Corduroy Restaurant

$$ • Italian • Pasta • Pizza
Opens at 4:00 PM
  • Mains

  • Pizza

  • Dips


Corduroy Burger
5 oz lean beef burger with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and corduroy burger sauce on a fresh burger bun. Served with fries.
CA$ 16.00
Chickpea Fries
Comes with spicy curry aioli.
CA$ 10.00
Baked Perogies
Bacon, roast mushroom, onions, and smoked gouda with sour cream.
CA$ 12.00
Choice of salt and pepper, Korean BBQ, sweet Thai chili, honey garlic, and buffalo.
CA$ 12.00
Seasoned Dry Garlic Ribs
Sesame soy aioli.
CA$ 11.00


Lamb Pizza
Tomato base, spicy organic lamb, mozzarella and caramellized onions.
CA$ 16.00
Threee Cheese Pizza
Tomato base, goat cheese, mozzarella, and bocconcini served with fresh basil.
CA$ 16.00
Wild Mushroom Pizza
Tomato base, topped with a blend of locally sourced wild BC mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, finished with fresh arugula and a light balsamic reduction.
CA$ 16.00


CA$ 1.00
Blue Cheese
CA$ 1.00
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