Costa Coffee (NEXT Shoreham by Sea)
Opens at 9:30 AM

Costa Coffee (NEXT Shoreham by Sea)

$ • Coffee and tea • Breakfast and brunch • Sandwich
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Location and hours

Next, Holmbush Centre, Upper Shoreham Road, West Sussex, BN43 6TD
10:30 - 16:00
Monday - Saturday
09:30 - 17:30

Next, Holmbush Centre, Upper Shoreham Road, West Sussex, BN43 6TD • More info

  • Bundles

    • Breakfast for 1

      1 Bacon Roll or Sausage Bap and 1 Medium sized Coffee or Hot Chocolate
    • Lunch for 2

      2 Toasties and 2 Medium sized Coffees or Hot Chocolate
    • Iced Coffee and a Treat

      1 Medium Iced Latte and a Sweet Treat
    • Traybake Platter

      Platter of 4 Traybake Treats
  • Coffee

    • Latte

      Our signature blend espresso with steamed milk for a smooth and creamy coffee.
    • Cappuccino

      Perfectly extracted espresso capped with luxurious frothy milk, finished with a chocolatey dusting.
    • Americano Black

      Espresso combined with hot water for a smooth black coffee - enjoyed black.
    • Americano White

      Espresso combined with hot water for a smooth black coffee - enjoyed with a splash of milk.
    • Flat White

      A short but intense espresso, expertly combined with sweet textured milk for a rich and velvety coffee.
    • Flat Black

      A short but intense espresso extracted over water, providing a smooth silky bold coffee
    • Cortado

      A short but intense espresso swirled with velvety milk, served in a short cup for a small but rich drink.
    • Caramel Cortado

      Our Cortado’s decadent cousin. Still made using our signature Espresso, but swirled with rich caramel, velvety milk, and topped off with a caramel crumb.
    • Mocha

      Expertly steamed chocolate mik blended with espresso for a caffeinated chocolate treat
  • Our New Honeycomb Flavoured Drinks

    • Honeycomb Latte

      A beautifully layered latte macchiato with buttery honeycomb flavour topped with golden sprinkles
    • Honeycomb Cappuccino

      Espresso perfectly extracted onto golden honeycomb syrup, topped with luxurious frothy milk and golden sprinkles.
    • Honeycomb Iced Latte

      Chilled milk over ice with buttery golden honeycomb syrup, capped with fresh espresso
    • Honeycomb Iced Cappuccino

      A bold and balanced coffee, made with freshly shaken espresso poured onto golden honeycomb milk, and topped with luxurious frothy milk and golden sprinkles
    • Honeycomb Cold Brew Coffee

      Our 20-hour Champions Roast cold brew shaken with golden honeycomb syrup to give you the perfect refreshing drink with a delicate sweetness
    • Honeycomb Frostino

      A beautifully golden luxurious drink with rich buttery honeycomb syrup and a swirl of Belgian chocolate sauce
  • Iced Coffee

    • Iced Latte

      Chilled milk over ice, capped with freshly extracted espresso
    • Salted Caramel Iced Latte

      Aromatic coffee, creamy milk and rich salted caramel
    • Cold Brew

      Smooth, well-balanced and refreshing. Single-origin Colombian beans brewed in-store for 20 hours and served over ice. Can be served with or without a splash of milk
    • Cold Brew Strawberry

      Mellow smooth cold brew coffee meets sweet juicy strawberry sauce – perfectly energising and refreshing on ice
  • Blended Iced Drinks

    • Salted Caramel Frostino

      A sweet, fluffy drink with rich salted caramel, finished with whipped cream and a crunchy topping. Can be made with or without coffee.
    • Belgian Chocolate Frostino

      Rich and creamy blended drink made with Belgian chocolate sauce, topped with cream and a sprinkling of chocolate powder. Can be made with or without coffee
    • Strawberry & Cream Frostino

      Sweet and fruity blended ice drink made with strawberry sauce, topped with cream and dried strawberry crumbs
    • Mint Chocolate Chip Frostino

      A refreshing indulgent treat combining mint and chocolate in a frostino topped with cream and finished with a drizzle of chocolate sauce
    • Mango & Passionfruit Cooler

      Mango and passionfruit puree base, simply blended with ice for a tropical and refreshing drink.
    • Red Summer Berries Cooler

      Summer berries purée base simply blended with ice for a bright, zingy experience
    • Peach Iced Tea

      A delicious and hydrating peach iced tea made with peach sauce
  • Hot Chocolate & More

    • Hot Chocolate

      Rich, indulgent, milky hot chocolate, topped with our chocolate dusting.
    • White Hot Chocolate

      Rich, smooth white hot chocolate
    • Ruby Hot Chocolate

      A deliciously fruity, rose-coloured hot chocolate made with Ruby cocoa beans, topped with cream and red shimmer chocolate curls.
    • Chai Latte

      A warm comforting milky tea with aromatic spices.
  • Teas and Infusions

    • Twinings® English Breakfast Tea

      A bold and full-bodied tea, full of flavour and perfect for brightening up your day
    • Twinings® Pure Green Tea

      A wonderfully mellow steam-dried green tea from Eastern China. So delicious and easy to drink
    • Twinings® Double Mint Infusion

      The ultimate mint experience: glorious peppermint, rounded with vibrant bursts of sweet spearmint
  • Chilled Drinks

    • Chilled Caramel Latte

      Our sweet and creamy Caramel Latte has been expertly crafted by our Master of Coffee. Made with less sugar to release the full flavour of our signature Mocha Italia beans, paired with caramel flavour for a deliciously sweet Costa Coffee experience
    • Chilled Latte

      Our sweet Latte has been expertly crafted by our Master of Coffee. Made with less sugar to release the full flavour of our signature Mocha Italia beans for a creamy Costa Coffee experience
    • Chilled Americano

      Our classic Americano has been expertly crafted by our Master of Coffee. Made with less sugar to release the full flavour of our signature Mocha Italia beans, for your deliciously intense Costa Coffee experience.
    • Coca-Cola Original Taste

      Enjoy the great taste of regular Coke
    • Diet Coke

      Sugar and calorie-free with a light, refreshing taste
    • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

      Zero sugar, same great taste as the original
    • Fanta Orange

      Enjoy the refreshing taste of Fanta
    • Sprite No Sugar

      Quench your thirst with zero sugar
    • Innocent Smoothie Invigorate 300ml

      A blend of delicious crushed fruits and fruit juices, a dash of guarana infusion and added vitamins.
    • Innocent Smoothie Energise 300ml

      A blend of whole crushed fruit, pure juices and absolutely nothing else.
    • SmartWater Still 600ml

      Vapour distilled water with added electrolytes to create a clean & crisp taste.
    • SmartWater Sparkling 600ml

      Vapour distilled water with added electrolytes gently carbonated
    • Prince's Still Water

      Crisp refreshing spring water, filtered through the Pembrokeshire hills
    • Prince's Sparkling Water

      Crisp sparkling spring water, filtered through the Pembrokeshire hills
  • Pastries and Baps

    • British Pork Sausage Bap

      British sausages in a soft white bap
    • British Smoked Bacon Bap

      Soft buttered rolled filled with Beechwood Smoked Bacon
    • Butter Croissant

      Flaky, buttery and so good.
    • Chocolate Twist

      A chocolate pastry with a twist. You see what we did there?
    • British Pork & Bramley Apple Sausage Roll

      British pork with sweet Bramley apples wrapped in a butter puff pastry, topped with pork crackling, breadcrumbs and parsley for a crunchy finish.
    • Cheese Twist

      Buttery puff pastry filled with cheddar and twisted
  • Main Meals

    • Creamy Mac & Cheese

      Cooked pasta with mature cheddar cheese sauce topped with fresh spinach and a parsley crumb.
    • Hoisin Duck Wrap

      British shredded Duck in a Hoisin with cucumber, spinach and spring onions, in a wheat tortilla wrap.
    • Cheddar & Roasted Tomato Toastie

      Slow roasted sunblush tomato, Mozarella & Cheddar cheese.
    • Ham & Cheese Toastie

      Ham and creamy mozzarella, mature cheddar and béchamel in toasted bread.
    • Wiltshire Ham & Cheese Toastie

      Wiltshire ham and mature cheddar with a hint of mustard on white bread, topped with melted cheese
    • Vegan Smoky Ham & Cheeze Toastie

      Smoky ham-free slice and vegan cheeze in toasted bread
    • Tuna Melt Panini

      Pole and line caught tuna with mayonnaise, cheddar and mozzarella on sourdough panini bread.
    • Mozzarella & Tomato Panini

      Slow-roasted sunblush tomato, mozzarella and vintage cheddar with pesto
    • Chicken Fajita Wrap

      Chicken, mozzarella, red pepper and spicy tomato sauce in a wrap
    • Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich

      Scottish Smoked Salmon with creamy soft cheese, with a layer of fresh baby leaf spinach on soft malted bread.
    • Triple Sandwich Selection

      A classic British combo of Roast Chicken Sage & Onion stuffing, Smoked Ham, Tomato, cucumber, spinach & lettuce, Mature Cheddar & Red Leicester cheese.
    • Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

      Free-range egg with mayonnaise and black pepper on oatmeal bread
  • Muffins, Cakes and Bakes

    • Blueberry Muffin

      A classic soft muffin combined with blueberries pieces and a soft glossy blueberry jam filling
    • Lemon Muffin

      Lemon muffin with a gooey lemon curd centre
    • Rolo Muffin

      Chocolate muffin filled with an indulgent caramel sauce, topped with caramel icing and Mini Rolos®
    • Salted Caramel Muffin

      Salted Caramel Muffin with a salted caramel sauce filling, topped with salted caramel fudge icing and a salted caramel fudge piece.
    • Chocolate & Raspberry Mini Muffins

      Six mini chocolate, white chocolate and raspberry muffins. Perfect for sharing.
    • Belgian Chocolate Brownie (GF)

      Made with Belgian chocolate, this indulgent gluten-free recipe uses ground almond for a rich chocolate brownie treat
    • Chocolate Tiffin

      Milk chocolate binding dried fruit and digestive biscuit pieces
    • Millionaire's Shortbread

      Crisp Scottish shortbread base topped with a butter rich caramel and a layer of milk chocolate
    • Cinnamon Bun

      A sweet moist dough swirled with cinnamon filling, glazed with icing and finished with candied orange peel
    • Belgian Bun

      A dough bun containing a lemon filling and lemon soaked sultanas, finished with white icing and a cherry
    • Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake

      A lemon flavoured sponge drizzled with a lemon flavoured icing and sprinkled with lemon zest’
    • Banana & Pecan Loaf Cake

      A banana loaf topped with sliced bananas and pecans
    • Raspberry & Almond Bake

      Almond-rich frangipane topped with shiny raspberry jam
    • Bakewell Tart

      A buttery pastry encasing a layer of almond frangipane, morello cherry jam, and sweet and glossy fondant.
    • Lemon Curd Tart

      A buttery pastry case, filled with a creamy lemon and white chocolate ganache, and with a tangy ripple of lemon curd.
    • Nutty Granola

      A fruit, seed and nut packed square with sultanas, cranberries, chopped apricots, almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, brown linseeds and honey
    • Rocky Road

      Fully-loaded vegan Rocky Road filled with biscuits, marshmallows, glace cherries and lightly dusted with sugar snow.
    • Fruity Flapjack

      Flapjack with dried apricots, cranberries, coconut and sultanas. Mixed with oats and baked until golden
    • Jammy Flapjack

      A moorish flapjack base, a layer of apple & raspberry jam and finished with a seeded cranberry crumble top.
  • Cookies and Biscuits

    • Chocolate, Caramel & Hazlenut Cookie

      Chocolate cookie, filled with caramel & topped with sugar coated hazelnuts
    • Fruit and Oat Biscuits

      Biscuits with raisins, rolled oats and baked to a golden crunch
    • Strawberry Jammy Shortbread

      Two all-butter shortbread biscuits made with Isle of Arran strawberry jam.
    • Chocolate Chunk Shortbread

      Traditional shortbread recipe, with milk chocolate chunks
  • Snacks

    • Costa Chocolate Golden Medal

      Milk Chocolate Costa medal with a Costa red re-usable lanyard. An unmissable Hero’s treat
    • Burts Mature Cheddar & Spring Onion

      Savour the classic flavour combination of rich, creamy mature cheddar from artisan cheese maker Quicke's of Devon and sweet spring onions
    • Burts Sea Salt

      Hand-cooked in Devon. Great taste, proper crunch and seasoned with a pinch of sea salt for a truly tasty flavour
    • Burts Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar

      A classic combination of malt vinegar from the award-winning Artisan Malt Vinegar Company and a sprinkling of sea salt
    • Burts Thai

      A bagful of Asian flavour made with South Devon Chilli Farm chillies blended with tangy lemongrass and a spicy zing of ginger
    • Properchips Barbeque

      A perfect combination of sweet, spicy and smoky chipotle
    • Properchips Sour Cream & Chive

      Creamy lentil chips seasoned with a sprinkling of chives and a tangy sweetness.
    • Grenade Peanut Butter

      Grenade Carb Killa Bar Peanut Nutter is a delicious high-protein, triple-layered, milk chocolate peanut-flavoured bar
    • Kind Dark Chocolate with Caramel Almond

      A combo that speaks for itself. But add in heaps of wholesome almonds and a sprinkle of sea salt and it becomes a supergroup of satisfaction.
  • Costa At Home

    • Costa Coffee Signature Blend Ground for Cafetiere & Filter

      All you need is your cafetière or filter and our carefully crafted ground coffee. 200g
    • Dolce Gusto ® Compatible - Signature Blend Latte

      Milky, creamy, light. It tastes like a whole latte love. 16 capsules. 8x coffee capsules, 8x milk capsules
    • Dolce Gusto ® Compatible - Signature Blend Cappuccino

      The combination of intense Espresso, frothy milk and delicious chocolate dust is just to die for. 16 capsules. 8x coffee capsules, 8x milk capsules
    • Nespresso ® Compatible - Single Origin Colombian Espresso

      This Espresso is packed with the spirit of Colombia: bold and zesty with notes of citrus and honey. 10 capsules
    • Nespresso ® Compatible - Brazilian Blend Ristretto

      Short drink, big flavour: this dark and intense Brazilian blend will make your tastebuds dance with its chocolatey notes. 10 capsules
    • Nespresso ® Compatible - Signature Blend Espresso

      What's small, but strong, smooth and nutty? That's right, our Espresso. 10 capsules
    • Nespresso ® Compatible - Signature Blend Lungo

      Do you want to make your short black longer? Then choose our Lungo. Smooth, nutty and made for long drinks. 10 capsules
    • Costa's Gold Glitter Cup

    • Costa's Tall Cup

    • Costa's Curve Cup

Missing hygiene rating. Please contact the restaurant should you have any queries.Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to the Manager who can help cater for your needs. For more information please see Costa's Nutrition and Allergen Guide here.