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    Lodge store Ltd Menu and Takeaway in West Bromwich

    Too far to deliver

    Location and hours

    70 Lodge Road, Lodge Road, West Bromwich, EMEA B70 8
    Every day
    8:00 - 20:00

    Lodge store Ltd

    Convenience • $$
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    70 Lodge Road, Lodge Road, West Bromwich, EMEA B70 8
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    Wondering what's popular here at this evening go-to? Of the 880 things on the menu, the Salaam Basmati Rice 20 Kg is one of the items that gets the most orders. • $$ • Convenience • Comfort Food • Everyday Essentials
    • Confectionery Chocolate
      • Maltesers Chocolate Bag 37g
      • Mars Chocolate Bar 51g
      • Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate Bar 110g
      • Galaxy Smooth Caramel, Caramel Collection Pm 135g
      • Nestle Maltesers Sharing Block 100g
      • Twix Pm 120g
      • Snickers Chocolate Bars Multipack 3 x 41.7g
      • Mars Pm 118.2g
      • Bounty Coconut Dark Chocolate Duo Bar 57g
      • Maltesers Teaser 35 g
      • Mikado Milk Chocolate Pm60 39g
      • Cadbury Boost Pm60 48.5g
      • Cadbury Twirl Pm60 43g
      • Milky Way Magic Stars Chocolate Pouch Bag 33g
        Star shaped, aerated milk chocolate pieces. Ideal as a little snack or to share with family and friends, no artificial colours or preservatives & suitable for vegetarians
      • Nestle Smarties Pm60 38g
      • Cadbury Picnic Pm60 48.4g
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk Pm60 45g
      • Cadbury Wispa Pm60 36g
      • Bounty 57g
      • Reeses Nutrageous 47g
      • Cadbury Starbar Pm60 49g
      • Snicker Pm60 48g
      • Kinder Bueno White Pm60 39g
      • Kinder Bueno Choc Pm60 43g
      • Kitkat Pm 41.5g
      • Tracker 37g
      • Oreo Original Pm60 66g
      • Nestle Aero Purely Chocolate Pm 90g
      • Nestle Aero Chocolate Caramel Pm 90g
      • Nestle Aero Delightful Peppermint Pm 90g
      • Nestle Aero Intense Orange Pm 90g
      • Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp Pm114g
      • Galaxy Crispy Pm 102g
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo 120g
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit And Nut Chopped Pm 95g
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chopped Nut Pm 95g
      • Cadbury Dairy White Oreo Pm 95g
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk Pm1.95g
      • Cadbury Bournville Classic Dark Chocolate Pm 100g
      • Euro shopper White Chocolate Pm 90g
      • Nestle Milkybar Pm 90g
      • Kinder Chocolate Pm100g
      • Euro Shopper Plain Chocolate Pm 90g
      • Cadbury Double Decker Pm160g
      • Cadbury Boost Pm 136g
      • Cadbury Crunchie Pm 104.4g
      • Cadbury Wispa Pm 102g
      • Cadbury Twirl Pm1 107.5g
      • Mc Vities Club Orange Pm 132g
      • Mc Vities Penguin Original Pm 147.6g
      • Mc Vities Club Mint Pm 132g
      • Nestle Toffee crisp 124g
      • Cadbury Picnic 128 g Pm1
      • Kit Kat 103.5 g PM1
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk 45g PM60p
      • Skittles tropical 45 g
      • Euro Shopper Milk Chocolate hazelnut 90 g PM 50
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk Ore Sandwich 96g Pm1
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel 120g Pm1
      • Toblerone 100 g
      • Cadbury Crunchie PM £0.60
      • Nestle Crunch 100g PM1
      • Kinder Bueno Coconut PM60
      • Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares 28g PM59
      • Kellogg's Nutri Grain Bakes Raisin 45g PM59
    • Cakes
        • Magdalenas 350g X12
        • Magdalenas Cake X14 300g
        • Fairy Cakes 615g
        • Plain Madeira Slices 370g
        • Rusk Cakes X28 700g
        • Classic Continental Sprits 400g
        • Trancetto Cacao Chocolate Cream Filling Cakes 280g
        • Trancetto fragola Strawberry Cream Filling Cakes 280g
        • Cream Rolls Cakes X5 200g
        • Cake Rusk X12 100g
        • Sfogliatine Italian fine puff pastry sugar topped 135 g
      • Biscuits - Packets
          • Pistachio and Almond Biscuits 250g
          • Happy Shopper, Oats and Cranberry Cookies 200g
          • Happy Shopper, Triple Choc Cookies 200g
          • Happy Shopper, Custard Creams Pm 400g
          • Happy Shopper, Bourbon Creams Pm 400g
          • Happy Shopper, Custard Creams 150g
          • Happy Shopper, Bourbon Creams Pm 150g
          • Happy Shopper, Nice Pm 200g
          • Happy Shopper, Morning Coffee Pm 150g
          • Happy Shopper, Coconut Rings Pm 300g Each
          • Cadbury Choc Chip Cookies Double Choc Pm150g
          • Cadbury Choc Chip Cookies Pm 150g
          • Oreo Double Creams Pm 157g
          • Oreo Golden Pm 154g
          • Maryland Cookies Choc Chip Pm 200g
          • Euro Shopper, Rice Tea Biscuits 300g
          • Euro Shopper, Digestives Pm 400g
          • Euro Shopper, Chocolate Chip Cookies Pm 150g
          • Pico Bello Decorated Shortbread
          • Happy Shopper Shortcake Pm 150g
          • Happy Shopper All Butter Shortbread PM 100g
          • Oreo Original PM79p 154g
          • McVities Jaffa Cakes PM1
          • Viscount Biscuits PM1
        • Crisps
          • Walkers Ready Salter
          • Doritos Hot Salsa Dip 300g
          • Walkers Wotsists Flamin’ Hot
          • Walkers Wotsits Really Cheesy
          • Walkers Quavers Cheese
          • The original tangy Salt & Vinegar Walkers, perfect for your afternoon snack. This pack contains 1 serving.
            The original tangy Salt & Vinegar Walkers, perfect for your afternoon snack. This pack contains 1 serving.
          • Prawn Cocktail Flavour Potato Snack with Sugar and Sweetener. This pack contains 1 serving.
            Tangy prawn cocktail flavour Walkers crisps, perfect for your afternoon treat. This pack contains 1 serving.
          • Walkers Monster Munch Flamin; Hot
          • Walkers Monster Munch Roast Beef
          • Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli
          • Jacobs Mini Cheddars Original
          • Jacobs Baked Crinkly Cheese And Onion
          • Mc Coy’s Thai Sweet Chicken
          • Doritos Chilli Heatwave
          • Doritos Tangy Cheese
          • Happy Shopper Salted Popcorn
          • Happy Shopper Sweet Popcorn
          • Happy Shopper Sweet And Salt Popcorn
          • Happy Shopper Cheese Puffs
          • Happy Shopper Sour Cream Andonion Wheels
          • Butterkist Cinema Sweet Popcorn
          • Butterkist Delicious Sweet And Salted Popcorn
          • Butterkist Crunchy Toffee Popcorn
          • Nik Naks Rib ‘N’ Saucy
          • Nik Naks Nice ‘N’ Spicy
          • Hula Hoops Big Hoops Salted
          • Hula Hoops Big Hoops BBQ Beef
          • Pop Star Butter Flavour
          • Pop Star Salted
          • Pop Star Sweet
          • Space Raiders Beef
          • Pringles Texas BBQ Sauce
          • Pringles Salt And Vinegar
          • Pringles Sour Cream Andonion
          • Pringles Original
          • Doritos Mild Salsa Dip 300g
          • Doritos Cool Sour Cream And Chives
          • Full-on flavoured Mexican-inspired tomato salsa for loading up your Doritos Tortilla Chips. Each jar contains 7-8 servings.
          • Doritos Cool Original Flavour Corn Chips
          • Doritos Flamin Hot Tangy Cheese Flavour Corn Chips
          • Happy Shopper Onion Rings
        • Jam and Coffee and Tea
          • Nescafe Gold Blend
          • PG Tips The Original 116g
          • Alomgeer Meethy Sounf
          • Happy Shopper Blackcurrant Jam
          • Happy Shopper Thick Cut Marmalade
          • Happy Shopper Apricot Jam
          • Happy Shopper Raspberry Jam
          • Happy Shopper Strawberry Jam
          • Nutella Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa 350g
          • Nutella Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa
          • Happy Shopper Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
          • Rowse Runny Honey
          • Rowse Honey Yummy On Yoghurt
          • Lyles’s Golden Syrup Maple Flavour
          • Best-One Clear Honey Pure And Natural
          • Hartleys Best Of Apricot
          • Sun Pat Crunchy Peanut Butter
          • Cadbury Drinking Chocolate
          • Horlicks Original Hot Malty Goodness Just Add Milk
          • Flavita Aloe Green Tea
          • Flavita Aloe Original
          • Drinko Float
          • Pran Mango Drink
          • Pran Litchi
          • Safwaan Guava Juice
          • Kgn Falooda Drink
          • Canderel Delightful Sweet Taste
          • Regal Finest Lychee
          • Alamgeer Green Tea
          • Euro Shopper Instant Coffee Granules
          • Kenco Smooth Well Rounded Medium Roast
          • Typhoo Tea
          • Kenc Rich Full Bodied Intense Roast
          • Canderel 100 Tablets
          • Alemgeer Herbal Tea
          • East End Finest Quality Dushanda Aromatic Herbal Hot Drink
          • Tetley Original
          • Nestlenesquik
          • Nescafe Original 95g
          • Nescafe Original 50g
          • Nescafe Original 2 In 1
          • Nescafe Original 3 In 1 Caramel
          • Nescafe Original 3 In 1
          • Euro Shopper 80 Tea Bags
          • PG Tips The Original 232g
          • East End Cane Demerara Sugar
          • Tate with Lyte Fairtrade Dark Brown Soft Pure Cane Sugar
          • Tate with Lyte Fairtrade Light Brown Soft Pure Cane Sugar
          • Tate with Lyle Caster Baking Sugar
          • Tate with Lyle Icing Sugar
          • Silver Spoon Granulated 500g
          • Silver Spoon Granulated 1 Kg
        • Sauces
            • Hellmann’s Light Mayonnaise
            • Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise
            • Happy Shopper Mayonnaise
            • Happy Shopper Salad Cream
            • Aleyna Hot Jalapeno Sauce
            • Heinz Classic Barbecue
            • Heinzn Tomato Ketchup
            • Sofra Hot Chilli Sauce
            • Aleyna Hot Chilli Sauce
            • Sofra Tamarind Sauce
            • Happy Shopper Brown Sauce
            • Happy Shopper BBQ Sauce
            • HP Honey BBQ Sweet And Tangy
            • Heinz Salad Cream Original
            • Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauce
            • Frank’s Red Hot Original
            • Encona Original Hot Pepper Sauce Hot
            • Blue Dragonsweet Chilli Original
            • Amoy Light Soy Sauce
            • East End Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce
            • Enocona Thai Sweet Chilli Medium
            • HP Original Sauce
            • The Naga Sauce
            • Pran Kasundi
            • Amoy Dark Soy Sauce
            • Lemon JIF Natural Strength Lemin Juice
            • GIA Garlic Puree
            • Napolina Tomato Puree
            • Chef’s Lander Piri Piri Sauce
              1 L.
          • Salt
              • Life Style Table Salt
              • Saxa Salt Fine For Table And Cooking
              • Saxa Salt Fine For Table And Cooking 1.5
              • Saxa Salt Fine For Table And Cooking
              • Saxa So Low 50% Less Sodium Then Table Salt
              • Saxa Sea Salt Coarse
              • Happy Shopper Table Salt
              • Happy Shopper Cooking Salt
            • Pasta
                • Banetti Burgu Fusilli
                • Divella Spaghetti Ristorate
                • Divella Penne Ziti Rigate
                • Napolina Fusilli
                • Napolina Conchiglie
                • Happy Shopper Conchiglie
                • Barilla Fusilli
                • Happy Shopper Lasagne
                • Buitoni Lasagne
                • Happy Shopper Bolognese
                • Happy Shopper Sweet And Sour Sauce
                • Sacla Italia Pesto
                • Branston Original Pickle
                • Dolmio Low Fat Sauce For Bolognese
                • Dolmio Creamy Sause For Lasagne
                • Dolmio Tomato Sauce For Lasagne
                • Dolmio Original Sauce For Bolognese
                • Dolmio Onion And Garlic Sauce For Bolognese
              • Tin Products
                  • Heinz Heinz Beef Ravioli, In A Rich Tomato Sauce
                  • Heinz Heinz Lentil Soup
                  • Heinz Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese
                  • Heinz Heinz Macaroni Cheese
                  • Happy Shopper Cream Of Chicken Soup
                  • Happy Shopper Cream Of Tomato Saup
                  • Happy Shopper Real Dairy Custard
                  • Happy Shopper Creamed Rice Pudding
                  • Happy Shopper Cream Of Chicken Saup
                  • Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk 410g
                  • Nestle Carnation Extra Thick Cream
                  • Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk
                  • Baxter’s Carrot And Butter Bean
                  • Cirio Sweetcorn Francesco Cirio
                  • Ambrosia Rice Pudding
                  • Tropical Sun Sweetened Condensed Milk
                  • Island Sun Condensed Milk
                  • Carnation Evaporated Milk Chopped Tomato
                  • Ambrosia Devon Custard Creamy And Delicious
                  • Euro Shopper Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce
                  • East End Kala Chana In Salted Water
                  • East End Chick Peas In Salted Water
                  • East End Spinach Puree In Water With Salt
                  • East End Spinach Puree In Water With Salt
                  • East End Red Kidney Beans
                  • East End Black Eye Beans
                  • East End Red Chilli Beans
                  • East End Rose Coco Beans,
                  • East End White Kidney Beans, Cannellini Beans
                  • East End Surti Papdi Lilva, Indian Beans In Brine
                  • Heinz Heinz Beans In A Rich Tomato Sauce
                  • Heinz Heinz Cream Of Tomato Soup
                  • Glenryck Pilchards In Tomato Sauce
                  • Cirio Supercirio
                  • Happy Shopper Sliced Mushrooms In Water
                  • Happy Shopper Beans And Sausages
                  • Happy Shopper Vegetable Soup
                  • Happy Shopper Prunes In Syrup
                  • Happy Shopper Sliced Carrots In Water
                  • Happy Shopper Mushy Peas Sugar And Salt Added
                  • Happy Shopper New Potatoes In Water
                  • Napolina Peelrd Plum Tomatoes In A Rich Tomato Juice
                  • Best One Tuna Chunks In Brine
                  • Happy Shopper Tuna Chunks In Brine
                  • Euro Shopper Tuna Flakes In Brine
                  • Princes Red Wild Pacific Salmon
                  • KTC Plum Tomatoes In Tomato Juice
                  • Batchelors Original Mushy Peas
                  • Epicure Italian Peeled Plum Tomatoes In Rich Tomato Juice
                  • Tropical Sun Jamaican ACKEE In Salted Water
                  • Colman’s Seafood Sauce Crafted In Britain
                  • Colmans Mint Sauce Grown In Norfolk
                  • Colmans Tartare Sauce Crafted In Britain
                  • Colmans Apple Sauce Grown In Britain
                • Groceries
                    • Happy Shopper Distilled Malt Vinegar 284g
                    • Carters Royal Soda Water 1 Litre
                    • Carters Indian Tonic Water 1 Litre
                    • Alamgeer Pehlwan Goor Rewari 275g
                    • Alamgeer Pehlwan Goor Rewari 180g
                    • Batchelors Pasta N Sauce Mac N Cheese 99g
                    • Happy Shopper Pilau Rice Microwaveable 250g
                    • Happy Shopper Egg Fried Rice Microwaveable 250g
                    • Trophy Sun Canadian Style Sardines In Spring Water 106g
                    • Trophy Sun Canadian Style Sardines In Soya Oil 106g
                    • Trophy Sun Canadian Style Sardines In Tomato Sauce 106g
                    • Heart UK John West Boneless Sardines 95g
                    • Registered Sat Isabgol Psyllium Husk 200g
                    • Registered Sat Isabgol Psyllium Husk 100g
                    • Registered Sat Isabgol Psyllium Husk 50g A
                    • Registered Sat Isabgol Psyllium Husk 50g B
                    • Maggi Coconut Milk Powder Mix 150g
                    • Alamgeer Chinese Salt 200g
                    • Alamgeer Black Salt 200g
                    • Alamgeer Pink Salt 300g
                    • Happy Shopper Malt Vinegar 284
                    • Sarsons Malt Vinegar 284
                    • Benjamins Artificial Vanilla Flavouring 120ml
                    • Benjamins Artificial Vanilla Flavouring 480ml
                    • East End 100% Pure Coconut Oil Premium Quality 500ml
                    • Preema Vanilla Essence 500ml
                    • Dunns Creamed Coconut 200g
                    • Since 1922 Branston Original Pickle 280g
                    • Sacla Italia Pesto No 1 Classic Basil 190g
                    • Sofra Pitted Green Olives 330g
                    • Sofra Black Olives 340g
                    • Mc Las Vanilla Culinary Flavouring 120ml
                    • Crespo Pitted Green Olives In Brine 90g
                  • Noodles
                      • Pran Easy Instant Noodles Beef Flavour X5
                      • Pran Mr Noodles Curry Flavour X5
                      • Pran Easy Instant Noodles Curry Flavour X5
                      • Pran Easy Instant Noodles Vegetable Flavour X5
                      • Pran Easy Instant Noodles Chicken Curry Flavour
                      • Pran Easy Instant Noodle Spicy Tomato Flavour
                      • IFAD Eggy Instant Noodles Super Chicken X6
                      • Chopstick Instant Noodle Vegetable X4 284g
                      • Chopstick Yummy Masala X4
                      • Danish 2fun Instant Noodles Chicken Flavour X4
                      • Pran Mr Noodles Shrimp Flavour X4
                      • Golden Pasta Vermicelli 425g
                      • Golden Golden Pasta Vermicelli 400g
                      • Batchelors Super Noodles Bbq Beef Flavour 90g
                      • Batchelors Super Noodles Curry Flavour 90g
                      • Batchelors Super Noodles Chicken Flavour 90g
                    • Pot Noodles
                        • Pran Easy Instant Noodles Beef Flavour 60g
                        • Pran Mr Noodles Instant Curry Flavour 60g
                        • Pran Easy Instant Spicy Chicken Flavour 60g
                        • Pot Noodles Bombay Bad Boy Flavour 90g
                        • Pot Noodles Chicken and Mushroom Flavour 90g
                        • Pot Noodles Beef and Tomato Flavour 90g
                        • Pot Tomato Original Curry Flavour 90g
                        • Ko Lee Go Noodles Thai Hot and Spicy Tomato Flavour 65g
                        • Ko Lee Go Noodles Roast Chicken Flavour 65g
                        • Ko Lee Go Noodles Curry Flavour 65g
                        • Happy Shopper Vegetable Cup Soup with Croutons 92g
                        • Happy Shopper Tomato and Vegetable Cup Soup with Croutons 96g
                        • Happy Shopper Chicken and Vegetable Cup Soup with Croutons 110g
                        • Happy Shopper Broccoli and Stilton Cup Soup 120g
                        • Aah Bisto Gravy Granules 170g
                        • Aah Bisto for Chicken Gravy Granules 170g
                        • Saxa Ground Black Pepper 25g
                        • Saxa Ground White Pepper 25g
                        • Oxo Beef Stock Cubes 71g
                        • Oxo Chicken Stock Cubes 71g
                        • Knorr The Vegetable Cube 80g
                        • Colman Mustard 100g
                      • Milks and Butters
                          • Utterly Butterly 500g
                          • Just Like Butter 500g
                          • Clover Simply Made with Buttermilk 500g
                          • Willow Butter 250g
                          • Asian Paneer 250g
                          • Hi Gate Grated Vegetarian
                          • Mature Cheddar 6 Slices 100g
                          • Country Cow Cheese 200g
                          • Mild Cheddar
                          • Aynoor Chicken Salami with Beef 450g
                          • Aynoor Chicken Salami 450g
                          • Alpro Coconut All Plant Temptingly Tropical 1 Litre
                          • Elmlea Whipped Squirty 245ml
                          • Puck Spread Cheese 500g
                          • Nourishment Vanilla Flavour High Protein 370g
                          • Nourishment Banana Flavour High Protein 370g
                          • Nourishment Strawberry 370g
                          • Onken Natural Yogurt 500g
                          • Dairy Milk Yogurt 400g
                          • Elmlea Double Cream 284ml
                          • Elmlea Single Cream 284ml
                          • Freshways Green Milk Semi Skimmed 2 Litre
                          • Freshways Green Milk Semi Skimmed Sterilized 500ml
                          • Freshways Blue Milk Whole 2 Litre
                          • Freshways Blue Milk Whole Sterilized 500ml
                          • Nourishment Chocolate 370g
                        • Drinks
                          • Tango Orange Can, 330ml
                          • Pepsi Cola Can, 330ml
                          • MAXIMUM TASTE, NO SUGAR. A bold and refreshing fizzy drink
                          • Coca Cola Original 500ml
                          • MAXIMUM CHERRY, NO SUGAR. A bold fizzy drink with a refreshing Cherry twist
                          • Fanta Orange 500ml
                          • Sprite Lemon Lime 500ml
                          • Calypso Black Cherry Lemonade 473ml
                          • Calypso Jamaica Lemonade 473ml
                          • Calypso Strawberry Lemonade 473ml
                          • Calypso Ocean Blue Lemonade 473ml
                          • Hell Energy Drink Active 250ml
                          • Hell Sugar Zero 250ml
                          • Hell Energy Drink Apple 250ml
                          • Hell Energy Drink Red Grape 250ml
                          • Hell Energy Drink Classic 250ml
                          • Costa Coffee Caramel Latte Sweet Sidekick Double Espresso Shot 250ml
                          • Costa Coffee Vanilla Dreamy Sidekick Double Espresso Shot 250ml
                          • Red Bull Energy Drink 473ml
                          • Red Bull Energy Drink 355ml
                          • Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml
                          • Red Bull Sugar Free 250ml
                          • Euro Shopper Original Energy Drink 500ml
                          • Euro Shopper Original Energy Drink 250ml
                          • Boost Energy Drink Original 250ml
                          • LSV Energy Drink 250ml
                          • Monster Energy Ultra 500ml
                          • Monster Energy 500ml
                          • Monster Pacific Punch and Energy Drink 500ml
                          • Monster Pipeline Punch and Energy Drink 500ml
                          • Monster Energy Ultra Red Drink Zero Sugar 500ml
                          • Relentless Energy Drink Origin 500ml
                          • Relentless Energy Drink Cherry 500ml
                          • Rockstar Blueberry Pomegranate Acai Energy Drink 500ml
                          • Rockstar Tropical Guava Energy Drink 500ml
                          • Barr Cream Soda 330ml
                          • Barr Cherryade 330ml
                          • Barr Cola 330ml
                          • Barr Pineapple 330ml
                          • Barr Tizer The Great British Pop 330ml
                          • Barr Lemonade 330ml
                          • Barr Bubblegum 330ml
                          • Ka Sparkling Pineapple 330ml
                          • Barr Dandelion N Burdock 330ml
                          • Vimto Fizzy 330ml
                          • Vimto Fizzy Remix 330ml
                          • Carbonated citrus flavoured soft drink.
                          • Ka Fruit Punch 330ml
                          • Pepsi Cherry Maximum Taste No Sugar 330ml
                          • Lilt 330ml
                          • Dr Pepper 330ml
                          • Rubicon Mango 330ml
                          • Rubicon Passion 330ml
                          • Lemon Sprite 330ml
                          • Fanta Lemon 330ml
                          • Diet Coke 330ml
                          • Fanta Fruit Twist 330ml
                          • Irn Bru Xtra No Sugar 330ml
                          • Coca Cola Original 330ml
                          • Coca Cola Cherry Zero Sugar 330ml
                          • MAXIMUM TASTE, NO SUGAR. A bold and refreshing fizzy drink
                            MAXIMUM TASTE, NO SUGAR. A bold and refreshing fizzy drink
                          • Coca Cola Original 250ml
                          • Diet Coke 250ml
                          • Fanta Orange 330ml
                          • Euro Shopper Cola 250ml
                          • Pran Tamarin 250ml
                          • Ribena Light Strawberry No Sugar 500ml
                          • Barr Cherryade 500ml
                          • Barr Lemonade 500ml
                          • Barr Bubblegum 500ml
                          • Oasis Citrus Punch 500ml
                          • Oasis Summer Fruits 500ml
                          • Rubicon Mango 500ml
                          • Lilt Pineapple and Grape Fruit 500ml
                          • Ka Fruit Punch 500ml
                          • Ka Black Grape 500ml
                          • Ka Karibbean Cola 500ml
                          • Carbonated citrus flavoured soft drink.
                          • Ka Pineapple 500ml
                          • Coca Cola Zero Sugar 500ml
                          • Ribena Mango and Lime 500ml
                          • Supermalt Original 330ml
                          • Appletise Apple juice 275ml
                          • Volvic Strawberry 500ml
                          • Volvic Summer Fruits 500ml
                          • Volvic Lemon and Lime 500ml
                          • Volvic Natural 500ml
                          • Smart Water 600ml
                          • Highland Spring Water 500ml
                          • Still Natural Mineral Water 500ml
                          • Rubicon Guava 500ml
                          • Levi Roots Caribbean Crush 500ml
                          • Euro Shopper Citrus Juice Drink 500ml
                          • Euro Shopper Summer Fruits 500ml
                          • Euro Shopper Glucose Orange 500ml
                          • Euro Shopper Glucose Cherry 500ml
                          • Capri Sun Orange 330ml
                          • Capri Sun Cherry 330ml
                          • Fanta Fruit Twist 500ml
                          • Lsv Tropical and Berry 500ml
                          • Lsv Orange 500ml
                          • Euro Shopper Tropical Berry 500ml
                          • Best One Orange 500ml
                          • Euro Shopper Berries 500ml
                          • Lucozade Sport Orange 500ml
                          • Lucozade Orange 500ml
                          • Lucozade Watermelon and Strawberry 500ml
                          • Lucozade Caribbean Crush 500ml
                          • Lucozade Original 500ml
                          • Yazoo Chocolate 400ml
                          • Yazoo Banana 400ml
                          • Yazoo Vanilla 400ml
                          • Azka Basil Seed Lychee 290ml
                          • Falooda Strawberry 290ml
                          • Ka Pineapple 288ml
                        • Hanging Bang Suites
                            • Revels Chocolate Treat Bag 71g
                              Each pouch contains a variety of different chocolates: milk chocolate pieces, crunchy maltesers, orange chocolate, coffee chocolate, as well as chocolate covered raisins and toffee pieces. Ideal for sharing with friends and family
                            • Sweetzone Mallow Twists Halal
                            • Sweetzone Fruity Mallow
                            • Cadbury Eclairs
                            • Fox Glacier Dark
                            • Sweetzone Tropical Blast
                            • Sweetzone Fruit Chews
                            • Sweetzone Fizzi Mix
                            • Sweetzone Tango Mix
                            • Fox Glacier Fruits
                            • Mentos Pm £1
                            • Maynards Bassets Jelly Babies
                            • Chewits
                            • Starburst Fruit Chews Very Berry
                            • Starburst Fruit Chews Original
                            • Maynards Bassets Wine Gums
                            • Maltesers
                            • Starburst Fruit Chews Fave Reds
                            • Smarties
                            • Werthers Original Sugar Free Creamy Toffes
                            • Galaxy Minstrels
                            • Werthers Original Butter Candies
                            • Werthers Original Soft Caramels
                            • Mentos Mints
                            • Chupa Chups Mini
                            • Terrys Chocolate Orange Minis
                            • Chewits Xtreme Sour Apple Laces
                            • Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles
                            • Cadbury Dairy Milk Giants Buttons
                            • Cadbury Dairy White Giants Buttons
                            • M and Ms Peanut
                            • M and Ms Chocolate
                            • Skittles Fruit Giants
                            • Skittles Crazy Soups
                            • Skittles Tropical
                            • Skittles Wild Berry Flavour
                            • Vimto Mini Jelly Beans
                            • Millions Strawberry
                            • Millions Apple
                            • Million Bubble Gum Flavour
                            • Cadbury Twirl Bites
                            • Kinder Chocolate Mini
                            • Kinder Schoko Bons
                            • M and Ms Crispy
                          • Chewing Gum
                            • Extra Peppermint 25 Piece
                            • Extra Peppermint Chewing Gum Sugar Free 10 pieces
                            • Extra Strawberry Chewing Gum Sugar Free 10 pieces
                            • Extra Spearmint Chewing Gum Sugar Free 10 pieces
                            • Extra Spearmint
                            • Airwaves Menthol and Eucalyptus Sugar Free Chewing Gum 64 G
                            • Extra Strawberry Flavour 14 Pices
                            • Airwaves 10 Piece
                            • Fruits Chewy Dragees Mentos 3 Rolls
                            • Lockets Honey and Lemon 41g
                            • Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum Strawberry
                            • Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum Original
                            • Mentos Pure Bubble Fresh Sugar Free
                          • Ben and Jerry's and Walls Ice Cream
                            • Ben & Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew 465ml
                            • Ben & Jerry's Phish Food 465ml
                            • Ben & Jerry's Half Baked 465ml
                            • Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough 465ml
                            • Ben & Jerry's Birthday Cake 465ml
                            • Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie 465ml
                            • Ben & Jerry's Cone Together 465ml
                            • Solero Exotic 90ml
                            • Cornetto Soft Chocolatey 140ml
                            • Wall's Cornetto Strawberry Ice Cream Cone 120ml
                            • Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Peace Pop Ice Cream Lolly 80ml
                            • Twister Mini Pineapple 8x50ml
                            • Mint ice cream in a wafer cone (14%), with chocolate flavour coating (12%) and dark chocolate pieces (2%).
                            • Calippo Orange 105ml
                            • Mars Ice Cream
                            • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Ice Cream PM
                            • Cadbury Crunchie PM
                            • Cornetto Mermaid Ice Cream
                            • Cadbury Flake 99 Ice Cream
                            • Magnum Classic Ice Cream
                            • Magnum Almond Ice Cream
                            • Magnum Mint Ice Cream
                            • Magnum White Chocolate Ice Cream
                            • Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire Ice Cream
                            • Feast Original Ice Cream
                            • Push Up Haribo Ice Cream
                            • Snickers Ice Cream
                          • Indian Spices
                              • Nestle Nido 1800 g milk powder
                              • Est end Black pepper Whole 800g
                              • Est End Black Pepper Whole 800g
                              • Nestle Nido 400g Milk Powder
                              • Est End Golden Sultana 700g
                              • Est End Ground Black Pepper (fine) 300g
                              • Radhuni Bay Leaf 50g
                              • East End Cashew Nuts 100 g
                              • Est End Pimento Seeds 100 g
                              • Est End Garlic Flakes 200g
                              • East End Mace (Jawantri)
                              • Est End Curry leaves 20g
                              • Dry Whole chilli 100 g
                              • Est End Crushed Chilli 250g
                              • Alamgeer Bird Eye Chilli 100 g
                              • East End All Purpose Seasoning 400g
                              • Alamgeer Chilli Whole 100 g
                              • Est End Chicken Seasoning 400g
                              • Est End ground Almonds 300g
                              • Est end Methi powder
                              • Radhuni Whole cinnamon stick 200g
                              • Radhuni Whole Garam Masala 100g
                              • Estend haloon seeds 100g
                              • Estend fenugreek seeds 100g
                              • Estend Mustard Seeds (black) 100g
                              • Estend Star Aniseed 100g
                              • Estend Sesame Seeds black
                              • Estend Tukmaria (basil seeds)100g
                              • Estend Gum Gar Goond 100g
                              • Estend Soya Chunks 250g
                              • Estend Green Sultana 100g
                              • Estend Black Cardamoms 50g
                              • Estend Sugar Candy 100g (Mishri)
                              • Estend Chicken Seasoning 100g
                              • Estend Methi Powder(Fenugreek) 400 g
                              • EstEnd Dry Amla 100g
                              • Estend Green Cardamom 50g
                              • Estend Dry Plums (Dry Alu Bukhara) 200g
                              • Estend Whole Cloves 200g
                              • Estend Klowunji Seeds Black 100g
                              • Estend Cumin Whole (Jeera Whole) 400g
                              • Estend Punchpooran (whole mixed spice) 100g
                              • Estend Black Pepper Whole 100g
                              • Estend CitricAcid 100g
                              • Estend Ground Fennel Seeds 100g
                              • Estend Cinnamon Powder 100g
                              • Estend Whole Cloves 100g
                              • Estend Poppy Seeds 100g
                              • Estend Black Cumin (kashmiri Jeera) 300g
                              • Estend Ground Ginger 300g
                              • Estend Fennel Seeds 100g
                              • Estend Flavour Enhancer (monosodium Glutamate)100g
                              • Estend Cumin Whole (Jeera Whole) 100g
                              • Estend Ajwain Seeds (Carom Seeds) 100g
                              • Estend Garam Masala 400g (ground mixed spice)
                              • Estend Kashmiri Hot Basar Mix 300g (ground mix spice)
                              • Estend Ground Mixed Spice (Pakistani Basar) 400g
                              • Estend Green Cardamom 200g
                              • Estend Tandoori Masala 300g
                              • Estend Korma Masala 85 g
                              • Estend Semolina (coarse)375g
                              • Estend Ground Black Cardamom 50g
                              • Estend Cornmeal (polenta) 375g
                              • Estend Sago Seeds 400g
                              • Estend Poppy Seeds 300g
                              • Estend Chia Seeds 300g
                              • Estend Sesame Seeds Natural 400g
                              • Estend Sesame Seeds Washed 400g
                              • Estend Cinnamon Powder 300g
                              • Estend Nutmeg Whole 50g
                              • Estend Garlic Powder 100g
                              • Estend Linseed(Alsi) 100g
                              • Estend Ground Black Pepper (fine)100g
                              • Estend Star Aniseeds Powder 100g
                              • Estend Ginger Powder 100g
                              • Estend Tandoori Masala 100g
                              • Estend Ground Cloves (long Powder) 100g
                              • Estend All Purpose Seasoning 100g
                              • Estend Garam Masala 100g (ground mixed spice)
                              • Estend Madras Curry Powder Mild 100g
                              • Estend Turmeric Powder (haldi Powder)
                              • Estend Green Cardamom Powder 100g
                              • Estend Cumin Powder (Jeera Powder) 100g
                              • Estend Paprika powder 100g
                              • Estend Deghie Mirch (Chilli Powder For Curries) 100g
                              • Estend Ground Coriander 100g
                              • Estend Extra Hot Chilli Powder 100g
                              • Estend Cumin Powder (Jeera Powder) 300g
                              • Estend Paprika powder 400g
                              • Estend Deghie Mirch (Chilli Powder For Curries) 300g
                              • Estend Extra Hot Chilli Powder 400g
                              • Estend Ground Coriander 400g
                              • Estend Turmeric Powder (haldi Powder) 300g
                              • Estend Madras Curry Powder Hot 300g
                              • Estend Madras Curry Powder Mild 400g
                              • Estend Ground Mixed Spice (Pakistani Basar) 1 kg
                              • Estend Madras Curry Powder Hot 1kg
                              • Estend Madras Curry Powder Mild 1kg
                              • Estend Semolina (fine) 1.5kg
                              • Estend Cornmeal (polenta) 1.5kg
                              • Estend Semolina (coarse) 1kg
                              • Estend Sesame Seeds Washed 1 kg
                              • Estend Ground Cumin (ground Jeera) 1kg
                              • Estend Ground Coriander (dhania powder) 1kg
                              • Estend Turmeric Powder (haldi Powder) 1kg
                              • Estend Extra Hot Chilli Powder 1kg
                              • Estend Chilli Powder 1kg
                              • Estend Paprika powder 1kg
                            • Rice
                                • Salaam Basmati Rice 20 Kg
                                • Akash Basmati Rice 20 Kg
                                • Tollyboy American Longrain Rice 20 Kg
                                • Badsha Basmati Rice 20 Kg
                                • Surya The Longer Basmati Rice 20 Kg (1121)
                                • Laila Basmati Rice 20 Kg
                              • Butcher Section
                                  • 1 Box Chicken Leg 10 Kg (Skin on)
                                  • 1 Box Chicken Leg 10 Kg (Skin off only)
                                  • 1 Box Chicken Leg 10 Kg (Skin off Cut in 2 Pieces)
                                  • 2 Hard Chicken Skin Burn and Cut in Small Pieces.
                                  • 2 Hard Chicken Skin off and Cut in Small Pieces.
                                  • 3 Soft Chicken Skin off Cut in Small Pieces
                                    In separate bag each.
                                  • 1 Kg Chicken Mince (Keema)
                                  • 1 Kg Chicken Breast
                                  • 1 Kg Meat Mince (Keema)
                                • Bangladeshi Biscuits and BombayMix
                                    • Pran Mr Mango Candy jar 100 pieces
                                    • Pran Mr tamarind Candy jar 100 pieces
                                    • Pran Mr Litchi jar 100 pieces
                                    • Danish Caramel Candy
                                    • Danish Milk Candy
                                    • Danish Litchi Candy
                                    • Danish Pineapple Candy
                                    • Danish Orange Candy
                                    • Jucy Jelly Cone Strawberry Flavours
                                    • Jucy Jelly Cone litchi Flavours
                                    • Danish Ghee Rusk
                                    • Pran Baby Toast Rusk
                                    • Pran Sweet Toast Rusk
                                    • Pran Special Toast Rusk
                                    • Pran Toast Soft Crunch
                                    • Banoful B. Toast
                                    • Wellfood Butter Toast
                                    • Wellfood Plain Toast
                                    • Danish Toast
                                    • Chira baja
                                    • Danish Jal Muri
                                    • Pran Chanachur BombayMix
                                    • Pran Hot Chanachur BombayMix
                                    • Pran Barbeque Chanachur
                                    • Ruchi Bar B Q Chanachur
                                    • Banoful Nimki Biscuit
                                    • Kiswan Special Toast
                                    • Danish florida Orange
                                    • Banoful Malai Cream Biscuits
                                    • Banoful Laccha Shemai box
                                    • Pran Laccha Shemai
                                    • Azka Laccha
                                    • Kishwan Coconut Cookies Biscuits
                                    • Ruchi Hot Chanachur (BombayMix)
                                    • Banoful Horlicks Biscuits
                                    • Olympic Energy Biscuits
                                    • Olympic Tip Biscuits
                                    • Banoful Royal Choice Biscuits
                                    • Azka Puffed Rice 1kg
                                    • Azka Puffed Rice 250g
                                    • Azka Puffed Rice 500 g
                                    • Ruchi Puffed Rice 250g
                                    • Ruchi Puffed Rice 500 g
                                    • Azka Dates Molasses 800g
                                    • Danish Salted Biscuits
                                    • Banoful Lexus Biscuits
                                    • Banoful Dry Cake
                                    • Wellfood Dry Cake
                                    • Pran Dry Cake Orange Flavour
                                    • Pran Dry Cake Pineapple Flavour
                                    • Well Dry Cake
                                  • Infant Milk
                                      • Aptamil First Infant Milk from Birth 1
                                      • Aptamil Follow On Milk 6-12 months N 2
                                      • Cow & Gate First Infant Milk From Birth n1
                                      • Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk From 1-2 Years N 3
                                    • Nappies
                                        • Happy Shopper Baby Nappies Size 4
                                        • Happy Shopper Baby Nappies Size 3
                                        • Happy Shopper Baby Nappies Size 5
                                        • Happy Shopper Baby Nappies Size 6
                                      • Toilet Tissue and Kitchen Towel
                                          • Daffodils Scented Perfect Pink 4 Rools
                                          • Luxury Peach 4 Rools
                                          • Daffodils Scented Lemon Fresh 4 Rools
                                          • Daffodil Scented Aloe Vera 4 Rools
                                          • Daffodils Scented Soft White 4 Rools
                                          • Fragranced Luxury Blue 4 Rools
                                          • Freedom Inspirations Aloe Vera 4 Rools
                                          • Freedom Inspirations Lemon Fresh 4 Rools
                                          • Big Value pack 18 Rools
                                          • Freedom Inspirations Aloe Vera 9 Rools
                                          • Freedom Inspirations Shea Butter 9 Rools
                                          • Freedom Inspirations Soft Pink 9 Rools
                                          • Freedom Inspirations Lemon Fresh 9 Rools
                                          • Freedom Inspirations Pink Blossom 9 Rools
                                          • Freedom Inspirations Soft White 9 Rools
                                          • Kitchen Towel 4 Rools
                                        • Health & Beauty
                                            • Ktc Raat Ki Rani Hair-Oil 165 ml
                                            • Ktc Chambeli Hair-Oil 165ml
                                            • Ktc Amla Hair-Oil 165ml
                                            • Olive oil 185 ml
                                            • Olive oil 92 ml
                                            • Estend Pure Castor Oil 200 ml
                                            • Estend Almon Oil 200 ml
                                            • Rafia Natural Jojoba Hair-Oil 200 ml
                                            • Rafia Natural Black Seed Hair-Oil 200 ml
                                            • Alamgeer Tara Mera Oil 170 ml
                                            • Rose-Water 250 ml
                                            • Alamgeer Rose-Water 280 ml
                                            • Ktc Pure Coconut Oil 250 ml
                                            • Alamgeer Kewra Water 190 ml
                                            • Johnson Baby Shampoo 300 ml
                                            • Johnson Baby oil 300 ml
                                            • Johnson Baby Lotion 300 ml
                                            • Johnson Baby Bath 300 ml
                                            • soft & Gentle Fresh Blossom 150 ml
                                            • Gillette Shave Foam Regular 200 ml
                                            • Imperial Leather-3-Soap
                                            • Imperial Leather-2-Soap
                                            • Dabur Amla Hair-Oil 200 ml
                                            • Dabur Amla Gold Hai- Oil 200 ml
                                            • Dettol 250 ml
                                            • Dettol 500 ml
                                            • Vaseline Lip Therapy 20 g
                                            • Nivea Hand cream Aloe Vera 75 ml
                                            • Enliven Fresh Mint Mouthwash 500 ml
                                            • Vaseline Hair-Tonic-100 ml
                                            • Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly Original 100 ml
                                          • BANGLADESH FROZEN FISH BLOCK AND PRAWNS
                                              • 3 BLOCK KESKI FISH
                                              • 3 TRAY KESKI FISH
                                            ALLERGIES: If you or someone you’re ordering for has an allergy, please contact the merchant directly to let them know. Lodge store Ltd has a FHRS rating of 4. This information was updated on 28/11/2022. The current rating is on their page on the FSA Website. Adults need around 2000 kcal a day.

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