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    A Burgers – Dirty Vegan Burgers 🌱 (Vauxhall)
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    A Burgers – Dirty Vegan Burgers 🌱 (Vauxhall)

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    Location and hours

    Hercules Rd, South Bank, London Se1 7ld, Uk, 187,
    11:45 - 15:00Menu
    17:00 - 21:00Menu
    Monday - Saturday
    11:45 - 15:00Menu
    17:00 - 22:00Menu
    $ • Burger • Vegetarian • Vegan • Chicken

    Hercules Rd, South Bank, London Se1 7ld, Uk, 187,  • More info

    • Combos ⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️◀️▶️◀️▶️🅱️🅰️

      • "The Works" – Meal Deal for 1

        One of our epic burgers, a side of your choice, a sauce and a drink.
      • "The Works" – Meal Deal for 2

        Choose 2 burgers, 2 sides, 2 sauces and 2 drinks.
    • Dirty Vegan Burgers 🍔 🌱

      • The OAB

        The Original A Burger in all its glory. A 1/4lb Moving Mountains® patty that's split and grilled as two patties for extra crispness, then topped with 2 slices of melted vegan cheddar, pickled cucumber and caramelised onion relish on a bed of shredded lettuce, with homemade vegan burger sauce and ketchup in a soft, vegan bun. Accept no imitations.
      • The Smokehouse Supreme

        Get your bird ‘n’ BBQ fix. 4 vegan chick'n nuggets, pickled cucumber, sliced pink pickled onion and a slathering of BBQ sauce in a vegan bun.
      • The CSB

        The Chick'n Slaw Burger. 4 crispy chick'n nuggets with homemade vegan slaw and vegan mayo, on a bed of shredded lettuce in a vegan bun. Chick'n and slaw... It's a creamy, dreamy vegan combo.
      • The Texan Hippie

        A blissed-out beast of a BBQ burger. A 1/4lb Moving Mountains® patty that's split and grilled as two patties for extra crispness, topped on the griddle with two slices of melty vegan gouda, then whacked in a vegan bun with pickled cucumber, pink sliced pickled onion, crunchy onion rings, BBQ sauce and our homemade burger sauce.
    • Sides 💁‍♀️ 🍟

      • Waffle Fries

        Give a medal to whoever came up with waffle fries 🏅. Potato loves being this shape, and we love it too.
      • Sweet Potato Fries

        The "healthy" fries option. Or you just like 'em cos they're sweet n crunchy.
      • Onion Rings

        Eight classic, crunchy, satisfying fried onion rings. Well worth adding a sauce to dip 'em in – they're great with BBQ.
      • Vegan Slaw

        Refreshingly light homemade vegan coleslaw, with fresh shredded cabbage and thin strips of carrot.
      • Not-So-Cheesy Fries

        A portion of our crispy house waffle fries, covered in our secret recipe "cheese" sauce made with all vegan ingredients, and topped off with fresh chive and sliced pickled chillis. It's moreish as hell.
      • Crispy Chick'n Nuggets

        Six crispy, juicy, vegan chick'n nuggets served with a sauce of your choice.
    • Vegan Sauces 🌱 🍶

      • Ketchup

        Heinz. Simple as that.
      • Vegan Mayo

        Classic mayo taste, no eggs involved.
      • Vegan Sriracha Mayo

        Our vegan mayo mixed with our spicy sriracha for a creamy dip with a mild kick.
      • BBQ Sauce

        You know it.
    • Desserts 🍧

      • Fresh Fruit Bowl (Vg)

        Duo of fresh mango and gold kiwis, sprinkled with a crispy biscuit crumb. (n)
        Out Of Stock
      • Jude's Mango Sorbet (Vegan) 100ml

        This smooth, exotic sorbet is made with the juiciest Alphonso mangoes.
      • Jude's Vanilla Bean (Vegan) 460ml

        Vegan vanilla bean ice cream made with oat milk.
    • Drinks 🥤

      • Coca-Cola Original Taste (330ml)

      • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (330ml)

      • Rubicon Mango (330ml)

      • San Pellegrino Orange (330ml)

      • Ting (330ml)

    A Burgers – Dirty Vegan Burgers 🌱 (Vauxhall) has a FHRS rating of 5. This information was updated on 20/01/2021. The current rating is on their page on the FSA Website. For full details on Taster's allergens, please visit