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    pasta di piazza Menu and Takeaway in Newcastle under Lyme

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    Location and hours

    125 High St, Newcastle, EMEA ST5 0BJ
    12:00 - 20:00Menu
    Monday - Saturday
    12:00 - 14:30Menu
    17:00 - 21:00Menu

    pasta di piazza

    4.6 (49 ratings) • Italian
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    125 High St, Newcastle, EMEA ST5 0BJ
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    This spot is one of the 3 most popular Italian delivery spots in all of Newcastle under Lyme. Of the 160 things on the menu at this evening go-to, the French Fries is one of the most popular and the Calzone and the French Fries are two of the items most commonly ordered together. • Italian • Pasta • Pizza
    • Picked for you
      • Calzone
      • Tagliatelle Filetto
      • Spaghetti Carbonara
        Flat egg noodles with ham, onions, egg yolk, parmasan cheese, and cream sauce.
      • Lasagne al Forno
        Baked to a traditional recipe.
      • Margherita
        Cheese, tomato, and herbs.
    • Appetisers
      • Dough Balls
      • Garlic Bread Pizzette
      • Basket of Bread
        Served with dipping oils.
      • Marinated Olives
      • Garlic Bread pizzete
        Served with cheese or tomato.
    • Anti Pasto
        • Bruschetta della Casa
          Fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, and olive oil on toasted bread.
        • Bruschetta Casalinga
          Marinated tiger prawns with garlic, basil, and olive oil on toasted bread.
        • Calamari Fritti
          Battered squid rings with salad, and homemade dip.
        • Gamberoni Fritti
          Battered king prawns with salad, and homemade dip.
        • Scampi Fritti
          Battered scampi with salad, and homemade dip.
        • Broccoletti Fritti
          Battered broccoli with salad, and homemade dip.
        • Melanzane Mozzarella
          Aubergine baked with béchamel sauce, and mozzarella cheese.
        • Lasagne
          A smaller plate of our popular dish, baked to a traditional recipe.
        • Cannelloni
          Rolls of pasta filled with minced beef, and vegetables.
        • Garlic Mushrooms
          Mushrooms with garlic butter.
        • Affettato Misto
          A selection of cold Italian meats on a bed of salad, and parmesan.
        • Prosciutto Caprese
          Parma ham with buffalo mozzarella, mixed salad, and olives; dressed with extra virgin olive oil.
        • Cocktail di Gamberetti
          Prawns served on a bed of lettuce topped with marie rose sauce.
        • Gamberetti all Aglio
          Hot peeled prawns with chilli, garlic, white wine, and fresh tomato.
        • Gravalax
          Scotch smoked salmon served with ricotta cheese, chopped dill, and cracked black pepper.
        • Carpaccio di Salmone
          Thin layers of smoked salmon dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, salad leaves, and parmesan.
        • Zuppa di Minestrone
          Homemade vegetable soup.
        • Zuppa di Pomodoro con Basilica
          Homemade tomato soup served with cream, and fresh basil.
      • Pizza
          • Calzone
            A folded pizza filled with cheese, chicken, salami, garlic sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, and herbs served with a tomato sauce.
          • Margherita
            Cheese, tomato, and herbs.
          • Vegetarian
            Cheese, tomato, red peppers, courgettes, onions, mushrooms, olives, and sweetcorn.
          • Quattro Formaggi
            Four delicious cheeses, tomato, and herbs.
          • Toscana
            Cheese, tomato, mushrooms, diced chicken, mixed peppers, onions, and herbs.
          • Pepperoni
            Cheese, tomato, pepperoni, mixed peppers, and herbs.
          • Americana
            Cheese, tomato, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, and fresh chillies .
          • Funghi e Prosciutto di Parma
            Cheese, tomato, Parma ham, and mushrooms.
          • Pizza Rustica
            Cheese, tomato, rocket leaves, and parma ham.
          • Pizza picante
            Nduja sausage, pepperoni, Roquito chillies, mushrooms and mascarpone
        • Pasta and Risotto
            • Tagliatelle Filetto
              Flat egg noodles with succulent strips of fillet of beef cooked with mushrooms, tomato, cream, and white wine sauce.
            • Lasagne al Forno
              Baked to a traditional recipe.
            • Cannelloni
              Rolls of pasta filled with minced beef, and vegetables.
            • Crespolini
              Rolled pancake filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, garlic, chillies, shallots, béchamel, tomato sauce, and cheese.
            • Gnocchi al Forno
              Potato and flour dumplings oven baked with cream, garlic, green herbs, parma ham, and fontina cheese.
            • Gnocchi di Patate al Arrabbiata
              Potato and flour dumplings cooked in a delicious tomato sauce with garlic, chilli, and olives.
            • Gnocchi di Patate alla Gorgonzola
              Potato and flour dumplings cooked in gorgonzola cheese, wild mushrooms, courgettes, and cream sauce.
            • Spaghetti Napoli
              Tomato sauce with garlic, and fresh herbs.
            • Spaghetti all Aglio e Olio
              Spaghetti served with olive oil, garlic, chilli, and fresh herbs.
            • Spaghetti Epomeo
              Spaghetti served with mushrooms and mixed peppers, cooked in a creamy sauce with tomato, chilli, wine, and fresh coriander.
            • Spaghetti Carbonara
              Flat egg noodles with ham, onions, egg yolk, parmasan cheese, and cream sauce.
            • Spaghetti Bolognese
              Spaghetti served with minced beef, red wine, tomato, and herbs.
            • Spaghetti Marinara
              Spaghetti served with mixed seafood in a fresh tomato sauce with red wine, olives, and garlic.
            • Penne Mezzocelano
              Tubes of pasta with pepperoni in a fresh tomato sauce, with red wine, chilli, and herbs.
            • Penne al Pollo
              Tubes of pasta, pieces of chicken breast cooked in tomato sauce, olives, chilli, and herbs.
            • Penne con Polpettine
              Tubes of pasta, meatballs with tomato, and basil sauce.
            • Penne ai Gamberetti
              Tubes of pasta with prawns, garlic, mushrooms, crushed peppercorns, and cream sauce.
            • Penne della Casa
              Fresh pasta tubes with smoked salmon, tomato, garlic, and cream sauce.
            • Tortellini Quattro Formaggi
              Stuffed pasta with a delicious four cheeses, spinach, garlic, shallots, a hint of gorgonzola cheese, and cream sauce.
            • Tortellini Alla Provenciale
              Stuffed pasta with cheese and spinach, served with a mushroom, peas, garlic, and tomato sauce.
            • Tortellini casa Italia
              Stuffed pasta with cheese and spinach, shallots, garlic, green peppercorns, peas, and fresh herbs in a creamy sauce.
            • Tagliatelle Panza
              Flat egg noodles with chicken breast and mushrooms cooked in wine, cream, tomato, and herbs.
            • Tagliatelle al Salmone
              Pasta strips with a smoked salmon cream sauce.
            • Tagliatelle Quattro Formaggi
              Flat egg noodles with a blend of four cheeses with mushrooms, onions, garlic, and cream sauce.
            • Risotto Primavera all Zafferano
              Rice, courgettes, asparagus, wild mushroom, peas, garlic, parmesan, cheese, cream, and saffron.
            • Risotto Rottara
              Rice, chicken breast, seasonal vegetables, garlic onions, tomato, wine, and herbs.
            • Risotto Speciale
              Rice, chicken breast, calamari, mushrooms, prawns, tomato, onions, garlic, white wine, fresh coriander, and herbs.
            • Risotto Mediterraneo
              Rice with monkfish, king prawns, garlic, fresh basil, and tomato sauce.
            • Risotto della Casa
              Rice cooked in tomato and cream with mushrooms, prawns, and smoked salmon.
            • Risotto tutto Italia
              Rice with sautéed king prawns, peeled prawns, wild mushrooms, garlic, parmesan, tomato, cream, and fresh green herbs.
          • Carne
              • Filetto Funghi
                Fillet of beef cooked in a wine, cream, and mushroom sauce.
              • Filetto Stoganoff
                Succulent strips of fillet beef, mixed peppers and mushrooms with a mustard, brandy, and cream sauce.
              • Filetto Casa Italia
                Succulent strips of fillet beef, with green peppercorns, mushrooms, peas, asparagus, and cream sauce.
              • Filetto al Pepe
                A tender fillet of beef with a classic piquant green peppercorns, and cognac sauce.
              • Filetto Napolitana
                Fillet of beef with shallots, mushrooms, garlic, olives, capers, anchovies, and tomato sauce.
              • Filetto Speciale
                Fillet of beef with onions, garlic, mushrooms, prawns, and a creamy white wine sauce.
              • Filetto Diavola
                Fillet of beef cooked with brandy, French mustard, tomato, and cream sauce.
              • Filetto Pizzaiola
                Fillet of beef smothered in Napoli sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese, olives, and wine.
              • Filetto Gorgonzola
                Fillet of beef with cream, and gorgonzola cheese sauce.
              • Filetto alla Griglia
                Grilled fillet of beef cooked to your taste, served on a bed of mixed vegetables.
            • Pollastro
                • Pollo Mustardo
                  Breast of chicken cooked with garlic, wild mushroom, mustard, tarragon, and cream sauce.
                • Pollo Pomodoro
                  Breast of chicken, mixed peppers, chilli and garlic cooked in a tomato sauce, and topped with mozzarella cheese.
                • Pollo al Limone Asparago
                  Breast of chicken in a delicate lemon, cream, and asparagus sauce.
                • Suprema di Pollo alla Crema
                  Pan fried chicken breast, white wine, tomato, mushrooms, and cream sauce with fresh green herbs.
                • Chicken Salad
                  A succulent hot sliced breast of chicken with garlic mushrooms, and peppers on a bed of fresh mixed salad with warm vinaigrette.
                • Pollo alla Griglia
                  Grilled chicken served on a bed of mixed vegetables.
              • Pesce
                  • Spigola al Forno
                    Baked seabass fillet filled with fresh spinach, and garlic.
                  • Bistecca Di Tonno Napolitana
                    Tuna steak served with shallots, olives, anchovies, capers and mushrooms, in a garlic, and tomato sauce.
                  • Pesce Marinato ai Funghi
                    Marinated salmon fillet, served with a wild mushrooms, white wine tarragon, and cream sauce.
                  • Misto Pesce al Pomodoro
                    King prawns, scampi, cubes of monkfish, garlic and shallots, in a basil, and tomato sauce.
                  • Gamberoni all Aglio
                    Sautéed king prawns with garlic, shallots in a tomato, and cream sauce.
                  • Bistecca di Tonno alla Griglia
                    Grilled tuna, cooked to your taste, served on a bed of mixed vegetables.
                  • Salmone alla Griglia
                    Grilled salmon, cooked to your taste, served on a bed of mixed vegetables.
                • Salads
                    • Insalata Ciliegie
                      Mixed lettuce with olives, tomato, cucumber, mozzarella cheese dressed with homemade dressing.
                    • Insalata di Avocado con Gamberetti
                      Avocado and prawn salad topped with marie rose sauce.
                    • Insalata Tre Colori
                      Mozzarella, tomato and avocado salad.
                    • Insalata Misti
                      Mixed salad.
                  • Sides
                      • French fries
                      • Spinach Sauteed
                        Served with garlic, and shallots.
                      • Sauteed Potato with Onions
                      • Tomato and Onion Salad
                        Served with olive oil.
                      • Broccoli
                        Served with butter, and garlic.
                      • Courgettes with Shallots
                      • Sauteed Onion Rings
                      • Asparagus with Butter and Lemon
                    • Kids Menu
                        • Chicken Burger and Chips
                        • Fish Goujons and Chips
                        • Penne Piccolo
                          Penne pasta with red sauce, and fresh herbs.
                      • Desserts
                        • Tiramisu
                        • Profiteroles
                        • Chocolate Fudge Cake
                          Rich moist chocolate cake slice. ( can be warmed at home)
                      • Champagne
                          • Champagne, Bollinger, Brut, Special Cuvée, Ay, France
                            Sold out
                            High percentage of Pinot Noir grapes gives this Champagne a superbly full bodied taste. Dry with apricots on the nose, and toasty oak flavours.
                            Contains Alcohol
                          • Champagne, Laurent Perrier, Brut Rosé, Tours-sur-Marne, France
                            Sold out
                            The definitive Rosé Champagne. Soft, strawberry aromas and a gentle mousse. The most ripe upfront fruit on the palate, and a long, mouthwatering finish.
                            Contains Alcohol
                          • Prosecco, DOC, Italy
                            Sold out
                            This fine prosecco exhibits most exciting straw yellow with fine perlage colour, lightly aromatic with hints of rennet apple. Exquisite easy drinking wine sparkling.
                            Contains Alcohol
                          • Spumante Brut Rosé, ‘Teresa’, Corte Giovanni, Bedin, Treviso, Italy
                            Sold out
                            Selected Merlot and Pinot Noir grapes fuse into a delicate pink colour. Floral aromas, taste of pink berries with a fine perlage.
                            Contains Alcohol
                          • Zinfandel Rosé, Pelican Plot, California, USA
                            Sold out
                            Light raspberry colour. Aromas of fresh sweet peaches. Soft with intense red fruits and a delicious floral finish on the palate.
                            Contains Alcohol
                          • Bardolino Chiaretto, Rosato, Azienda Corte Sant’Arcadio, Verona, Italy
                            Sold out
                            Bright pink colour. Sweet smell of rosehips, tangy, lively fruit and bitter cherries. Medium dry with mouth watering finish. Rose.
                            Contains Alcohol
                        • Red Wine
                            • Primitivo, Salento, ‘Flaio’, Salvalai, Puglia, Italy
                              Sold out
                              The Primitivo is the Italian forefather of California’s famous Zinfandel, this is a delicious, dark red, voluptuous wine with a long elegant finish and a clean fruit filled nose.
                              Contains Alcohol
                            • Merlot IGT delle Venezie, Azienda Brunellesco, Veneto, Italy
                              Sold out
                              A wine that can be drunk with any meal. Strawberry colour, light with a broad flavour of forward fruit, softly dry perfectly made to please.
                              Contains Alcohol
                            • Nero d’Avola IGP, Linteo, Sicily, Italy
                              Sold out
                              A fashionable wine that is increasing in its popularity, dark intense colour, a juicy fruit aromas of black truffles silky smooth, that drinks beautifully.
                              Contains Alcohol
                            • Malbec, Estate Range, Finca el Origen, Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina
                              Sold out
                              From the vineyard of Las Pintadas. Deep red-purple colour. Nose of red plum and Morello cherries combined with floral notes such as violets, hints of vanilla, chocolate and caramel. Velvety and silky structure with a sweet ripe finish.
                              Contains Alcohol
                            • Bardolino Classico, Azienda Corte Sant’Arcadio, Verona, Italy
                              Sold out
                              Attractive pinky red coloured wine with a fragrance of crushed raspberries on the nose, cherry fruit flavours give a refreshing finish.
                              Contains Alcohol
                            • Ripasso di Valpolicella, Classico Superiore, Accordini, Verona, Italy
                              Sold out
                              Remarkable black cherry red, a bouquet of sweet prune jelly. Full bodied with a full flavour of dates, chocolate, soft to the finish with an aftertaste of almonds and hazelnuts.
                              Contains Alcohol
                            • Cabernet, Lison Pramaggiore DOC, Bosco del Merlo, Italy
                              Sold out
                              Glowing red colour with a touch of violet, the Cabernet Franc aromas of blackcurrants and plums. Plenty of spice and leafy flavours enhanced by the chunky fruits.
                              Contains Alcohol
                            • Morellino di Scansano, Bellamarsilia, Poggio Argentiera, Maremma, Tuscany, Italy
                              Sold out
                              This attractive reflective red with ripe cherry and strawberry aromas. Delicious Sangiovese fruit flavours shine through with Tuscan charm natural savory notes beautiful taste due to the Mediterranean climate.
                              Contains Alcohol
                            • Malbec, Grand Reserve, Finca el Origen, Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina
                              Sold out
                              An Ultra Premium Malbec from exceptional vineyards in the Uco Valley Deep red purple with black tints, aromas of morello cherries and perfume wild flowers harmonising on the palate. Subtle suggestion of roasted caramel at the finish.
                              Contains Alcohol
                            • Chianti Classico Riserva, La Madonnina, Triacca, Greve, Tuscany, Italy
                              Sold out
                              Highly rated in ‘Gambero Rosso’, Vini d’Italia. Full deep ruby with inky tints. Hefty autumnal damsons and an opulent sweetened juicy cherry finish.
                              Contains Alcohol
                            • Barolo I Merli, Virna Lodovico Borgogno, Piemonte, Italy
                              Sold out
                              Our special Cru Barolo from a single Estate. Deep red. Rich flavours of blackcurrant fruit, oak and chocolate on a full rich long palate.
                              Contains Alcohol
                            • Amarone Classico, Le Bessole, Accordini, Veneto, Italy
                              Sold out
                              Deep ruby red, soul warming aromas of chocolate, mixed berries and nuts. Six years maturation in barrique gives an amazing taste of ripe blue berries and plums on the palate.
                              Contains Alcohol
                          • White Wine
                              • Chardonnay IGT delle Venezie, Azienda Brunellesco, Veneto, Italy
                                Sold out
                                Made by the famous Cantina Cesari. Bright colour, fruity spring fruit green apples, yellow melon, a medium dry elegant finish.
                                Contains Alcohol
                              • Inzolia IGP, Linteo, Sicily, Italy
                                Sold out
                                Pale silvery gold colour aroma of papaya, pear and acacia, lime zest core, creamy nougat and tangy and gentle finish.
                                Contains Alcohol
                              • Bianco di Custoza, Corte Sant’Arcadio, DOC, Lake Garda, Italy
                                Sold out
                                Produced in the South East hills of Lake Garda. Made from Garganega, Trebbiano, Toscano, Tocai and Cortese grapes. Reflective yellow with greenish tints. Floral aroma, taste of exotic fruit and ripe minerals. Creamy texture with a refreshing dryness.
                                Contains Alcohol
                              • Vinho Verde DOC, Alvarinho, Casa do Capitão-mor, Moncao e Melgaco, Portugal
                                Sold out
                                Crystal clear. Light citrus, intense aromas of limes, flowers and pineapple, slight touch of hazelnut. Fresh on the palate and crisp with soft weight and lengthy finish.
                                Contains Alcohol
                              • Pinot Grigio, La Mora, Renana Alta, Vini Pregiati, Venezia, Italy (Vegan)
                                Sold out
                                Great, bright vibrant colour with an aroma bursting into citrus and pears. Light and zingy with a dry crisp ending and plenty of remaining fruit.
                                Contains Alcohol
                              • Fiano Salento, Villa Mottura, Puglia, Italy
                                Sold out
                                This is a jewel of the south. Light gold colour, aromas of white blossoms. Dry with a touch of white peach. Citrusy with a long taste that lingers on.
                                Contains Alcohol
                              • Frascati Superiore, “Terre del Casale”, Casale Mattia, Lazio, Italy, (Eco Compatable)
                                Sold out
                                Brilliant yellow with pale green reflections, vivid honey Malvasia aromas enhanced by an expressive grapiness. Uplifting experience on the palate.
                                Contains Alcohol
                              • Sauvignon, Domaine V La Grange, Pays d’Oc, Narbonne, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
                                Sold out
                                Bright gold colour with green tints nose of bay leaf followed by hints of lime. Plenty of fruit and length.
                                Contains Alcohol
                              • Gavi Cru, La Raia, DOCG, Piemonte, Italy (Organic)
                                Sold out
                                From a Cru region within the Gavi in the Ligurian Hills. Italy’s finest white from the prestigious North West region. Internationally recognised and acclaimed by wine critics. Light gold, fragrant pear nose, taste of crushed white hazelnuts with a hint of exotic fruit, finishing with a fine graceful.
                                Contains Alcohol
                              • Lugana Riserva, Il Catullo, Tenuta Roveglia, DOC Lake Garda, Italy
                                Sold out
                                Light gold, bursting with yellow peach and kiwi. Refreshing dry with a lingering and citrussy finish.
                                Contains Alcohol
                            • Italian Carafe House Wine
                                • House Red Wine
                                  Sold out
                                  1 litre bottle.
                                  Contains Alcohol
                                • House White Wine
                                  Sold out
                                  1 litre bottle.
                                  Contains Alcohol
                                • House Rose Wine
                                  Sold out
                                  1 litre bottle.
                                  Contains Alcohol
                              • Bottled Beers and Ciders
                                  • Peroni 330 ml
                                    Sold out
                                    Contains Alcohol
                                  • Birra Moretti 330ml 4.6%
                                    Sold out
                                    Contains Alcohol
                                  • Sharps Doom Bar 500ml 4.3%
                                    Sold out
                                    Contains Alcohol
                                  • Rekorderlig Apple 4.5%
                                    Sold out
                                    Contains Alcohol
                                  • Rekorderlig Wild Berries 4%
                                    Sold out
                                    Contains Alcohol
                                  • Becks Blue 274ml 0%
                                    Sold out
                                    Contains Alcohol
                                ALLERGIES: If you or someone you’re ordering for has an allergy, please contact the merchant directly to let them know. pasta di piazza has a FHRS rating of 4. This information was updated on 08/12/2022. The current rating is on their page on the FSA Website. Adults need around 2000 kcal a day.

                                Frequently asked questions

                                Can I order pasta di piazza delivery in Newcastle under Lyme with Uber Eats?

                                Yes. pasta di piazza delivery is available on Uber Eats in Newcastle under Lyme.

                                Is pasta di piazza delivery available near me?

                                Enter your address to see if pasta di piazza delivery is available to your location in Newcastle under Lyme.

                                How do I order pasta di piazza delivery online in Newcastle under Lyme?

                                There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. After you’ve looked over the pasta di piazza menu, simply choose the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. Next, you’ll be able to review, place, and track your order.

                                Where can I find pasta di piazza online menu prices?

                                View upfront pricing information for the various items offered by pasta di piazza here on this page.

                                How do I get free delivery on my pasta di piazza order?

                                To save money on the delivery, consider getting an Uber One membership, if available in your area, as one of its perks is a $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.

                                How do I pay for my pasta di piazza order?

                                Payment is handled via your Uber Eats account.

                                What’s the best thing to order for pasta di piazza delivery in Newcastle under Lyme?

                                If you’re in need of some suggestions for your pasta di piazza order, check out the items showcased in Picked for you” on this page.