg.
      • Intestine Bento 蒙古肥肠套餐
    • Mixed Combination

      • Set B
        Sweet and sour chilli cucumber, deep fried sesame prawn on toast (4), sweet and sour chicken balls (4), deep fried chicken wings (2), satay chicken skewer (2).
      • Set A
        Crispy seaweed, satay chicken skewers (2), roast spare ribs (4), mini vegetarian spring rolls (4), shredded chilli beef (dry or with sauce).
    • Drinks 瓶装饮料

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    Frequently asked questions

    Can I order Rice Box delivery in Oxford with Uber Eats?

    Yes. Rice Box delivery is available on Uber Eats in Oxford.

    Is Rice Box delivery available near me?

    Enter your address to see if Rice Box delivery is available to your location in Oxford.

    How do I order Rice Box delivery online in Oxford?

    There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. After you’ve looked over the Rice Box menu, simply choose the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. Next, you’ll be able to review, place, and track your order.

    Where can I find Rice Box online menu prices?

    View upfront pricing information for the various items offered by Rice Box here on this page.

    How do I get free delivery on my Rice Box order?

    To save money on the delivery, consider getting an Uber One membership, if available in your area, as one of its perks is a $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.

    How do I pay for my Rice Box order?

    Payment is handled via your Uber Eats account.

    What’s the best thing to order for Rice Box delivery in Oxford?

    If you’re in need of some suggestions for your Rice Box order, check out the items showcased in Picked for you” on this page.