McFlys Wing Bar (West End)

McFlys Wing Bar (West End)

$ • Burger • Chicken • American

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Location and hours

804 Garscube Rd, Glasgow, Scotland G20 7DB
16:00 - 21:00
Monday - Thursday
Friday - Saturday
16:00 - 21:00

804 Garscube Rd, Glasgow, Scotland G20 7DB • More info

Opens Friday 4:00 PM
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  • Sides

    • Chicken Poppers

      Marinated chicken bites served with our karma kola sauce
    • Panko Tenders

      Coco panko tenders served with a coconut sriracha dressing
    • Pomegranate Slaw

      Napa cabbage and carrot slaw served with a lime zest dressing and pomegranate
    • Feta and Beetroot Salad

      Feta, roasted beets, roasted baby potato topped off with fresh dill mayo
    • Kimchi Slaw

      Pickled cabbage served with Korean Gochujang sauce
      Sold out
    • Chicken and Quinoa Salad

      Quinoa and mango salad served with soy dressing and panko tenders
      Sold out
  • Wings

    • Buffalo Wings

      Hot and spicy buffalo sauce coating our marinated chicken wings topped with aioli, blue cheese crumble, pickled celery and chives
    • Karma Kola Wings

      Marinated chicken wings soaked in karma kola sauce topped with crunchy shallots, cilantro aioli and spring onion
    • So Soy Wings

      Honey ginger sauce tossed with our marinated wings with pickled chilli, toasted sesame seeds and chives
    • Korean Chilli Wings

      Marinated wings tossed in our Gochujang sauce served with pineapple and daikon salsa topped with a spicy avocado mayo
    • Tuk Tuk Thai Wings

      Marinated chicken wings drizzled with lemongrass syrup and coconut sriracha topped with a toasted coconut mango slaw
      Sold out
  • Burgers

    • O.G. Chicken Burger

      Marinated chicken, cheese, sweet pickle, baby gem, cilantro aioli served on a toasted brioche bun
    • Buffalo Burger

      Buffalo sauce, marinated chicken, aioli, blue cheese crumble, pickled celery served on a toasted brioche bun
    • K-Town Burger

      Marinated chicken, kimchi slaw served on a toasted brioche bun with spicy mayo
    • Harajuku Burger

      Marinated chicken, sweet gari slaw, spicy wasabi mayo served on a toasted brioche bun
  • Fries

    • Sweet Potato

    • Avo Royale

      Loaded sweet potato fries with smashed avocado, aioli and sriracha
  • Sauces

    • Karma Kola Sauce

    • Coconut Sriracha Sauce

    • Buffalo Sauce

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