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    Macellaio RC - South Kensington
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    Macellaio RC - South Kensington

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    Location and hours

    84 Old Brompton Road, London, EMEA SW7 3LQ
    Every day
    12:00 - 21:30

    84 Old Brompton Road, London, EMEA SW7 3LQ • More info

    • Starters

      • Lardo bruschetta

        2 toasted bread slice, with lardo, honey, and walnuts.
      • Prosciutto crudo e burrata

        Parma ham with burrata, salad, and cherry tomatoes.
      • Battuta all'albese

        Beef tartare with extravergin olive oil, and salt and pepper.
      • Steak tartare

        Beef tartare with capers, anchovies, gherkins, onions, Worchestershire sauce, tabasco, salsa rubra, mustard, brandy, and salt and pepper.
      • Cotto and stracciatella

        Cotto ham with stracciatella cheese, salad, and cherry tomatoes.
      • The Butcher's Salad

        Fassona bresaola, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and mixed leaves.
    • Pasta

      • Pasta al pomodoro

        Penne pasta served tomato sauce.
      • Ravioli al tocco

        Homemade fresh pasta stuffed with beef and spinach. Served with a slow cooked shoulder fassona ragu.
      • Trenette al pesto

        Trenette pasta served with homemade basil pesto, potatoes, and green beans.
      • Tagliatelle al ragú

        Homemade pasta served with fresh fassona ragu.
    • Grill

      • Hanger Steak 240g

        Diaphragm marinated 24 hours with herbs, garlic, chilly rub, and Worchestershire sauce, cooked for 5 hours at 54 degrees, served with potato gratin and apple wood smoke.
      • Costata del Macellaio

        7 to 9 weeks dry aged fassona beef rib steak.
      • Fiorentina del Macellaio 700g

        7 to 9 weeks dry aged fassona beef T-bone steak.
      • Lamb Steak

        Grilled lamb leg steak, served with aubergine baba ghanoush.
      • Rump Rocket and Reggiano

        180g of rump scamone steak, served with rocket and shaved parmigiano.
      • Rump Steak Nuda

        180g of rump scamone steak, served with mixed leaves salad.
      • Roast Baby Chicken

        Poussin served with grilled lemon, garlic, and aromatic herbs.
      • Extra Ordinary Beef Burger

        Succulent fassona burger with lettuce, burned and smoked tomato, galaverna cheese, and spicy habanero mayo.
      • Beef Burger Spinach and Gorgonzola Cheese

        Classic flavours combination. Fresh spinach, succulent fassona burger, and topped with a gorgonzola sphere.
    • Sides

      • Roast Potatoes

        Fluffy inside, crunchy outside, these roast potatoes are a perfect sidekick for any meat dish.
      • Hand Cut Chips

        Fresh potatoes, cutted, and fried. Crunchy and salted.
      • Fresh Spinach

        Fresh spinach, cooked in with a touch of butter and garlic.
      • Fennel and Orange Salad

        Fresh fennel, cutted really thin, served with a orangette, orange slice, and salt and pepper.
      • Mixed Leaves and Cherry Tomatoes

        Fresh mixed leaves with vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and salt.
    • Desserts

      • Cheese Cake

        Homemade cheese cake with a digestive base, mascarpone, and philadelphia cheese, served with a mixberry jam on top.
      • Tiramisu

        Homemade tiramisu, made with fresh mascarpone, eggs, savoiardi, sugar, and dark chocolate.
      • Fresh Pineapple

        Fresh pineapple quarted served already sliced.
    • Drinks

      • Coke Glass Bottle 220ml

      • Coke Zero Glass Bottle 220ml

      • Ferrarella Still Water 500ml

      • Ferrarella Sparkling Water 500ml

      • Pago Orange Juice 220ml

    Macellaio RC - South Kensington has a FHRS rating of 5. This information was updated on 19/02/2021. The current rating is on their page on the FSA Website. Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: Before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a member of staff who can assist if you require information about ingredients and help cater for your needs.