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$ • South American • Latin Fusion
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Location and hours

8 Belmont St, Scotland AB10 1JE
Sunday - Monday
Tuesday - Thursday
12:00 - 19:00
Friday - Saturday
12:00 - 20:00

8 Belmont St, Scotland AB10 1JE • More info

  • Bases

    • Burrito

      Latin rice, fried black beans, guacamole and taquiza salad, with filling and sauce of your choice, all wrapped in a tortilla Note: Predominantly liquid sauces are sent in a container aside. Other sauces are placed inside the burrito.
    • Taco

      Our “ready to assemble” taco kit consist in 2 or 3 soft 6" corn meal tortillas with taquiza salad, guacamole, filling and sauce of your choice.
    • Pepito

      Baguette bread filled with taquiza salad, cheese, filling, and a salsa of your choice.
      Sold out
    • Burrito Pot

      Just like your good old burrito, but all in a pot instead of a tortilla.
    • Taquiza Salad

      A texan dish that combines many of the ingredients used in tex-mex tacos during the 60s. This salad contains cabbage, red onion, radishes, cucumber, oregano, lime and coriander, giving it such a flavour that you won't stop eating it. Don't forget to choose your filling and sauce.
    • Lantiway Burger

      We have created this hamburger with the most exquisite meat seasoned with our homemade marinades and the unique touches of our brand, streaky bacon, taquiza salad, cheese corn sauce and pickled onions on top (contains gluten, soya)
  • Finger Food

    • Street Chips

      Tortilla chips with a salsa of your choice.
    • Nacho Chips

      Tortilla chips, covered with pickled green jalapeno, sauce, and a filling of your choice.
    • Tequenos

      Fried breaded white cheese sticks, popular in Venezuela, with a sauce of your choice.
    • Quesadilla

      Toasted 10” tortilla with with a filling of your choice, salsa fresca and cheese.
    • Choripan

      The name of this popular Argentinian dish comes from the combination of its ingredients, a grilled chorizo, and bread covered with chimichurri sauce, and pickled onions.
      Sold out
    • Empanada Argentina

      Latinway´s Empanada Argentina is a tasty traditional fried pastry stuffed with ground beef, onions, olives, capers and our seasoning.
  • Extras

    • Cheese

      Who doesn't love lots of cheese on their food.
    • Sauce

      Because one dose is never enough.
    • Cheese Taco Shell

      Why are you not having that yet.
      Sold out
    • Guacamole

      Add some avocado goodness to your food.
  • Desserts

    • Golfeados

      Baked sweet rolls filled with whole cane sugar caramel, grated cheese and aniseed they have become one of the most popular treats in Venezuela.
    • Maltin Cake

      Thanks to the alcohol free stout beer, dark cocoa and cream, and the resulting cake are super moist with an almost velvet like texture that most cocoa cakes cannot beat.
  • Beverages

    • Jarritos

    • Soft Drinks ( can 330 ml )

    • Water 500 ml

  • Arepas (Sunday´s Menu)

    • Arepa (with regular fillings)

    • Arepa (only cheddar cheese)

Latinway has a FHIS rating of Pass. This information was updated on 14/06/2020. The current rating is on their page on the FSS Website. Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: Before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a member of staff who can assist if you require information about ingredients and help cater for your needs.