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    Cardiff Food Centre (3 Dumballs Road) Menu and Takeaway in Cardiff

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    Location and hours

    Cardiff CF10 5
    9:00 - 23:00
    Monday - Saturday
    8:00 - 23:00

    Cardiff Food Centre (3 Dumballs Road)

    Alcohol • $$
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    Cardiff CF10 5
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    $$ • Alcohol • Convenience • Snacks • Everyday Essentials • Allergy friendly
    • Ciders
      • Magners Original Irish Cider 568ml
        42 Cal.
      • Magners Dark Fruit Cider 500ml
        44 Cal.
      • Magners Juicy Pear Irish Cider 568ml
        47 Cal.
      • Brothers Toffee Apple English Cider 500ml
      • Brothers Marsh Mallow English Cider 500ml
      • Brothers Rhubarb & Custard English Cider 500ml
      • Thatchers Rose Somerset Cider 500ml
      • Thatchers Oak Aged Vintage Somerset Cider 500ml
      • Thatchers Rascal Somerset Cider 500ml
      • Thatchers Katy Somerset Cider 500 ml
      • Thatchers Haze Cloudy Somerset Cider 500 ml
      • Thatchers Gold Somerset Cider 4x500ml Cans
      • Thatchers Haze Cloudy Somerset Cider 4 x 440 ml Cans
      • Strongbow Original Cider 2 litre
      • Kopparberg Pear Premium Cider 4 x 440 ml Cans
      • Kopparberg Pear Premium Cider 500 ml
      • Kopparberg Premium Cider With Raspberry 500 ml
      • Kopparberg Premium Cider With cherry 500 ml
      • Strongbow Rose Cider 4 x 440 ml cans
      • Stella Artois Cider 500 ml
      • Aspall Draught Cyder 500 ml
      • Aspall Premier Cru Cyder 500 ml
      • Strongbow Original Cider 4 x 568ml cans
      • Bulmers Original 8 Pack
      • Henry Westons Medium Dry Vintage Cider 4 Pack
      • Strongbow Dark Fruit 4 Pack Cans
      • Rekorderlig Wild Berries 500 ml
      • Kopparberg Rose 500ml
      • Old Mout Cider Strawberry & Pomegranate 500ml
      • Nordic Blueberry Cider 330ml
      • Nordic Strawberry Cider 330m
      • Kopparberg With Mixed Fruits 4 Pack Cans
      • Kopparberg With Tropical Fruits 4Pack Cans
    • Ales and Stouts
      • Wychwood Hobgoblin 5.2% 500 ml
      • Shipyard American Pale Ale 4 x 440 ml cans
      • Goose Midway Session IPA 4 x 440 ml cans
      • Wychwood King Goblin 500 ml
      • Wychwood Hobgoblin Gold 4.5% 500ml
      • Wychwood Hobgoblin IPA 5.3% 500ml
      • Brewdog Punk IPA 12 x 330 ml
      • The REV James Ale 500 ml
      • Greene King Yardbird Pale Ale 500 ml
      • Sharp's Sea Fury Special Ale 500 ml
      • Whistable Bay Pale Ale 500 ml
      • Spitfire Golden Ale 500 ml
      • Whistable Bay Organic Ale 500 ml
      • Shepherd Neam Indian Pale Ale 500 ml
      • Joker IPA Wickedly Hoppy 500 ml
      • Goose Island IPA 330 ml can
      • Guinness Original 4x440ml cans
      • Bishops Finger Kentish Strong Ale 500 ml
        Alc. 5.4% vol
      • Golden Sheep Ale 500ml
      • Badger The Fursty Ferret Amber Ale 500ml
      • Shepherd Neame Kentish Strong Ale 500ml
      • Guinness Original 500ml
      • Guinness West Indies 500ml
      • Co Op Triple Hop 330 ml
      • Marston's Old Empire IPA 500ml
      • Marston's Pedigree Amber Ale 500ml
      • Greene King Selection 6 Pack
    • Lager
      • Foster's Lager 4 x 440 ml
      • Pack of 4 Peroni Nastro Azzurro
      • Budweiser 12 x 300 ml
      • Stella Artois Premium Lager 12 x 284 ml
      • Corona Extra 4 x 330 ml
      • Desperados Original 3 x 330 ml
      • Budweiser 4 x 300 ml
      • San Miguel Especial 4 x 568 ml
      • Coors Light 4 x 500 ml cans
      • Estrella Damm 4 x 330 ml
      • Stella Artois 4 x 440 ml
      • Carling Original Lager 4 x 500 ml cans
      • Camden Hells Lager 660 ml
      • Heineken Original 12 Pack
      • Camden Hells Lager 330 ml can
      • Asahi Super Dry Beer 4 pack
      • Hop House Lager 650ml
      • Heineken 4 Pack Bottle
      • Belhaven Craft Beer Discovery 6 Pack
      • Heineken 10 Pack
      • Keo Cyprus Beer 330ml
      • Mythos Greek Beer 330ml
      • Grolsch Pilsner Beer 12x330ml
      • Hoegaarden Beer 750 ml
        Alc. 4.9% vol
        Almost 600 years ago in the Belgium village of Hoegaarden a band of monks experimented by adding oddball botanicals from halfway around the world to their traditional beer.
        Our recipe, inspired by their creation, is a beer with a refreshing flavor and captivating aroma, unlike any in the world.
      • Brewdog Punk IPA 660 ml
        Alc.5.4% vol.
      • San Miguel Especial 660 ml
        Alc. 5.0% vol.
      • Menabrea Premium Lager 660ml
        Alc. 4.8% vol
        Italian premium blond lager aged 30 days for a superior flavour using only finest ingredients.
      • Budweiser Budvar Original Czech Lager 500ml
        Alc. 5.0% vol
        Made with whole cone saaz hops , moravian malt and natural soft water in Budweis, Czech Republic.
      • Budweiser Premium Lager Beer 660 ml
        Alc. 4.5% vol.
      • Stella Artois Premium Lager 660 ml
        Alc. 4.8% vol.
      • Desperados Original 650 ml
        Alc. 5.9% vol
        Beer flavored with tequila.
      • Peroni Nastro Azzurro 620 ml
        Alc. 5.1% vol
      • Amstel Premium Pilsner 650 ml
        Vol. 4.1% vol
      • Warsteiner Premium Beer 660 ml
        Alc. 4.8% vol.
        Premium German beer naturally made according with German purity law.
      • Corona Extra 710 ml
        Alc. 4.5 % vol
      • Svyturys Ekstra Draught 500 ml
        Alc. 5.2% vol
        Lithuanian Light Dortmunder
      • Cobra Beer 620ml
        Alc. 4.5 % vol
        Premium beer made with rice, maize and 3 hops.
      • Heineken Original Malt Lager 650 ml
        Alc. 5% vol
      • Staropramen Prague Beer 660 ml
        Alc. 5% vol
        No 1 Prague beer in the World.
      • Efes Pilsener Beer 4 x 300ml bottle
        Alc. 5% vol.
        Premium quality Mediterranean beer
      • Efes Draft Beer 500 ml bottle
        Alc. 5.0 % vol
        Expertly made for a light hoppy aroma and refreshingly smooth, rich taste, just like beer fresh from the brewhouse tap
      • Lech Premium Polish Beer 500 ml
        Alc. 4.8% vol.
      • Asahi Super Dry Beer 620 ml
        Alc. 5.2 % vol.
        Asahi Super Dry beer is made to the authentic Japanese recipe to deliver its dry, crisp taste and quick, clean finish that complements all occasions. This distinctive dry taste is known as Karakuchi.
        A taste we're dedicated to mastering, by using only the finest ingredients and continuously advancing our technology.
      • Estrella Damm Beer 660 ml
        Alc. 4.6% vol
      • Tyskie Polish Beer 650 ml
        Alc. 5.0% vol
      • Carling Original Lager 18 x 440 ml
        Alc. 4% vol
      • Birra Moretti 12Pack
      • Peroni Nastro Azzurro 12 Pack
      • Peroni Nastro Azzurro 6 Pack Cans
      • Lech Premium Polish Beer 4 Pack Cans
      • Tyskie Polish Beer 4 Pack Cans
      • Birra Moretti 4 Pack
      • Budweiser 4 x 440ml Cans
      • Staropramen 4 x 330 ml
      • McEwan's Champion Premium Beer 500ml
      • Stella Artois Premium Lager 4 x 330ml
      • Staropramen Pravha 660ml
      • Brewdog Lost Lager 660ml
      • Coors Light Beer 6 Pack
    • Wines
      • Co Op Spanish Garnacha
      • Campo Viejo Rioja Garnacha
      • I Heart Shiraz 750 ml
      • I Heart Merlot 750 ml
      • Wolf Blass Yellow Label Malbec 750 ml
      • Calvet Merlot Bordeaux 750ml
      • Louis Jadot Macon-Villages 750 ml
      • Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages 750 ml
      • Moet & Chandon Champagne 70cl
      • Lanson Champagne Black Label 75 cl
      • Co Op Ruby 75 cl
      • Taylor's Reserve 75cl
      • Gallo Family Pink Moscato 750ml
      • 19 Crimes Red Wine 750ml
      • 19 Crimes The Uprising Red Wine 750ml
      • I Heart Prosecco Rose 75cl
      • 19 Crime Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
      • Calvet Pouilly Fume 750ml
      • Calvet Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 75cl
      • Co Op Irresistible Marlborough Pinot Grigio 75cl
      • Calvet Vouvray 75cl
      • Purato Organic Pinot Grigio 75cl
      • Purato Organic Nero D'avola 75cl
      • Louis Jadot Pouilly - Fuisse 75cl
      • Three Mills Merlot 75cl
      • Three Mills Pinot Grigio 75cl
      • Three Mills Pinot Grigio Rose 75cl
      • I Heart Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml
      • I Heart Malbec Argentina Bold&Rich 750 ml
        Alc. 11 % vol.
        Elegant and bubbly, this fruity sparkling wine is full of sweet peach and apple flavours.
        Ideal as an aperitif, or great with foods such as prosciutto and shellfish, or enjoy on its own.
        Prosecco can only come from a precisely defined region in Italy, anywhere else - it's not Prosecco!
      • Yellow Tail Shiraz 750ml
        Alc. 13.5% vol.
        Rich and smooth, with juicy red berries and hints of liquorice and spice.
      • Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio 750 ml
        Alc. 11.5 % vol
        Fresh and zesty, bursting with red apple, pear and passion-fruit flavours.
      • Yellow Tail Chardonnay 750 ml
        Alc. 13% vol
        Rich and vibrant, with fresh peach and melon flavours and a hint of vanilla.
      • Yellow Pinot Noir 750 ml
        Alc. 12 % vol.
        Crisp and delicate, blossoming with juicy strawberries and cherry flavours .
      • Yellow Tail Malbec 750 ml
        Alc. 13.5 % vol
        Rich and velvety, with notes of ripe berries, dark chocolate and hint of spice.
      • Co Op Irresistible Malbec 750 ml
        Alc. 14% vol.
        A smooth Malbec from one of Chile's southernmost wine-making regions, the Bio Bio Valley. Winemaker Diego Cavarrubias has created a plush, fruity red with flavours of blackberry, cherry and smoky vanilla. The valley's colour climate allows the grapes to ripen gently which produces an exceptionally concentrated wine. Terrific on its own but can otherwise be enjoyed with steak, meaty stews or rich vegetarian dishes.
      • Co Op Irresistible Chenin Blanc 75cl
      • Co Op Limetree Merlot 750 ml
        Alc. 13% vol
        This wine can be drunk on its own or will be comfortably matched with most robust and red meats.
      • Oyster Bay Rose 750 ml
        Alc. 12.5% vol.
        Oyster Bay captures the special character of New Zealand's cool climate viticulture , elegant, assertive wines with glorious fruit flavours.
      • Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut 750 ml
        Alc 11.5% vol.
        Freixenet Cordon Negro derives its superior quality and elegant sparkle from the long period of maturation and the traditional method of second fermentation in the bottle.
      • Hardys Vr Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml
      • I Heart Pinot Grigio 750 ml
        Alc. 12% vol.
        Fresh and crisp, a light style wine that is full of lemon and peach flavours, with a zingy citrus aroma.
        Try drinking alongside grilled white fish, chicken dishes and seafood salads, or enjoy on its own.
      • Casillero Del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc
      • Hardys Vr Pinot Grigio 750 ml
      • Hardys Vr Chardonnay 750 ml
      • Hardys VR Rose 750 ml
        Alc. 11.5% vol
      • Beefsteak Club Tempranillo 750 ml
        Alc. 13.5 % vol
        From old Tempranillo bushvines grown in the province of Toledo in the north of the central Spanish plains at altitudes of around 700 metres. The concentrated berry flavours and ripe tannins make this the perfect accompaniment to grilled steaks, lamb, sausages and Manchego cheese.
      • Co Op Cava Brut 750 ml
        Alc. 11.5% vol
        Pale straw in colour, this Cava is rich and full with flavours of apple and pear, long-lasting bubbles and toasty finish. Great as an aperitif, this elegant Cava also makes a wonderful accompaniment to delicate fish dishes and most light seafood. Best served chilled.
      • Beefsteak Club Malbec 750 ml
        Alc. 13.5% vol
        A juicy Malbec , made from high altitude grapes of Mendoza. Deep purple in colour with ripe black fruits on the nose. Rich and layered mouthfeel with soft tannins and long, smooth finish.
      • Martini Asti 750 ml
        Alc. 7.5% vol
        We harvest and store the fresh grape juice of moscato bianco grapes, harvested in the Asti Docg area. We arrest fermentation to keep that natural sweetness of the ripe musts that give Martini Asti taste and aroma of grape juice, vine peaches, elderberry and sage. its flavour is refreshing, sweet and fruity.
        Served chilled.
      • Co Op Irresistible Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml
        Alc. 13% vol
        Expect flavours of fresh limes, gooseberries and a hint of sea salt, and an elegant herbal finish.
        Served slightly chilled and enjoy with white fish, Thai dishes or a cheese salad.
      • Trapiche Pure Malbec 750 ml
        Alc. 13.5% vol
      • Co Op Irresistible Chablis 750 ml
        Alc. 12.5% vol 2018
        Dry, white mouth watering citrus fruit flavours, underpinned by the refreshing green apple notes of classic Chablis. Delicious on its own and wonderful with fish or shellfish dishes. Best served chilled.
      • Casillero Del Diablo Merlot 750 ml
        Alc. 13.5% vol
        Perfect with spicy food and red meats
      • Casillero Del Diablo Malbec 750 ml
        Alc 13.5 % vol.
        A full-bodied Malbec with intense black cherry and plum flavours with a hint of black pepper and vanilla spice.
        Great with grilled meats, roasted vegetables or mature cheese.
      • Trivento Reserve Malbec 750 ml
        Alc. 13.5% vol
        A bright crimson red whose plum and raspberry aromas mingle elegantly with vanilla notes from the 6 months aged in French oak barrels. Well balanced, with sweet tennins and a velvety finish, Trivento Reserve Malbec is ideal with meats and tomato dishes.
      • Jacob's Creek Pinot Grigio 750 ml
        Alc 12% vol
        Our winemaking tradition dates back from 1847 when Johann Gramp planted first vineyard on the banks of Jacob's Creek. A medium bodied wine attractive lemon, ripe peach, melon and subtle oak flavours.
        enjoy on its own or with grilled vegetables, fish or chicken.
      • Calvet Tourane Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml
        Alc 12.% vol
        A light and medium bodied wine with tropical flavours of passion-fruit and guava with a fresh, crisp finish.
        Enjoy on its own with canapes, grilled fish or chicken.
      • Echo Falls Pinot Grigio 750 ml
        Alc 13% vol
        %100 carbon neutral
        A light to medium bodied wine with lemon and pear fruit flavours with crisp green apple notes.
        Enjoy on its own, with canapes, seafood dishes or salads.
      • Isla Negra Merlot 750 ml
        Alc 12%
        Wine of Chile. A light o medium bodied wine with ripe cherry, fresh plum and blueberry fruit flavours enhanced by subtle oak.
      • Jacob's Creek Shiraz 750 ml
        Alc 14% vol.
        A medium bodied wine with plum, pepper and spicy fruit flavours with subtle hints of toasted oak.
        Enjoy with any red meat dishes or hard cheeses.
      • I Heart Chardonnay 750 ml
        Alc. 12.5% vol.
        Fresh and fruity, with lemon and peach flavours and a hint of vanilla.
        Try drinking alongside roasted chicken, grilled salmon and light pasta dishes, or enjoy on its own.
      • Buckfast Tonic Wine 750 ml
        Alc. 15% vol.
        Red wine based aperitif made by The Benedictine Monks Buckfast Abbey Devon, England
      • Yellow Tail Pinot Noir 750 ml
        Alc 13.5 % vol
        Soft and velvety, with notes of cherries, red berries and a hint of spice.
      • Co Op Irresistible Sparkling Rose 750 ml
        Alc. 11% vol
        Italian sparkling Brut wine.
      • Co Op CAVA Rose 750 ml
        Alc. 12% vol.
        Made using the traditional method, this delicious rose cava displays an alluring nose of redcurrants and fresh summer fruits. With a palate of ripe strawberries , raspberries and a refreshing crisp finish this is a mouth-watering aperitif or can be enjoyed with pasta, rice dishes and salads.
        Served chilled.
      • Villa Welter Dornfelder Dry 750 ml
        Alc. 12% vol
        The full-bodied and velvet like nature is highlighting the fruity flavour with hints of almonds, soft treacly scent of red berries, like strawberry, cherry and blackberry are completing the lingering aftertaste.
        Bio produce of Germany.
      • Hardys Crest Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml
        Alc. 12.5% vol
        Our Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc is a soft, fruit-driven wine with intense flavours of peach and hints of citrus that lead to a crisp finish - great with creamy pasta dishes.
      • Casillero Del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml
        Alc. 13.5% vol
        Bright intense, violet red.
        Expresses delicate notes of black fruits, such as plums and cherries, accompanied by a delicate touch of toast from ageing oak barrels.
        This Cabernet Sauvignon is very well structured with pronounced character, firm tannins and an abundance of fruit, such as plums and black cherries.
      • Kumala Shiraz 750 ml
        Alc. 14% vol
        This deep, full-bodied Shiraz has dark, jammy fruit flavours and a touch of leather and spice on the finish. Perfect with hearty meat dishes or chunky tomato sauces.
      • Kumala Rose 750 ml
        Alc 12% vol.
        A vibrant pink wine with strawberry and cream flavours and refreshing summer fruit notes.
        Perfect with fish and green leaf salads.
      • Kumala Chenin Blanc 750 ml
        Alc. 12.5% vol
        This crisp Chenin Blanc is bursting with tropical notes and ripe pear and apple flavours. Perfect on its own or served with seafood dishes or light salads.
      • Co Op Italian Pinot Grigio 750 ml
        Alc. 12% vol.
        Alight, dry wine with a distinctly fruity and floral nose. Fresh and dry on the palate, with an elegant finish. Brilliant as an aperitif, it also makes lovely partner to seafood, poultry and salads. Served chilled.
      • Isla Negra Merlot 750 ml
        Alc. 12% vol.
        This Merlot with notes of cherry, plum and dark chocolate is the ideal wine to serve with tomato based pasta sauce.
      • Isla Negra Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml
        Alc. 12% vol.
        This Cabernet Sauvignon is packed with flavours of ripe plum and raspberry. Perfect with roasted meats and tasty casserole.
      • Isla Negra Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml
        Alc. 12% vol.
        This wine is perfect for drinking with seafood and salads.
        Best served chilled.
      • Wolf Blass Yellow Label Shiraz 750 ml
        Alc. 14% vol
        Plum, spice and blackberry combine with subtle, creamy oak in a generous, medium bodied wine finishing with fine, velvety tannins.
      • Wolf Blass Yellow Label Merlot 750 ml
        Alc. 14% vol.
        Fragrant plum, blueberry and spice are enhanced with supple varietal tannins in this rich, medium bodied wine with a soft, velvety finish.
      • Wolf Blass Yellow Label Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml
        Alc. 12.5% vol
        A full flavoured Sauvignon Blanc from selected vineyards in South Australia, the heartland of Wolf Blass. Displaying distinct varietal characters of passion-fruit, tropical fruit and freshly cut grass, the palate has a crisp and refreshing finish.
      • Oyster Bay Chardonnay 750 ml
        Alc. 13% vol.
      • Oyster Bay Merlot 750 ml
        Alc. 13 % vol.
      • Mateus Rose 750 ml
        Alc. 11% vol .
      • Wolf Blass Yellow Label Chardonnay 750 ml
        Alc 13.5% vol.
      • Calvet Rose D'anjou 750ml
        Alc 11% vol.
        Sweet and fruity rose wine.
      • Calvet Muscadet 750ml
        Alc. 12 % vol.
      • Calvet Prestige Bordeaux 750ml
        Alc. 14.5 % vol.
        Enjoy this Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon with specialities from Bordeaux: duck confit, truffle, or meat in sauce.
      • Calvet Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
        Alc. 12% vol.
        A wine to be served as an aperitif, or with Bordeaux specialties : Seafood such as oyster or fragrant cheese for example sheep's cheese, or Rocamadour.
      • Calvet Cahors Malbec 750ml
        Alc. 13.5% vol.
      • Calvet Minervois 750ml
        Alc. 13.5% vol
        Powerfull and fruity.
      • Carta Roja Grand Reservada Monastrell 750ml
        Alc. 13.5%vol
        Carta Roja is made traditionally from Monastrell grapes which produce rich and intense wines.
        The Grand Reservada is full-bodied with red fruit aromas and intense flavours of ripe plum and vanilla.
        It makes a fantastic partner for game and lamb dishes and also hard cheeses.
      • Echo Falls Raspberry and Cassis 750ml
        Alc. 10.5% vol
        This refreshing fruit fusion has been expertly blended with natural flavours of Raspberry and Cassis. The taste is a perfect balance of red berry fruits combine with ripe, juicy plum characters.
        Enjoy chilled or over ice for the perfect serve.
      • Echo Falls Raspberry and Lavender 750 ml
        Alc 5.5% vol
        The perfect mingling of juicy raspberry flavours, fragrant lavender and our delicious Echo Falls. Whether it's an evening in front of the telly or a Friday night with the girls, our Botanical Fusion is the ideal accompaniment to the moments you love.
      • Echo Falls Peach and Mango 750 ml
        Alc. 9% vol
        This tropical flavoured fusion has been crafted with natural flavours of Peach and Mango to result on a delectable and refreshingly sweet treat; perfect for sharing with friends.
        Enjoy chilled or over ice for the perfect serve.
      • Echo Falls Melon and Mint 750 ml
        Alc. 5.5% vol
        A refreshing muddle of cantaloupe melon flavurs, delicate garden mint and our delicious Echo Falls.
        Whether it's a Saturday night movie or paired with a facemask or your favorite playlist, our Botanical Fusion is the ideal accompaniment to the moments you love.
      • Echo Falls Summer Berries 750 ml
        Alc. 9% vol
        The delicious Rose has been delicately blended with natural flavours of summer berries. The result is a bright, fruity, refreshingly sweet Rose, perfect for sharing with friends.
        Enjoy chilled or over ice for the perfect serve.
      • Campo Viejo Rioja Reserv 750 ml
        Alc. 14% vol
        Very complex, with an exquisite balance between ripe fruit and distinct notes of cloves, vanilla and coconut. Smooth and well-balanced on the palate.
      • Campo Viejo Rioja Garnacha 750 ml
        Alc. 14% vol
        This bright, lively wine offers vibrant red fruit with hints of flowers and sweet spices.
      • Campo Viejo Rioja Viura-Tempranillo Bianco 750 ml
        Alc. 12.5% vol
        This wine combines the floral aromas from the Viura with the fruit with citrus characteristics from the Temperanillo Bianco, enhancing the white fruit aromas and giving the wine a fresh and pleasant finish.
      • Calvet Cotes Du Rhone 750ml
        Alc.14% vol
        A purple colour with violet highlights. a rich nose characterized by crystallized red berry fruit. Round and generous on the palate.
        The perfect mach with grilled meats. Can be also served with jugged hare or hot goat cheese.
      • Co Op Cotes Du Rhone 750ml
        Alc 14% vol
        This Cotes Du Rhone is made from grapes grown in the southern Rhone Valley, where the Mediterranean climate produces wines with ripe fruit flavours and a characteristic spiciness.
        Soft and easy drinking with blackcurrant fruits and a peppery finish, it makes a perfect partner to barbecued or roasted meats, or tomato bases pasta.
      • Co Op Mulled Wine 75 cl
        Alc 8% vol
        Heat with cinnamon sticks and halved oranges.
      • Porta 6 750 ml
        Alc. 13.5 % vol
        A wine dominated by soft ripe berries, with a full rich mid palate, completed by a balance of acidity to soften the finish.
        a wine to be enjoyed with friends.
      • Co Op Irresistible Cava Brut 75 cl
      • Co Op Irresistible Organic Malbec 75 Cl
      • Gallo Family Moscato 750ml
        A sweet and fruity white wine with notes of pineapple and orange blossom
      • Barefoot Moscato 750ml
        Barefoot Moscato Is a sweet wine with hints of delicious mouth-watering Juicy peach and apricot. Notes of lemon and orange citrus complement a crisp and fruity finish. Barefoot Moscato is perfect with spicy Asian cuisine , light desserts, fresh fruits and mild cheeses..
      • Calvet Chateau Mauriac Bordeaux 2018 750ml
        Chateau Mauriac has a brilliant garnet colour and reveals a powerful nose with hints of red fruits, blackcurrants, strawberries and blackberries. On the palate, it is structured and well-balanced with a long aromatic final. This wine is the perfect accompaniment to steak and kidney pie, roast beef and lamb, turkey and all types of cheese.
      • Barefoot Pink Moscato 750ml
        Barefoot Pink Moscato is a juicy and refreshing wine with ripe nectarine aromas and flavours. Layers of raspberry and Pomegranate complement the lingering sweet citrus finish.
        Enjoy with spicy Asian cuisine, fresh fruit and strawberry Shortcake.
      • Montepulciano D 'Abruzzo 750ml
    • Spirits
      • Martell Vs 40% Dst
      • Baileys Irish Cream 17% 70 cl
      • Russian Standard 38% Dst 70cl
      • Gordons London Dry 37.5% Dst 70 cl
      • Jameson 40% Dst 70 cl
      • Sourz Raspberry 70cl
      • Disaronno Original 70cl
      • Three Barrels VSOP Brandy 70cl
      • Krupnik Vodka 70 cl
      • Stolichnaya Vodka 70 cl
      • Sari Zeybek Raki 35 cl
      • Beylerbeyi Mavi Raki 70 cl
      • Tekirdag No 10 Raki 70 cl
      • Yeni Raki Ala 70cl
      • Efe Classic Raki 70 cl
      • Tekirdag Raki 70 cl
      • Tekirdag Gold Raki 70 cl
      • Yeni Raki Original 70 cl
      • Martini Bianco 75cl
      • Martini Rosso 70 cl
      • Martini Extra Dry 75cl
      • Martini Fierro 75cl
      • Absolut Cherry 70cl
      • Absolut Berriacai 70cl
      • Absolut Mandarin 70 cl
      • Absolut Vanilia 70cl
      • Absolut Citron 70 cl
      • Absolut Raspberri 70 cl
      • Absolut Vodka 70 cl
      • Amsterdam Vodka 70 cl
      • Absolut Lime 70 cl
      • Echo Falls summer Berries Vodka 70cl
      • Smirnoff Infusion Orange Spirit Drink 50 cl
      • Smirnoff Infusion Raspberry Spirit Drink 50 cl
      • Absolut Strawberry 50 cl
      • Finlandia Vodka 70cl
      • Smirnoff Vodka 1 l
      • Sierra Tequila 50cl
      • Ciroc Apple 70 cl
      • Ciroc Vodka 70 cl
      • Ciroc Pineappple 70 cl
      • Ciroc Red Berry 70 cl
      • Ciroc Mango 70 cl
      • Ciroc Amaretto 70 cl
      • Ciroc Pink Grapefruit 70 cl
      • Grey Goose Vanilla Flavored Vodka 70 cl
      • Grey Goose Vodka 70 cl
      • Chase Vodka 70 cl
      • East Coast Vodka 70 cl
      • Alize Bleu Passion 70 cl
      • Magnum Tonic Wine 200ml
      • Licor 43 Original 70 cl
      • Drambuie Liqueur 70 cl
      • Luxardo Sambuca 50 cl
      • Luxardo Sambuca Nera 70 cl
      • Red Label Aperitif 75 cl
      • Frangelico Liqueur 70 cl
      • Kahlua Coffee Liqueur 70 cl
      • Amarula Cream & Marula Fruit 70 cl
      • Malibu Watermelon 70 cl
      • Malibu Original 70 cl
      • Kopparberg Cherry Rum 70 cl
      • The Kraken Black Spiced Rum 70 cl
      • Bacardi Ginger 70 cl
      • Bacardi Raspberry 70 cl
      • Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum 70 cl
      • Havana Club Especial 70 cl
      • Havana Club Skepta 7 70 cl
      • Captain Morgan Dark rum 70 cl
      • Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 70cl
      • Captain Morgan Tiki 70 cl
      • Sheridan's Coffee Liqueur 70 cl
      • Courvoisier V.S. Cognac 70 cl
      • Metaxa 5 Stars 70 cl
      • I Heart Pink Gin 70 cl
      • I Heart Gin 70 cl
      • Bosford Rose Gin 70 cl
      • Tanqueray Gin 70 cl
      • Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Gin 70 cl
      • Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime Gin 70 cl
      • Echo Falls Ping Gin 70 cl
      • Hendrick's Gin 70 cl
      • Beefeater Gin 70 cl
      • Gordons Pink Gin 37.5% Dst 70 cl
      • Gordon's Sicilian Lemon 70 cl
      • Tanqueray Rangpur Gin 70 cl
      • Tanqueray Sevilla Gin 70 cl
      • Gordon's Sloe Gin 70 cl
      • Whiteley Neill Original Gin 70 cl
      • Grant's Blended Scotch Whisky 70
      • Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey 70 cl
      • Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire 70 cl
      • Famous Grouse Whiskey 70 cl
      • Bell's Blended Scotch Whiskey 70cl
      • Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky 70 cl
      • Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey 70 cl
      • Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky 70 cl
      • Johnnie Walker Red Label Whiskey 70 cl
      • Johnnie Walker Green Label Whiskey 70 cl
      • Chivas Regal Scotch Whiskey 70 cl
      • Beefeater Pink Gin 70 cl
      • Beefeater Blood Orange Gin 70 cl
      • Bushmills Irish Whiskey 70 cl
      • Bombay Sapphire Gin 70 cl
      • Glenmorangie Highland Single Malt Whiskey 70 cl
      • Gordon's Pink Gin 1L
      • Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple 70 cl
      • Glen's Vodka 35 cl
      • Paralia Ouzo 70cl
      • Old Westminster Cream 70cl
      • JW Gold Label Reserve
      • St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur 500ml
      • Sierra Tequila Reposado 70Cl
      • Sierra Tequila With Coffee 70cl
      • RedLeg Spiced Rum 70 Cl
        Alc. 37.5% vol.
        As rum lovers we simply Wanted to craft the best tasting rum. We proudly created RedLeg, our award winning Caribbean spiced rum which we rest in oak barrels and infuse with warming ginger and sweet vanilla for a delicious, smooth taste with a hint of spice.
      • Smirnoff Red 37.5% Dst 70 cl
      • Co Op Imperial Vodka 37.5% Dst 70cl
      • Glens Vodka 37.5% Dst 70 cl
      • Sourz Rainbow Ice 70cl
        Alc. 15% vol.
        Sweet and sour liqueur.
      • Sourz Apple 70cl
        Alc. 15% vol
        Sweet and sour liqueur.
      • Sourz Cherry 70cl
        Alc. 15% vol
        Sweet and sour spirit drink.
      • Veroni Amaretto 50cl
        Alc 15% vol
        Classic almond flavour in fermented and distilled alcohol.
        enjoy the smooth taste of Veroni Amaretto on the rocks, or with your favorite mixer.
      • E & J Brandy 70cl
        Alc. 40% vol.
        E & J Brandy is mellowed in aged oak barrels to chive its remarkably smooth mellow taste.
      • Wyborowa Vodka 70 cl
        Alc. 40% vol
        Polish vodka.
      • Yeni Raki Ustalarin Karisimi 70cl
        Alc. 45.5% vol
      • Yeni Raki Yeni Seri 70 cl
        Alc 45% vol
        Contain Alcohol
      • Archers Schnapps 70 cl
        Alc. 18% vol
      • Smirnoff Gold 70 cl
        Alc. 37.5% vol
      • Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka 70cl
        Alc 37.5% vol
      • Finlandia Lime Vodka 70cl
        Alc 37.5% vol
      • Finlandia Cranberry Vodka 70cl
        Alc 37.5% vol
      • Hpnotiq Liqueur 70 cl
        Alc 17% vol.
        A refreshing blend of premium French vodka, exotic fruit juices and a touch of cognac .
      • Hennessy Cognac 70 cl
        Alc 40% vol
      • Remy Martin V.S.O.P. Cognac 70 cl
        Alc 40% vol
      • Bell's Blended Scotch Whiskey 1l
        Alc 40% vol
      • Disaronno Velvet Liqueur 500ml
      • Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake 700ml
      • Baileys Almond 700ml
      • Harvey's Bristol Cream 75cl
      • De Kuyper Triple Sec 50cl
      • Shamrock Irish Whisky
        Shamrock Irish Whisky 70 % and 43 % vol
      • Armenian Gun Shape Brandy 200ml
      • Calarasi 12 Years Aged Cognac 500ml
        Divin "Calarasi" X.O is produced from wine distillates matured for no less than 12 years
        A noble bouquet with an intense aroma of wild flowers and hints of fruits. Silky and perfectly harmonious taste.
      • Gordon's Mediterranean Orange 70 Cl
    • Flavoured Alcoholic
      • Gordons and Schweppes Diet Tonic 250ml
      • Gordons and Schweppes Tonic 250ml
      • Smirnoff Cranberry Vodka Mixed Drink 250 ml
      • Cap. MorgaN Spiced Gold & Cola 250ml
      • Jack Daniel's Whiskey & No Sugar Cola 330ml
      • Smirnoff Lime & Soda Vodka Mixed Drink 250 ml
      • Smirnoff Cola Vodka Mixed Drink 250 ml
      • Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey & Lemonade 330ml
      • Smirnoff Seltzer Orange & Grapefruit 250Ml
      • Gordons Pink Gin and Diet Tonic 250ml
      • Gordons Pink Gin and Tonic 250ml
      • Smirnoff Seltzer Raspberry & Rhubarb 250Ml
    • Bacon Pre Pack
      • Co Op Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon 300g
      • Co Op Smoked Back Bacon 300g
    • Biscuits
      • Co Op Plain Chocolate Digestives 300g
      • Co Op Custard Creams 300g
      • Crawford's Bourbo Creams 300g
      • Co Op Ginger Nut Biscuits 200g
      • Co Op Bourbo Creams 300g
      • Tago Wafer Rolls With Nut Cream 260g
      • Tago Wafer Rolls With Coconut Cream 260g
      • McVities Jaffa Cakes Original
      • Co Op Irresistible Ginger Dark Choc Cookies 200g
      • Co Op Irresistible Fruity Flapjack Cookies 200g
      • Co Op Irresistible Triple Choc Cookies 150g
      • Nutella B-ready 132g
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers 114g
      • Milka Choco Brownie 150g
      • Milka Choco Sticks 112g
      • Milka XL Cookies Nut 184g
      • Milka Choco Jaffa Raspberry Jelly 147g
      • Milka Choco Moo 120g
      • Milka Choco Wafer 150g
      • Milka XL Cookies 184g
      • Bounty Soft Baked Cookies 180g
      • M&M's Cookies Double Chocolate 180g
      • Galaxy Chocolate Chunk Cookies 180g
      • Gullon Cinnamon Crisps 470g
      • Gullon No Sugar Added Oaty Biscuits 410g
      • Gullon Sugar Free Digestive Biscuits 400g
      • Gullon Sugar Free Shortbread Biscuits 330g
      • Gullon Sugar Free Dark Choc Digestive Biscuits 270g
      • Gullon No Added Sugar Sandwich Cookies 210g
      • Gullon Sugar Free Vanilla Wafer 180g
      • 7 Days Mini Croissants With Spumante Filling 185g
      • 7 Days Mini Croissants With Cocoa Filling 185g
      • Party Wafers Lemon 250g
      • Party Wafers Cacao 250g
      • Party Wafers Cappuccino 250g
      • Party Wafer Orange 250g
      • Party Wafer Vanilla 250g
      • Party Wafer Coconut 250g
      • Party Wafer Hazelnut Cream 250g
      • Party Wafer Strawberry 250g
      • Gullon Sugar Free Fibre Biscuits 170g
      • Gullon Sugar Free Choc Chip Biscuits 125g
      • 12 Lemon Flavour Mini Muffins 280g
      • 12 Marble Mini Muffins 280g
      • Oreo Double Creme 157g
      • Cadbury Crunchy Melts 156g
      • Oreo Original 154g
      • Maryland Cookies Double Choc 230g
      • Maryland Cookies Choc Chip & Hazelnut 230g
      • Maryland Cookies Choc Chip 230g
      • McVities Digestives Milk Chocolate 266g
      • McVities Digestives Classic Caramel 250g
      • Oreo Golden 154g
      • Tuc Original 150g
      • Milka Cake & Choc 176g
      • Milk Chocominis 150g
      • Milka Choco Wafer 150g
      • Milka Choco Jaffa Raspberry Jelly 147g
      • Co Op Irr Salted Caramel Cookies 200g
      • Co Op Irr Triple Chocolate Cookies 150g
      • McVities Thins Dark Chocolate 180g
      • McVities Thins Milk Chocolate 180g
      • Oreo Strawberry Cheesecake 154g
      • Oreo Cool Mint 154g
      • Oreo Choco Brownie 154g
      • Oreo Birthday Party 154g
      • Lu Mikado Milk Chocolate 39g
      • Cake Zone Raisin Sponge Fingers 250g
      • Cake Zone Sponge Finger Chocolate Flavour 250g
      • McVities Digestives Strawberry Cheesecake 243g
      • McVities Hobnobs Sticky Toffee Pudding 262g
      • Clearspring Organic Traditional Oatcakes 200g
      • Co Op Irresistible Triple Choc Cookies
      • Lotus Biscoff 250g
      • Co Op All Butter Shortbread Fingers 200g
      • Co Op Chocolate Chip Cookies 250g
      • Oreo Lunchbox 132g
      • Co Op High Baked Water Biscuits 200g
      • Co Op Digestive Biscuits 400g
      • Co Op Malted Milk Biscuits 200g
      • Tago Wafer Rolls With Vanilla Cream 260g
      • Co Op Irresistible Salted Caramel Cookies 200g
      • Co Op Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies 200g
      • Oreo Cadbury Coated 164g
      • Milka Cookie & Choc 135g
      • Gullon Sugar Free Maria Biscuits 400g
      • Gullon NAS Whole Grains Breakfast Biscuits 216g
      • Delasheras 14 Magdalenas 300g
      • 12 Mini Muffins Traditional 280g
      • Co Op Peanut Cookies 150g
      • Cocao Wafers Sultanim 400 gr
        Cocao Wafers Sultanim 400 gr
      • Tago Wafer Rolls With Cocoa Cream 260g
      • Milka Tender Cow 140g
      • Milka Choco-Swing Biscuit-Galleta 300g
      • Milka Choco Biscuit 150g
      • Milka Choc & Choc 150g
      • Gullon GF Dibus Sharkies 250g
      • Gullon Tostada Petit 400g
      • Gullon GF Crackers 200g
      • Gullon Chip Choc Cookies 130g
      • Gullon Digestives Biscuits 150g
      • Gullon GF Oats Orange Biscuits 180g
      • Co Op Italian Style Breadsticks 125g
      • Gullon Cinnamon Crisps 235g
      • Fox's Milk Chocolate Viennese 120g
      • Bahlsen Choco Moments Crunchy Hazelnut 120g
      • Bahlsen Choco Moments Crunchy Mint 120g
      • Lu Mikado Daim 70g
      • McVitie's Hobnobs Fully Coated In Milk Chocolate 149g
      • McVitie's Digestives Fully Coated In Milk Chocolate 149g
      • Cake Zone Plain Sponge Fingers 250g
    • Bread
      • Co Op White Toastie
      • Kingsmill Soft White Medium 800g
      • Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal Medium
      • Kingsmill Soft White Thick 800g
      • Co Op Sliced Tigre Bloomer 800g
      • Fulya 8 Plain Tortillas 30 cm
      • Yayla 8 Plain Tortillas 20 cm
      • Co Op White Sourdough 400g
      • Biona Organic Rye Bread with Pumpkin Seeds 500g
      • Biona Organic Rye Bread 500g
      • Biona Organic Rye Bread With Sunflower Seeds 500g
      • Dulcesol Plain Burger Buns 300g
      • Dulcesol Burger Buns With Sesame300g
      • Dulcesol Maxi Burger Buns With Sesame300g
      • Dulcesol Burger Brioche300g
      • Qyickbury Hot Dog Buns 250g
      • Ryvita Dark Rye Crunchy Breads 250g
      • Ryvita The Original Crunchy Rye Bread 250g
      • Co Op 8 Plain Poppadoms 64g
      • Co Op Farmhouse Seeded Loaf 800g
      • Co Op Wholemeal Loaf 800g
      • New York Bakery Original Bagels 340 g
      • New York Bakery Cinnamon and Raisin Bagels 340g
      • Tasty Bakery 3 Garlic Naan Bread
        Hand made garlic naan bread , tastes great with curries, kebabs end wraps.
      • Tasty Bakery 3 Plain Naan Bread
        Hand made plain naan bread , tastes great with curies, kebabs and wraps
      • Tasty Bakery 3 Wholemeal Naan Bread
        Hand made wholemeal naan bread, tastes great with curries, kebabs and wraps .
      • Tasty Bakery 3 Taftoon Bread
      • Fulya 8 Plain Tortillas 25 cm
      • Pitta Village 5 Small White Flat Breads
      • Pitta Village 5 Large White Flat Breads
      • Lavash Bakery 3 Persian Lavash Bread
      • St. Pierre 4 Brioche Soft Baguettes
    • Breakfast Cereals
      • Kelloggs Variety Pack
      • Kelloggs Corn Flakes
      • Kelloggs Frosties
      • Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Clusters Peanut Butter 525g
      • Quaker Rolled Oats 1kg
      • Scott's Porage Oats Original 1Kg
      • Co Op Salt & Vinegar Rice & Corn Cakes 129g
      • Weetabix 24
      • Kelloggs Rice Krispies
      • Alpen The Original Swiss Style Muesli 550g
      • Alpen No Added Sugar Swiss Style Muesli 550g
      • Co Op Bran Flakes 500g
      • Co Op Sultana Bran 500g
      • Co Op Porridge Oats 1kg
      • Nestle Nesquik 375G
      • Co Op 24 Wholewheat Biscuits
      • Quaker Nutri Boost Pecan Nuts & Hazelnuts 400g
      • Fuel Peanut Crunch Granola 400g
      • Fuel Chunky Chocolate Granola 400g
      • Quaker Oat so Simple Golden Syrup 57g
      • Quaker Oat so Simple Banana & Strawberry 58g
      • Quaker Oat so Simple Apple & Blueberry 57g
      • Co Op Corn Flakes 500g
      • Alpen Chocolate Swiss Style Muesli 550g
      • Co Op Mixed Fruit Muesli 500g
      • Kupiec Rice Cakes With Pumpkin Seeds Slim 90g
        Kupiec Rice Cakes With Pumpkin Seeds Slim 90g Vegan 18 cakes galettes
      • Kupiec Rice Cakes With Sunflower Seeds Slim 90g
        Kupiec Rice Cakes With Sunflower Seeds Slim 90g 18 cakes galettes
      • Kupiec Rice Cakes Original Galettes 120 gr
        Kupiec Rice Cakes Original Galettes 120 gr Vegan Without salt 12 Cakes Galettes
      • Kupiec Rice Cakes With Sea Salt 120 gr
        Kupiec Rice Cakes With Sea Salt 120 gr Vegan 12 Cakes Galettes
      • Co Op Unsalted Rice Cakes 100g
      • Dorset Cereals Luscious Berry & Cherry Muesli 600g
      • Weetabix Original 12
    • Cakes
      • Balconi Choco Dessert 400g
      • Balconi Strawberry Cake 400g
      • Balconi Choco Latte 10x30g
      • Balconi Mix Milk 10x35g
      • Balconi Trancetto Strawberry Cream Filling 10x28g
      • Balconi Trancetto Apricot Cream Filling 10x28g
      • Balconi Tiramisu Cake 400g
    • Cheese
      • Co Op 10 Cheese Singles 200g
      • Co Op British Sliced Mild Cheddar 150g
      • Co Op Grated Mature Cheddar 200g
      • Co Op Grated Red Leicester 200g
      • Co Op Mozzarella and Cheddar Grated Mix 200g
      • Cathedral City Extra Mature Cheddar 350g
      • Cathedral City Mature Cheddar 350g
      • Co Op Italian Grated Parmesan 50g
        Parmigiano Reggiano, matured for a minimum of 18 months. Italian hard cheese made using raw, unpasteurized cow's milk and calf rennet.
      • Napolina Italian Grated Cheese 80g
      • Co Op Italian Grana Padano 170 g
        Italian hard cheese made using raw, unpasteurized cow's milk and calf rennet.
      • Co Op Italian Vegetarian Hard Cheese 170g
      • Co Op British Sliced Mature Cheddar 150g
      • Co Op Mozzarella Slices 150g
      • Co Op Gouda Slices 160g
      • Co Op German Smoked Cheese Slices 150g
      • Co Op Edam Slices 180g
      • Co Op Emmental Slices 160g
      • Co Op Mozzarella 225g
        produced in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy.
      • Galbani Mozzarella 125g
      • Collier's Extra Mature Cheddar 200g
      • Co Op Irresistible Somerset Extra Mature Cheddar 320g
      • Co Op Somerset Mature Cheddar 340g
      • Co Op British Mature Cheddar 240g
      • Co Op British Mild Cheddar 240g
      • Presiden Le Brie 200g
      • Cheestrings
      • The Laughing Cow Original 140g
      • Seriously Spreadable Vintage 125g
      • Seriously Spreadable Original 125g
      • Seriously Spreadable Smokey 125g
      • Arya Halloumi Type Grilling Cheese 200g
      • Co Op Cypriot Halloumi 225g
      • Co Op Grated Mozzarella 200g
      • Co Op Grated Extra Mature Cheddar 200g
      • Apetina Paneer Cheese Original 225g
      • Attis Greek Feta Cheese 200g
      • Greek Feta Cheese 200g
      • Co Op Mascarpone 250g
      • Co Op Light Soft Cheese 200g
      • Co Op Soft Cheese 200g
      • Arla Lacto Free Soft Cheese 200g
      • Anthos Grilling Cheese 200g
    • Confec Chocolate
      • Kinder Bueno Original
      • Nestle Kitkat 4 Finger Milk
      • Twix Xtra Chocolate Biscuit Twin Bars 75g
      • Cadbury Buttons Giant Bag
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk 95g
      • Nutella & Go
      • Cadbury Wispa Bites Bag
      • Cadbury Caramel Nibbles Bag
      • Snickers Duo
      • Lindt Extra Creamy Milk 100g
      • Lindt Dark 70% Cocoa 100g
      • Lindt Dark Orange Intense with Almonds 100g
      • Lindt Dark 85% Cocoa 100g
      • Hershey's Cookies'N' Chocolate 40g
      • Hershey's Cookies'N' Creame 40g
      • Reese's Nutrageous 47g
      • Reese's Sticks 42G
      • Reese's 5 Peanut Butter Cups 77g
      • Nestle Quality Street 240g
      • Lind Lindor Milk 200g
      • Ferrero Rocher T3
      • Twix Xtra White Chocolate Biscuit Twin Bars 75g
      • Cadbury Wispa Duo 51g
      • Cadbury Double Decker 80g
      • Cadbury Boost Duo 89g
      • Bounty Trio 85g
      • Raffaello T3 30g
      • Mars Chocolate Duo Bar 78.8g
      • Lindt Lindor Assorted 200g
      • Galaxy Minstrels Chocolate Bag 42g
      • Halls Extra Strong 33.5g
      • Lockets Honey & Lemon 41G
      • Reese's Overload 42g
      • Nestle Milkybar Button
      • Nestle Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie 101g
      • Cadbury Fruit & Nut Chopped 95g
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chopped Nut 95g
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Sandwich 96g
      • Nestle Yorkie Chunks 100g
      • KitKat Chunky Duo 64g
      • KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough 42g
      • KitKat Chunky 40g
      • KitKat Dark Fingers 41.5g
      • Cadbury Creme Egg 40g
      • Milka LU 87g
      • Milka Oreo 92g
      • Milka Strawberry 100g
      • Milka Tuc 87g
      • Milka Caramel 100g
      • Milka Toffee Creme 100g
      • Milka Alpine Milk 100g
      • Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate Bar 110g
      • Galaxy Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar 135g
      • Nestle Crunch 100g
      • Snickers White Limited Edition Chocolate Bar 49g
      • Lindt Lindor Salted Caramel 200g
      • M&M's Chocolate Bag 45g
      • M&M's Crispy Chocolate Bag 36g
      • Kinder Country 23.5g
      • M&M'S Crunchy Caramel 109g
      • M&M'S Peanut 125g
      • M&M'S Crispy 107g
      • Cadbury Twirl Bites Bag
      • Cadbury Twirl
      • Kinder Surprise Egg
      • Kinder Bueno White
      • Co Op Dark Chocolate 150g
      • Milka Bubbly 90g
      • Milka Daim 100g
      • Milka Hazelnut 100g
      • Milka Chips Ahoy 100g
      • Galaxy Crispy 120g
      • Galaxy Cookie Crumble 114g
      • Galaxy Smooth Caramel 135g
      • Thorntons Continental 284g
      • Ferrero Rocher T24 300g
      • Thorntons Classic 262g
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk Honeycomb & Nuts 105g
      • Nestle Aero Peppermint Bubbles 102g
      • Nestle Munchies 104g
      • Nestle Aero Chocolate Bubbles 102g
      • Raffaello 150g
      • Lindt Lindor Milk Heart Shape Box 160g
      • Ferrero Rocher 200g
      • M&M's Peanut Chocolate Bag 45g
        M&M'S® the snack-sized pieces of chocolate in a colourful candy shell are instantly recognizable all over the globe. M&M'S® are available in flavours, such as Milk Chocolate, Peanut, Crispy. Allergy Advice. May Contain: Almonds, Hazelnuts, Peanuts. Contains: Barley, Milk, Soya.
      • Skittles Crazy Sours 45g
      • Skittles Fruits 45g
      • Skittles Wild Berry Flavour 45g
      • Skittles Tropical 45g
      • Milka Confetti 100g
      • Milka Raspberry Crème 100g
      • Milka Cherry Crème 100g
      • Milka 45% Cacao 100g
      • Milka Cow Spots 100g
      • Milka MMMAX Choco Swing 300g
      • Ulker White Chocolate With Pistachio 65g
      • Kinder Bueno Mini 86.4g
      • Cadbury Fudge Minis 120g
      • M&M Chocolate 250g
      • Nestle Milkybar Mixups 95g
      • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Minis 90g
      • Co Op Chocolate Eclairs 175g
    • Confec Sugar
      • Haribo Tangfastics 160g
      • Haribo Squidgy Strawbs 160g
      • Haribo Supermix 160g
      • Haribo Starmix 160g
      • Haribo Chamallows 140g
      • Haribo Squidglets 160g
      • Haribo Cakes 160g
      • Haribo Funny Mix 175g
      • Rowntree's Pick & Mix 150g
      • Rowntree's Randoms 150g
      • Maoam Joy Stixx 140g
      • Skittles Wild Berry Flavour 196g
      • Skittles Fruits Sweets Family Size Pouch Bag 196g
      • Rowntree's Randoms Juicers 140g
      • Skittles Crazy Sours Sweets Family Size Pouch Bag 140 GR
      • Skittles Tropical 196g
      • Skittles Giants Fruit Sweets Pouch Bag 170g
      • Candy Factory Creme Filled Strawberry Trunks 225g
      • Haribo Happy Col Zing 160g
      • Haribo Jelly Beans 160g
      • Haribo Giant Tres 175g
      • Maoam Pinballs 140g
      • Werther's Original Butter Candies 135g
      • Werther's Creamy Toffees 135g
      • Sweetzone Mallow Twists 160g
      • Sweetzone Mighty Mallows 140g
      • Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles 150g
      • Rowntree's Rondoms Squish'ems 140g
      • Rowntree's Rondoms Sours 140g
      • Rowntree's Jelly Tots 150g
      • Co Op Strawberry Bon Bons 175g
      • Co Op Midget Gems 175g
      • Co Op Mint Humburgs 175g
      • Co Op Blackcurrant & Liquorice 175g
      • Co Op American Hard Gums 175g
      • Co Op Marshmallows 160g
      • Co Op Fruit Pastilles 175g
      • Co Op Wine Gums 175g
    • Confectionery Cereal
      • Nature Valley Protein Salted Caramel Nut 160g
      • Alpen Fruit, Nut & Chocolate 145g (5 bars)
      • Alpen Chocolate & Caramel 145g (5bars)
      • Alpen Strawberry & Yogurt 5 bars
      • Kupiec Rice Cakes With Belgian Chocolate 90g
    • Cooked Meats
        • Co Op Irresistible Parma Ham 75g
          18 Month Matured
          Tender, sweet and intensely flavoured. Dry cured and matured on the bone by 5th generation charcutiers in Parma , Italy.
        • Co Op Sliced Pepperoni 70g
          Spicy pork sausage with garlic, paprika and chili.
          14 Slices
        • Co Op Sliced Chorizo 60g
          The classic spicy cured pork sausage, seasoned with paprika and garlic.
          13 Slices
        • Co Op German Peppered Salami 70g
          Beechwood smoked, cured pork salami coated with black peppercorns
          7 Slices
        • Co Op German Salami 100g
          Pork salami with a hint of garlic, smoked over beechwood chippings.
          10 Slices
        • Co Op Prosciutto Crudo 80g
          A traditional dry cured ham from selected pork legs .
          6 Slices
        • DFE Danish Salami 90g
          Lightly smoked over beechwood
        • Co Op Irresistible Chorizo 225g
          15 Day Matured
          Full flavoured with a sweet smoky kick. Made by expert charcutiers in Sanguesa, Navarra.
        • Co Op Irresistible Hot and Spicy Chorizo 225g
          15 Day Matured
          Rich and meaty with a spicy kick. Made by expert Charcutiers in Sanguesa, Navarra.
        • Traditional Bury Black Pudding 220g
        • Co Op 6 Frankfurters 300g
          Beechwood smoked, cured and cooked pork sausages.
          82% Pork
      • Crisps Snacks and Nuts
        • Co Op Dry Roasted Peanuts 275g
        • Co Op Sweet And Salted Popcorn 100g
        • Co Op Salted Popcorn 100g
        • Pringles Salt & Vinegar 200g
        • Pringles Sour Cream & Onion 200g
        • Doritos Hot Salsa Dip
        • Doritos Chilli Heatwave
        • Doritos Tangy Cheese
        • Doritos Cool Original
        • Doritos Sour Cream Chive Dip 300g
        • Doritos Mild Salsa Dip 300g
        • Co Op Sweet Popcorn 100g
        • Lay's Paprika 140G
        • Lay's Grilled Bacon 140G
        • Lay's Green Onion 140g
        • Pringles Smokey Bacon 200g
        • Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli 150g
        • Co Op Cool Tortilla Chips 200g
        • Pringles Prawn Cocktail 200g
        • Pringles Paprika 200g
        • 7 Days Bake Rolls Tomato Olive & Oregano 80g
        • 7 Days Bake Rolls Cheese 80g
        • 7 Days Bake Rolls Garlic 80g
        • 7 Days Bake Rolls Sour Cream & Onion 80g
        • 7 Days Bake Rolls Salt 80g
        • Pomsticks Paprika 85g
        • Pomsticks Hot & Spicy 85g
        • Pomsticks Cheese 100g
        • Pomsticks Salt & Vinegar 85g
        • 7 Days Bake Rolls Mushrooms & Cream 80g
        • Pomsticks Salted 85g
        • Pomsticks Sour Cream 85g
        • Cofresh Bmbay Mix 200g
        • Cofresh Balti Mix 200g
        • Lajkonik Salted Pretzel Sticks 300g
        • Bodrum Raw Cashew Nuts 200g
        • Co Op Chopped Mixed Nuts 200g
        • Co Op Bacon Rashers 150g
        • Croco Brezel Crackers Mix 250g
        • Meray Turkish Pistachios Roasted & Salted 85g
        • Meray Deluxe -Mix Roasted & Salted Nuts 85g
        • Meray Deluxe-Mix Roasted And Salted Nuts 150g
        • Meray Roasted & Salted Pistachios 150g
        • Meray Power Mix Roast & Salted Nut Kernel 150g
        • Meray Nut Mixture With Raisins 150g
        • Meray Elite Mix Roasted And Salted 150g
        • Meray Almond Kernels Roasted & Salted 150g
        • Meray Hazelnut Kernels Roasted 150g
        • Lay's Sour Cream & Dill 140g
        • Lay's Cheese 140g
        • Lay's Chicken 140g
        • Pringles Original 200 gr
        • Co Op Salted And Roasted Peanuts 275g
        • Co Op Roast And Salted Pistachios 150g
        • Co Op Jumbo Cashews Roast Salted 150g
        • Co Op Honey Roasted Peanuts and Cashew 200g
        • Co Op Hot & Fiery Salsa 295g
        • Co Op Mild Salsa 300g
        • Cheetos XXL Green Onion 145 G
        • Lay's Paprika 140G
        • Lay's BBQ 140G
        • Crunchips Smoky Paprika Roasted 140g
        • Crunchips Cheese and Onion 175G
        • Lay's Fromage 140G
        • Crunchips Red Chili 175G
        • Crunchips X-Cut Paprika 150G
        • Crunchips X-Cut Kebab 140G
        • Crunchips Spare Ribs Roasted 140g
        • Crunchips X-Cut Cheese & Onion 150g
        • Crunchips Wow Jalapeno & Cream Cheese 110G
        • Crunchips X-Cut Salted 150g
        • Crunchips X-Cut Chili & Lime 150g
        • Crunchips X-Cut Chakalaka 140G
        • Lay's Maxx Cheese & Onion 130G
        • Lay's Creamy Forest Mushrooms 140G
        • Lay's Stix Ketchup 140G
        • Lay's Salted 140g
        • Cheetos Crunchos Sweet Chili 165G
        • Cheetos XXL Spirals Ketchup & Cheese 145G
        • Cheetos XXL Cheese 165G
        • Co Op Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips 200g
        • Co Op Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips 200g
        • Co Op Ready Salted Potato Chips 6Pack
        • Co Op Variety Pack Potato Crisps 6 Pack
          2xReady Salted
        • Cheetos Sweet Chilli Flavour 165g
        • Walkers Ready Salted 175g
        • Walkers Salt & Vinegar 175g
        • Walkers Cheese & Onion 175g
        • Doritos Stax Ultimate Cheese 170g
        • Doritos Stax Mexican Chilli Salsa 170g
        • 7 Days Bake Rolls Cheese & Spinach 80g
        • Bodrum Almonds With Lemon 150g
        • Bodrum Bom bay Mix 200g
        • Bodrum Iranian Pistachios 200g
        • Bodrum Crunchy Chickpeas 200g
        • Bodrum Turkish Pistachios 200g
        • Bodrum Peanuts 200g
        • Bodrum Cashew Nuts With Honey 150g
        • Bodrum Flame Roasted Chickpeas 200g
        • Bodrum Lemon Saffron Roasted Pistachios 150g
        • Pringles Rice Peking Duck With Hoisin Sauce 160g
        • Co Op Milk Chocolate Peanuts 150g
        • Co Op Milk Chocolate Raisins 150g
        • Meray Cashew Kernels Roasted & Salted 85g
        • Meray Peanut Kernels Coated With Sesame 150g
        • Eat Real Sundried Tomato & Roasted Garlic Quinoa Chips 80g
        • Eat Real Jalapeno & Cheddar Quinoa Corn Puffs 113g
        • Eat Real Paprika Quinoa Chips 80g
        • Eat Real Tomato & Basil Lentil Chips 113g
        • Eat Real Sweet Chilli Quinoa Chips 80g
        • Eat Real Chilli & Lemon Hummus Chips 135g
        • Eat Real Sour Cream & Chives Flavour Quinoa Chips 80g
        • Eat Real Chilli & Lime Flavour Quinoa Chips 80g
        • Eat Real Tomato & Basil Hummus Chips 135g
        • Eat Real Mango & Mint Flavour Lentil Chips 113g
        • Eat Real Sour Cream & Chives Flavour Chips 135g
        • Eat Real Cheese Flavour Straws 113g
        • Eat Real Creamy Dill Flavour Lentil Chips 113g
        • Eat Real Sea Salt Flavour Lentil Chips 113g
        • Eat Real Chilli & Lemon Flavour Lentil Chips 113g
        • Eat Real Chilli Cheese Flavour Hummus Chips 135g
        • Eat Real Mediterranean Flavour Quinoa Corn Puffs 113g
        • Eat Real Hot & Spicy Flavour Quinoa Chips 80g
      • Desserts
        • Ambrosia Devon Custard 750g
        • Kinder Pingui Choco 30g
        • Kinder Max King 35g
        • Co Op Creme Caramel 4x100g
        • Zott Monte Milk Dessert With Coco And Nuts 150g
        • Zott Monte Milk Dessert With Coco And Nuts 6x55g
        • Zott Monte Milk Dessert With Coco And Nuts 4x100g
        • Ambrosia Light Devon Custard 400g
        • Kinder Choco Fresh Milky Cream 41g
        • Kinder Milk Slice 28g
        • Milka Choco Snack 128g
        • Co Op Custard 400g
      • Drinks and Juices
        • Co Op Orange Juice With Bits
        • Ribena Blackcurrant 850ml
        • Grace MightyMalt 6 x 330ml
        • Supermalt Original 4 x 330ml
        • Volvic Juicy Blackcurrant 1l
        • Evian Mineral Water 6 x 500ml
        • Nestle Pure Life Still Water 12 x 500ml
        • Glaceau Smart Water 600ml
        • Glaceau Smart Water Sparkling 600ml
        • Co Op Summer Fruits Squash 1l
        • Co Op Apple & Elderflower Squash 1 Lt
        • Costa Mandarin & Orange Drink 2l
        • Costa Tropical Drink 2L
        • Costa Exotic Drink 2L
        • Starbucks Frappuccino Coffee 250ml
        • Co Op Orange Juice Smooth
        • Co Op Blackcurrant Squash 1L
        • Co Op Apple & Mango Squash 1L
        • Capri - Sun Cherry 10 Pack
        • Capri - Sun Orange 10 Pack
        • Yazoo Banana 1 L
        • Yazoo Chocolate 1L
        • Yazoo Strawberry 1L
        • Co Op Whole Orange Squash 750 ml
        • Co Op Summer Fruits Squash 750ml
        • Co Op Orange & Pineapple Squash 750ml
        • Cawston Apple & Elderflower 1L
        • Cawston Cloudy Apple 1L
        • Cawston Brilliant Beetroot 1L
        • Cawston Apple & Ginger 1L
        • Cawston Apple & Rhubarb 1L
        • Co Op Cranberry Juice Drink 1L
        • Co Op Apple Juice 1L
        • Co Op Orange Juice 1L
        • Ribena Blackcurrant 4x500ml
        • Co Op Orange Juice 3 x 200ml
        • Co Op Apple Juice 3 x 200 ml
        • Co Op Natural Mineral Water 5 L
        • Volvic Juicy Orange 1l
        • Lipton Green Tea 1.5L
        • Lipton Lemon Ice Tea 1.5L
        • Lipton Peach Ice Tea 1.5 L
        • Robinsons Orange Squash 1L
        • Robinsons Orange & Pineapple Squash 1L
        • Robinsons Fruit & Barley Peach 1L
        • Calypso Pink Guava Limeade 473ml
        • Calypso Sweet Cherry Limeade 473ml
        • Calypso Triple Melon Lemonade 473 ml
        • Calypso Strawberry Lemonade 473ml
        • Calypso Paradise Punch Lemonade 473 ml
        • Calypso Pineapple Punch Limeade 473 ml
        • Calypso Southern Peach Lemonade 473ml
        • Calypso Ocean Blue Lemonade 473ml
        • Calypso Tropical Mango Lemonade 473ml
        • Calypso Kiwi Lemonade 473ml
        • Calypso Original Lemonade 473ml
        • Chocomel 250ml
        • 7 Up Cherry 330ml
        • 7 Up Mohito 330ml
        • Vimto Winter Warmer 725ml
        • Ribena Light Strawberry NAS 500 ml
          Ribena Light Strawberry NAS 500 ml
        • Ribena Very Berry 500 ml
          Ribena Very Berry 500 ml
        • Ribena Blackkurrant 4x500 ml
          Ribena Blackkurrant 4x500 ml
        • Starbucks Frappuccino Vanilla 250ml
        • Starbucks Frappuccino Mocha 250ml
        • Starbucks Frappuccino Caramel 250ml
        • Starbucks Caramel Macchiato 220ml
        • Dr. Witt Blackcurrant Pomegranate 1L
      • Eggs
        • Purely Organic 6 Pack Organic Eggs
        • Happy Egg Free Range 6 Large Eggs
        • Co Op 6 British Free Range Large Eggs
        • Co Op 6 British Free Range Medium Eggs
        • Happy egg 10 Mixed Sizes Free Range Eggs
        • 12 Large Birds Roamin' Free Range Eggs
      • Fish Products
        • Co Op Smoked Salmon 100g
        • Princes Tuna Chunks In Sunflower Oil 145g
        • Princes Tuna Steak In Brine 145g
        • clearspring japanese hijiki
        • Co Op Tuna Chunks in Spring Water 145G
        • John West Tuna Chunks In Brine 4x145G
        • John West Tuna Chunks In Sunflower Oil 4x145g
        • John West Tuna Chunks In Spring Water 4x145g
        • Princes Tuna Chunks In Brine 145g
        • Princes Tuna Steak In Sunflower Oil 145g
        • Co Op Wild Pacific Red Salmon 105g
        • Co Op Wild Pacific Pink Salmon 105g
        • Princes Red Wild Salmon 213g
        • John West Pink Salmon 213g
        • Co Op Anchovies 50g
        • John West Sardines In Sunflower Oil 120g
        • John West Sardines In Brine 120g
        • John West Sardines In Tomato Sauce 120g
        • Parsons Pickled Cockles 155g
        • Parsons Pickled Mussels 155g
      • Fruit Pre Packed
          • Co Op Fairtrade Bananas 5's
          • Co Op Organic Fairtrade Bananas
        • Hot Drinks
          • Cadbury Drinking Chocolate
          • Jacobs Kronung Coffee 250g
          • Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 250g
          • Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee 250g
          • Cadbury Bournville Cocoa 250g
          • Twinings Pure Green Tea Decaffeinated 20TB
          • Twinings Lemon Green Tea 20TB
          • Twinings No 4 Dark Grey 40 TB
          • Nesquik Banana Flavour 300g
          • Nesquik Strawberry Flavour 300g
          • Nesquik Chocolate Flavour 300g
          • Co Op Irresistible Single Origin Kenyan Fairtrade Roast & Ground Coffee 227 gr
          • Co Op Irr Guatemalan Fairtrade Roast & Ground Coffee 227g
          • Aero Hot Choc 288g
          • Illy Classico Ground Coffee 125g
          • Lavazza Rossa Roasted Coffee Beans 250g
          • Ovaltine Light Original Add Water 300g
          • Ovaltine Original Add Milk 300g
          • Kenco Smooth Jar 100g
          • Kenco Rich Jar 100g
          • Nescafe Gold Blend 200g
          • Pg Tips Teabags 160S
          • Lavazza Rossa
          • Co Op Fairtrade Gold Roast Instant Coffee 100g
          • Co Op Decaffeinated Gold Roast Instant Coffee 100g
          • Co Op Fairtrade Rich Roast Instant Coffee 100g
          • Lavazza Crema E Gusto 250g
          • Lavazza Suerte 250g
          • Nescafe Azera Decaff Americano 100g
          • Nescafe Azera Intenso 100g
          • Nescafe Azera Americano 100g
          • Tchibo Family Ground Coffee 250g
          • Lavazza Espresso Italiano 250g
          • Co Op Irr Colombian Fairtrade Instant Coffee 100g
          • Coffee Mate Original 200g
          • Nescafe Gold Latte 8 Sachets
          • Nescafe Gold Mocha 8 Sachets
          • Nescafe Gold Cappuccino 8 Sachets
          • Bovril Beef Paste 125g
          • Melitta Original Coffee Filters 40
          • Taylors Yorkshire Tea 160 TB
          • Twinings Jasmine Green Tea 20TB
          • Twinings Lemon & Ginger 20 Tea Bags
          • Twinings Pure Camomile 20 Tea Bags
          • Twinings Pure Green Tea 20 TB
          • Twinings The Earl Grey 50 TB
          • Ahmad Tea Earl Grey Tea 100 tea bags
          • Greenfields Hibiscus Flower 65g
            Hibiscus is a tropical flower that makes a delicious aromatic tea and has been linked to a range of health benefits .
          • Greenfields Pink Ros e 50g
            A caffeine free herbal tea used for centuries for improving circulation and relieving muscle cramps.
            Has a ros e aroma and taste that is gentle and smooth lightly sweet.
          • Ahmad Tea Cardamom Green Tea 100 tea bags
          • Ahmad Tea English No.1 100 tea bags
          • Ahmad Tea Cardamom loose Tea 500g
          • Ahmad Tea Ceylon Tea 500g loose tea
          • Ahmad Tea Imperial Blend 454g loose tea
          • Ahmad Tea Earl Grey 500g loose tea
          • Ahmad Tea Special Blend 500g loose tea
          • Ahmad Tea Green Tea 100 tea bags
          • Ahmad Tea Special Blend 100 tea bags
          • Ahmad Tea Mint Green Tea 100 tea bags
          • Ahmad Tea Cardamom 100 tea bags
        • Milk
          • Alpro Soya 1L
          • Alpro Almond 1L
          • Nestle Light Condensed Milk 405g
          • Nestle Light Evaporated Milk 410g
          • Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk 410g
          • Co Op Fresh Semi Skimmed Milk 2 Pints
          • Co Op Fresh Semi Skimmed Milk 4 Pints
          • Nestle Carnation Caramel 397g
          • Nestle Carnation Condensed Milk 397g
          • Nestle Nido Instant Full Cream Milk Powfer 400g
          • Alpro Barista Coconut 1L
          • Alpro Barista Oat 1L
          • Alpro Barista Almond 1L
          • Alpro Barista Soya 1L
          • Alpro Growing Up Soya Drink 1L
          • Alpro Rice Milk 1 l
          • Alpro Oat Milk 1 l
          • Alpro Oat Unsweetened milk 1 L
          • Alpro Vanilla 1L
          • Alpro Coconut 1L
          • Alpro Coconut Unsweetened 1L
          • Alpro Hazelnut 1L
          • Alpro Soya Light 1L
          • Alpro Cashew 1L
          • Alpro Cacao Oat 1L
          • Alpro Protein 1L
          • Alpro Dark Chocolate Almond 1L
          • Arla Long Life Skimmed Milk 1 L
          • Arla Long Life Semi Skimmed Milk 1L
          • Arla Long Life Whole Milk 1L
          • Co Op Unsweetened Soya Drink 1L
          • Oatly Oat Drink 1 L
          • Oatly Oat Drink Barista 1 L
          • Dunn's River Cocomut Milk 400ml
          • Biona Organic Coconut Milk 400ml
          • Biona Organic Coconut Milk Light 400ml
          • Co Op Thai Coconut Milk 400g
          • Co Op Fresh Whole Milk 2 Pints
          • Co Op Organic Fresh Whole Milk 2 Pints
          • Co Op Organic Fresh Semi Skimmed Milk 2 Pints
          • Co Op Fresh Skimmed Milk 2 Pints
          • Co Op Fresh Whole Milk 4 Pints
          • Co Op Instant Dried Skimmed Milk 300g
          • Blue Dragon Coconut Milk 400ml
          • Blue Dragon Light Coconut Milk 400ml
          • Alpro Coconut & Almond 1L
        • Oils
          • Raphael's Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
          • Raphael's Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L
          • La Espanola Grape Seed Oil 500ml
          • La Espanola Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3l
          • Co Op Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
          • Co Op Coconut Oil Spray 200 ML
          • Co Op Toasted Sesame Oil 250ml
          • KTC Pure Almond Oil 200ml
          • Biona Original Coconut Bliss 250g
          • Fusion Rapeseed Oil 1L
          • Co Op Sunflower Oil 1L
          • Co Op Goose Fat 320g
          • Cooks & Co Pure Duck Fat 320g
          • Raphael's Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
          • Bodrum Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L
          • Co Op 100% Virgin Coconut Oil 300ml
          • Co Op Garlic Infused Olive Oil 250ml
          • Co Op Rapeseed Oil 500ml
        • Pasta
          • Pasta Zara Vermicelli Tagliati 500g
          • Pasta Zara Spirali 500g
          • Pasta Zara Gramigna 500g
          • Pasta Zara Macaroni 500g
          • Co Op Penne 500g
          • Napolina Egg Pasta Lasagne 375g
          • Co Op Spaghetti 500g
          • Napolina Fusilli 500g
          • Pasta Zara Penne Rigate 500g
          • Pasta Zara Lumaconi Rigate 500g
          • Pasta Zara Pennoni Rigati 500g
          • Pasta Zara Pennine 500g
          • Batchelors Pasta'n'Sauce Chicken & Mushroom 99g
          • Batchelors Pasta'n'Sauce Cheese, Leek & Ham 99g
          • Batchelors Pasta'n'Sauce Mac'n'Cheese 99g
          • Co Op Spirali Pasta 500g
          • Co Op Wholewheat Fusilli 500g
          • Co Op Pasta Animals 500g
          • Co Op Farfalle Pasta 500g
          • Co Op Macaroni Pasta 500g
          • Co Op Free From Spaghetti 500g
            Gluten free
            Egg free
            Pasta made with maize and rice
          • Napolina Spaghetti 1kg
          • Napolina Whole Wheat Spaghetti 500g
          • Co Op Lasagne Sheets 500g
          • Co Op Wholewheat Pasta 500g
          • Co Op Irresistible Mafaldine Pasta 500g
          • Co Op Linguine 500g
          • Co Op Wholewheat Spaghetti 500g
          • Napolina Pennne 500g
          • Napolina Whole Wheat Penne 500g
          • Dolmio Spicy Chilli Bolognese 500g
        • Pizza
            • Co Op Stonebaked Meat Feast Pizza 365g
              Stonebake pizza base topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and Emmental cheese, salami, chorizo and cooked British beef
            • Co Op Stonebaked Sweet Chilli Chicken Pizza 402g
              Stonebaked Pizza base topped with a sweet chilli and tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, cooked British chicken, red & yellow peppers and red onions .
            • Co Op Stonebaked Mediterranean Vegetable Pizza 390g
              Stonebaked pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, Cheddar, red and yellow peppers, spinach, red onions and spring onions
            • Co Op Stonebaked Four Cheese Pizza 349g
              Stonebaked pizza base topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, Emmental, Cheddar and medium fat hard cheese
            • Co Op Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza 310g
              Pizza base topped with a tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni
            • Co Op Thin & Crispy Cheese & Tomato Pizza 300g
              Pizza base topped with a tomato sauce, mozzarella and Cheddar cheeses
            • Dr.Oetker Ristorante Pizza Special 330g
          • Ready Meals
              • Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney 400g
                Microwave in 3 mins
              • Fray Bentos Vegan Bolognese 250g
                Ready in 3 min
              • Fray Bentos Chicken Curry 250g
                Ready in 3 minutes
              • Fray Bentos Meatball Arrabiata 250g
                Ready in 3 Minutes
              • Fray Bentos BBQ Sausage & Black Bean Stew 250g
                Ready in 3 minutes
              • Fray Bentos Meaty Puds Just Steak 400g
                Ready in 3 minutes
              • Quorn Thai Style Wonder Grains 200g
              • Quorn Biryani Bowl 300g
              • Quorn Chilli Bean Bowl 300g
            • Salad Prepack
                • Co Op Pak Choi
                • Co Op Baby Leaf Salad 115g
                • Co Op Wild Rocket 70g
                • Co Op Baby Spinach 125g
                • Co Op 2 Little Gem Lettuce
              • Seasonal Conf Sugar
                  • Haribo Starmix Minis
                  • Co Op Butter Mintoes 175g
                  • Co Op Liquorice Allsorts 175g
                  • Co Op Mint Imperials 175g
                  • Co Op Jelly Babies 175g
                  • Co Op Lemon Sherbets 175g
                  • Co Op Jelly Beans 175g
                • Snacks
                  • Meray Hot Roasted Corn 150g
                  • Meray BBQ Roasted Corn 150g
                  • Co Op Cheese Twists 125g
                  • Lorenz Curly Peanut Classic 120g
                  • Peperami Firestick 22.5g
                  • Co Op Mini Poppadums 60g
                  • Peperami Original
                  • Peperami Hot
                  • Jack Link's Beef Jerky Teriyaki 25g
                  • Jack Link's Beef Jerky Original 25g
                  • Jack Link's Beef Jerky Sweet And Hot 25g
                  • Meray Salted Roasted Corn 150g
                  • Peperami Original 22.5g
                  • Peperami Hot 22.5g
                  • Croco Maxi Brezel 750 gr
                    397 Cal.
                    Croco Maxi Brezel 750 gr craker
                  • Croco Brezel Salted 750g
                  • Croco Salted long Sticks 250g
                  • Croco Brezel Crackers Mix 500g
                  • Croco Salted Crackers 400g
                • Soft Drinks
                  • Co Op Fairbourne Springs Still Mineral Water 2l
                  • Volvic Mineral Water 1.5l
                  • Schweppes Tonic Water 1l
                  • Co Op Indian Tonic Water
                  • Co Op Soda Water 1L
                  • Coke Regular 1.75l
                  • Fanta Orange 2L
                  • Dr Pepper Reg 2L
                  • Evian Mineral Water S/Cap 1 L
                  • Schweppes Lemonade 2l
                  • Pepsi Max No Sugar Cola Bottle, 2L
                  • 7 Up Regular 2L
                  • 7 Up Free 2L
                  • Lilt Pineapple & Grapefruit 2L
                  • R White Lemonade 2 L
                  • Pepsi Diet 2 L
                  • Pepsi Max Raspberry 2L
                  • Pepsi Regular 2L
                  • Fanta Fruit Twist 2L
                  • Fanta Lemon 2L
                  • Coca Cola Cherry 1.5L