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    Azzurro - Woking
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    Azzurro - Woking

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    Location and hours

    1 Commercial Way, Woking, England GU21 6HQ
    Every day
    12:00 - 17:00
    ¢ • Pasta • Italian • Pizza • Desserts

    1 Commercial Way, Woking, England GU21 6HQ • More info

    • Intros

      • Pane Aglio

        Baked ciabatta bread brushed with garlic butter and fresh rosemary.
      • Selezione Di Pane

        A selection of Italian breads.
      • Bruschetta Classica

        Toasted ciabatta topped with tomatoes and marinated with olive oil, garlic and basil.
      • Bruschetta Funghi

        Toasted ciabatta topped with wild mushrooms sautéed with white wine, garlic, thyme and topped with mozzarella.
      • Arancini

        Traditional homemade Sicilian specialty of risotto rice balls filled with Bolognese and mozzarella, served with a hot tomato and basil sauce.
      • Calamari Fritti

      • Antipasto

        Prosciutto ham, Milano salami, roasted peppers, sun-blushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, artichokes, olives and ciabatta bread.
      • Patatine Fritte

        A portion of chips.
    • Salads

      • Halloumi Salad

        Grilled halloumi cheese, avocado, cashew nuts, cherry tomatoes and mixed leaves with a honey, mango and chilli dressing.
      • Caesar Salad

        Grilled chicken and croutons on a bed of cos lettuce, served with a creamy Caesar dressing and topped with Grana Padano shavings.
      • Azzurro Salad

        Avocado, goji berries, black quinoa, mixed leaves, roasted beetroot and walnuts topped with a sweet lemon and olive oil dressing.
    • Burgers

      • Burger Italiana

        A 100% beef burger, topped with tomato, rocket, mozzarella, red onion and a mustard mayonnaise, all served in a soft white bun.
      • Burger Pollo

        A breaded chicken escalope with bruschetta tomatoes, rocket and Grana Padano shavings, topped with garlic mayonnaise and served in a soft white bun.
      • Burger Halloumi

        Grilled halloumi cheese with roasted peppers and sweet chilli sauce, served in a soft white bun.
    • Pizzas

      • Margherita

        Traditional tomato and mozzarella, finished with basil leaves.
      • Carne Gusto

        Chicken, prosciutto, Milano salami, tomato and mozzarella.
      • Italiana

        Pepperoni, tomato and mozzarella.
      • Daniele

        Goat’s cheese, caramelised red onions, roasted peppers finished with rocket.Served on a tomato and mozzarella base.
      • Pollo

        Chicken, roasted peppers, red onion, and fresh basil.
      • Calzone Verdure

        Folded pizza with butter nut squash, roasted marinated peppers, artichokes and topped with mozzarella and tomato sauce.
      • Calzone Boscaiola

        Folded pizza filled with mushrooms and Bolognese sauce, topped with tomato and mozzarella.
    • Pastas

      • Spaghetti Carbonara

        Smoked pancetta, egg, Grana Padano and black pepper with a touch of cream.
      • Tagliatelle Azzurro

        Chicken, sautéed leeks and broccoli in a gorgonzola cheese sauce, topped with crispy prosciutto.
      • Tagliatelle Funghi

        Wild mushrooms and spinach, sautéed with thyme and garlic in a creamy white wine sauce.
      • Spaghetti Bolognese

        Traditional Italian minced beef Bolognese.
      • Lasagne

        Classic lasagne with minced beef, layers of pasta and béchamel sauce.
      • Spaghetti Veneziana

        Prawns and crayfish tails with garlic and chilli, served in a light sauce of olive oil, lemon, cherry tomato, parsley and white wine.
    • Desserts

      • Tiramisu

        A traditional Italian layered dessert with coffee, savoiardi biscuits, mascarpone, Tia Maria and cream.
      • Tortino Cioccolato

        Warm chocolate sponge with a liquid fondant centre, served with vanilla ice cream.
      • Crostata Mele

        Traditional apple and sultana lattice pie, served with vanilla ice cream.
      • Banoffee Pie

        Classic toffee, banana and cream dessert on a biscuit base.
      • Budino Caramello

        Sticky toffee pudding served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.
    • Beverages

      • Appletiser

        A bottle of Appletiser.
      • Old Jamaica Ginger Beer

        A can of Old Jamaica Ginger Beer.
      • San Pellegrino Iced Tea

        Your choice of a bottle of San Pellegrino Iced Tea.
      • Cawston Press

        Your choice of a can of Cawston Press.
      • San Pellegrino

        Your choice of a can of San Pellegrino.
      • Mineral Water

        Your choice of a bottle of Mineral Water.
      • Coca-Cola

        Your choice of a can of Coca-Cola.
    Azzurro - Woking has a FHRS rating of 5. This information was updated on 19/02/2021. The current rating is on their page on the FSA Website. Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: Before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a member of staff who can assist if you require information about ingredients and help cater for your needs.