Acai Berry - Soho

Acai Berry - Soho

$ • South American • Juice and smoothies

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Location and hours

Kingly St, Carnaby, London W1b 5pw, Uk, G11, England W1B 5PW
Monday - Saturday
08:00 - 20:00

Kingly St, Carnaby, London W1b 5pw, Uk, G11, England W1B 5PW • More info

Opens at 8:00 AM

  • New Bundles

    • Early Bird Bundle

      Super juice and cake (gluten free).
    • Green Lunch Bundle

      Healthy salad and super juice.
    • Super Acai Lunch Bundle

      12oz acai bowland super juice.
    • Sunrise Bundle

      12oz acai bowl, organic cold pressed juice, and super shot.
  • Super Healthy Salads

    • Caesar Chicken Salad 330g (Gluten-Free)

      Cos, lettuce, croutons (gluten-free), olive oil and garlic, parmesan, and chicken - 229 Cal.
    • Roast Spiced Sweet Potatoes Couscous Salad 330g (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Acai vinaigrette (on the side), carrots, red cabbage, spinach, cucumber, spring onions, basmati rice, sesame seeds, green peas, edamame beans, and tofu - 248 cal.
      Vegan - Gluten Free
    • BLT Super Salad 400g (Gluten-Free)

      Cos Lettuce, Cucumber, New Potatoes, Gluten-Free Croutons, Diced Tomatoes, Cooked Bacon & Mayo - 682 cal.
  • The Açai Berry Market

    • Pure Acai Berry Pot 200ml (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Pure acai berry pot 200ml.
    • Pure Acai Berry Pot 500ml (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Pure acai berry pot 500ml.
    • Pure Acai Berry Box 5L (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Pure acai berry pot 5L.
    • Lizy's Granola - 500g

      Lizy has been making Granola for over twenty years now, refining and adapting the recipe as she went along. This granola is the result and takes into account the many requests Lili's received for a wheat-free version. We've lost count of the number of cereals we’ve tried over the years and, for us, Lily's granola is the only one that satisfies us so that we're not reaching for the biscuit barrel!
    • All Natural Smooth Peanut Butter - My Protein - 1kg

      Created with a blend of roasted brown peanuts, our Smooth Peanut Butter is all-natural and a great source of protein — ideal for supporting your training and curbing your cravings.
  • Acai Bowls

    • Rio Acai Bowl (Vegan) (Gluten-Free) (N)

      Pure acai superfood topped with fresh sliced banana, strawberry, and granola.
    • Crazy Berry Acai Bowl (Vegan) (Gluten-Free) (N)

      Pure acai superfood topped with fresh blueberry, raspberry, sliced strawberry, and granola.
    • Nutty Heaven Acai Bowl (Vegan) (Gluten-Free) (N)

      Pure acai superfood topped with fresh fruit of your choice (banana or strawberry) and high protein sugar free peanut butter and granola
    • Summer Vibes Acai Bowl (Vegan) (Gluten-Free) (N)

      Pure acai superfood topped with fresh sliced strawberries , pineapple and granola
    • Tropical Funky (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Pure acai superfood topped with fresh strawberries, mango and coconut flakes.
    • Pump is Real Acai Bowl (Gluten-Free) (N)

      Acai mixed with protein powder, banana, strawberry, chia seeds, and granola.
    • Build your own Bowl!

      Didn't find the perfect Bowl for you ? Don't worry, we got you covered ! Just tell us what to do and we'll make it happen!
    • Just Acai Bowl 500ml

      Amazing Açai on it’s own! It’s heaven!
    • Just Açai Bowl 200ml

      For the purists, the healthy, the amazing and beautiful people!
  • Superfood Acai Smoothies

    • Original Acai Smoothie (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Acai superfood blended with fresh strawberry and banana.
    • Sunrise Acai Smoothie (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Acai superfood blended with fresh blueberries and raspberries.
    • Hangover Heaven Acai Smoothie (Vegan) (Gluten-Free) (N)

      Acai superfood blended with natural coconut water, fresh banana, and granola.
    • Kale Kick Acai Smoothie (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Acai superfood blended with organic coconut water, fresh kale, and banana.
    • Power Nuts Acai Smoothie

      Acai superfood blended with sugar free peanut butter, high protein powder, and fresh banana.
  • Super Juices

    • Super Detox Juice (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Fresh Spinach, Celery, Lemon, Ginger and Apple
    • Açaí Fresh Juice (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Acai superfood, strawberries and apple.
    • Beet Detox (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Fresh celery, ginger, lemon, spinach & apple
    • Energiser Juice (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Fresh orange, ginger, and carrot.
    • Freshin' Up Juice (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Fresh apple, passion fruit, mint, and lime.
    • Beet Boost (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Fresh Beetroot, carrot, orange & mint
    • Cool Down Juice (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Fresh apple, pineapple, and strawberry.
    • Hell Yeah - Elderflower, Banana & Strawberries (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

      Elderflower, Banana and Strawberries.
  • Super Shots

    • Fresh Ginger Shot (Vegan)

      Can you handle our ginger mix? With ginger, lemon, and honey!
    • PomeGrenade Heartbeet Shot 50ml (Vegan)

      Amazing super shot made of pomegranate, ginger, beetroot, turmeric, maca and apple!
    • Ginger Mix Shot 50ml (Vegan)

      Can you handle our ginger mix? With Ginger, Lemon and Maple Syrup!
    • First Aid Shot 50ml (Vegan) 

      Never get sick with our super shot made of turmeric, ginger, pepper and apple! 
  • Organic Cold Pressed Juices

    • Fresh Squeezed Blended Apple Juice (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

    • Fresh Squeezed Blended Orange Juice (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

    • Fresh Squeezed Blended Orange and Carrot Juice (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

    • Fresh Squeezed and Blended Apple and Carrot Juice (Vegan) (Gluten-Free)

  • Wholemeal Wraps

    • Chicken Avocado Wrap

      Chargrilled chicken breast, cucumber, avocado, mixed leafs, and mayonnaise.
    • Sunblushed Goat Wrap (Vegetarian)

      Goat cheese, sunblushed tomatoes, spinach, mixed leafs, and pesto.
    • Super Club Wrap

      Chargrilled chicken breast, bacon, greater cheese, mixed leafs, and mayonnaise.
  • Paninis

    • Veggie Panini (Vegetarian)

      Spinach, red onion, tomato and melted Cheddar cheese
    • The Classic Panini

      Honey roasted ham with melted Cheddar cheese
    • Tuna Melt Panini

      Tuna with mayo, red onion, cherry tomato and melted Cheddar cheese
  • Cakes and Brownies (Gluten-Free)

    • Chocolate Brownie (Gluten-Free)

      All the pleasure of a Chocolate Brownie, minus the guilt! It's the Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie! Go on, have a bite!
    • Brazilian Carrot Cake

      The Carrot Cake never tasted better!
    • Vanilla Coconut Cake

      Our Vanilla Coconut Cake is just amazing! Have a try!
    • Peanut Butter Brownie (Gluten-Free)

      We melted the finest Dark Chocolate and infused that with the best Peanut Butter, and perfection was created. And it is Gluten-Free!
  • Iced Lattes

    • Iced Latte

      Is Coffee too hot for you? No problem, add some ice!
    • Iced Matcha Latte

      Who knew that the Matcha Latte tastes so good iced!
    • Iced Turmeric Latte

      Staying healthy never been so easy!
    • Iced Mocca

      his drink should be called Paradise on the rocks! It's so good!
    • Iced Chocolate

      Who says that hot chocolate has to be hot? Right?!
    • Iced Americano

      For the purists only!
    • Iced Chai Latte

      Try our new spiced Chai latte! It's delicious!
  • Organic Coffees and Hot Drinks

    • Capuccino

    • Espresso

    • Matcha Latte

    • Latte

    • Flat White

    • Chai Latte

    • Peppermint Tea

    • Americano

    • Macchiato

    • Turmeric Latte

    • Maca Latte

    • Earl Grey Tea

    • English Breakfast Tea

    • Hot Chocolate

    • Green Tea

    • Mocca

    • Chamomile tea

      Our Chamomile tea is of excellent quality. This tea has been used for well being since the Neolithic age, and the belief in its healing properties continues to withstand the test of time.
  • Beverages

    • Evian Still Water

    • Vita Coconut Water

  • Protein Bar

    • White Chocolate Almond

      White Chocolate Almond Protein Bar - Barebells (20 grams protein , no added sugar)
    • Cookies and Cream

      Cookies and Cream Barebells Protein Bar (20 grams protein , no added sugar)
    • Salty Peanut

      Salty Peanut Barebells Protein Bar (20 grams protein , no added sugar)
  • Sandwiches

    • Steak Panini

      Grilled Steak beef, rocket, mayonnaise & mustard
Acai Berry - Soho has a FHRS rating of 4. This information was updated on 30/08/2020. The current rating is on their page on the FSA Website. Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: Before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a member of staff who can assist if you require information about ingredients and help cater for your needs.