La Trattoria

La Trattoria

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Location and hours

878 5th Ave S, Naples, Florida 34102
04:00 PM - 12:45 AM
Tuesday - Saturday
04:00 PM - 12:45 AM

878 5th Ave S, Naples, Florida 34102 • More info

  • Popular Pairs

    • Margherita + Meatballs

      Mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil. Served with Meatballs.
    • Caprese Salad + Margherita

      Buffalo mozzarella, mixed baby heirloom tomatoes, arugula, basil, sea salt, and olive oil. Served with Margherita.
    • Pasta e Fagioli + Choice of Snacks

      White beans, sausage, pasta. Served with choice of Snacks.
    • Chicken Parmigiana + Meatballs

      Chicken breast parmigiana "italian style" comes with 1/2 portion of Homemade Spaghetti Marinara. Served with Meatballs.
    • Quattro Formaggi + Margherita

      Mozzarella cheese, fresh ricotta, grana padano, gorgonzola and basil. Served with Margherita.
  • Sides

    • French Fries

    • Roasted Potatoes

    • Sauteed Mushrooms

    • Sauteed Spinach

    • Grilled Asparagus

  • Soups

    • Pasta e Fagioli

      White beans, sausage, pasta
  • Appetizers

    • Fritto Misto

      Fried calamari, shrimp, carrot, zucchini, shallots, and spicy aioli sauce.
    • Antipasto Italiano

      Bresaola, speck, mortadella, calabrian salami, prosciutto crudo, olives, pecorino cheese, and grana padano.
    • Guazzetto Di Cozze

      Sauteed mussles, white wine or marinara sauce.
    • Eggplant Parmigiana

      Eggplant parmigiana, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese
  • Desserts

    • Tiramisu` Home Made

      lady finger biscuits, expresso coffee, mascarpone cheese
    • Cherry Cheesecake

      home made with fresh ricotta cheese and cherries
    • Bomboloni Nutella

      fried doughnuts topped with nutella
    • Cannoli

      mini cannoli with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips
    • Pizza Nutella

      baked pizza topped with nutella, whipped cream and strawberry.
    • Cantucci Package

      one package of typical tuscan biscotti
  • Salads

    • Beet Salad

      Roasted beets, spinach, orange wedges, crumbles goat cheese, honey champagne vinaigrette dressing.
    • Caesar Salad

      Kale and baby romaine, shaved parmesan, croutons, caesar dressing.
    • Greek Salad

      Feta cheese, heirloom tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumber, red onions, and herbs dressing.
    • Trattoria

      Mixed greens, artichokes, roasted mixed vegetables, red onions, mozzarella cheese, boiled eggs, cucumbers, and red wine vinaigrette.
    • Caprese Salad

      Buffalo mozzarella, mixed baby heirloom tomatoes, arugula, basil, sea salt, and olive oil.
    • House Salad

      Mixed greens, herloom tomatoes, carrots, shaved parmesan cheese, balsamic dressing
  • Snacks

    • Bruschetta Salmone

      Smk salmon, cream cheese, capers, and onions.
    • Baccala' Fritto

      Fried codfish, cilantro jalapeno salsa.
    • Meatballs

      meatballs, tomato sauce, and parmesan cheese.
    • Bruschetta Classica

      Three slices of our Italian Bread with diced tomatoes, olive oil EVO, garlic, shallot and basil
  • Pizze Rosse (Tomato Sauce)

    • Marinara

      Tomato sauce, garlic, olives and anchovies
    • Margherita

      Mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil.
    • Bufala

      Bufalo mozzarella, and tomato sauce
    • Diavola

      Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and spicy Italian pepperoni
    • Capricciosa

      Mozzarella cheese, artichokes, ham, mushrooms, salami, and black olives.
    • Norma

      Mozzarella cheese, fried eggplant, ricotta salata, basil, and tomato sauce.
    • Pugliese

      Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, basil, tuna, and onions.
    • Marechiaro

      Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, basil, and mixed food.
    • Vegetariana

      Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, basil, roasted mixed vegetables.
  • Pizze Bianche (White)

    • Prosciutto e Rucola

      Bufala, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, prosciutto San Daniele and arugula.
    • Calabrese

      Mozzarella cheese, tomato confit, basil, calabrian salami.
    • Norvegese

      Mozzarella cheese, smoked salmon, capers, onions and balsamic reduction
    • Rustica

      Mozzarella cheese, eggplant, Italian sausage, tomato confit and smoked scamorza.
    • Carbonara Pizza

      Mozzarella cheese, bacon, egg, black pepper and basil
    • Umbria

      Mozzarella cheese, porcini mushrooms, speck, grana cheese.
    • Norcia

      Mozzarella cheese, truffle cream sauce, champignon mushrooms, and smoked scamorza.
    • Quattro Formaggi

      Mozzarella cheese, fresh ricotta, grana padano, gorgonzola and basil
    • Toscana

      Mozzarella cheese, truffle ricotta, mortadella, pistachio and lemon zest.
  • Calzoni

    • Classico Calzone

      Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, Basil, Parmesan cheese on top
    • Calzone Napoletano

      Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Bacon, Ricotta cheese, Basil, Parmesan cheese on top
    • Calzone Speciale

      Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Ham, Mushroom, Pepperoni, Basil, Parmesan cheese on top
  • Pasta Fresca (Homemade)

    • Cannelloni Ricotta

      Ricotta cheese, spinach, tomato sauce, bechamel, and parmesan cheese.
    • Lasagna

      Bolognese sauce, mozzarella, bechamel, mushrooms, ham, and parmesan cheese
    • Linguine Al Nero

      Black ink linguine, crab meat, cherry tomatoes, parsley, lemon butter sauce.
    • Garganelli Bolognese

      Bolognese meat sauce, shaved parmesan, and chopped parsley.
    • Fettuccine Mare

      Pink sauce, clams, mussles, calamari, shrimp, and baby scallops.
    • Tagliolini Scampi

      Shrimp, capers, tomato confit, garlic, and lemon butter sauce.
    • Fettuccine Paglia Fieno

      Roasted chicken, mushrooms, creamy truffle sauce.
    • Spaghetti Carbonara

      Pancetta, yolk eggs, parmesan cheese, black pepper, and heavy cream.
    • Spaghetti Marinara

      Homemade spaghetti with our authentic Marinara Sauce
    • Fettuccine Alfredo

      Homemade Fettuccine pasta with our Italian Alfredo Sauce
  • Risotteria

    • Risotto ai Funghi

      Boiled Rice, Truffle paste, parmesan cheese, wild mushrooms, and butter.
    • Risotto ai Frutti Di Mare

      Boiled rice, Mixed seafood, diced tomatoes and Italian saffron.
    • Risotto con Burrata

      Boiled Rice, Burrata cheese, tomato confit, parmesan cheese, basil, crispy prosciutto.
  • Secondi (Entree)

    • Chicken Italiana

      Grilled chicken breast, mixed roasted vegetables, balsamic glazed, and arugula salad with shaved parmesan cheese.
    • Chicken Marsala

      Pan seared chicken, marsala wine, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, sauteed spinach and roasted potatoes.
    • Salmon Piccata

      Pan seared salmon, lemon caper butter sauce, asparagus, and sauteed spinach..
    • Tonno Carciofi

      Pan seared tuna, grape tomatoes, artichokes, basil, eggplant, capers, and black olives.
    • Baccala' Livornese

      Fried codfish, caper, black olives, tomato sauce, basil.
    • Tagliata Manzo

      8 oz filet mignon (sliced), rucola, cherry tomatoes, and parmesan cheese.
    • Cacciucco

      Seafood soup of codfish, clams, mussels, baby scallops, shrimp, calamari in a spicy tomato sauce.
    • Chicken Parmigiana

      Chicken breast parmigiana "italian style" comes with 1/2 portion of Homemade Spaghetti Marinara
    • Chicken Piccata

      Chicken breast with "our famous" piccata sauce comes with sauteed spinach and 1/2 portion of homemade spaghetti
  • Homemade Bread

    • Bread Sliced

      4 slice each order of our Homemade Italian Bread comes with Italian dipping (olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette and Parmesan Cheese)
    • Garlic Focaccia

      Our 12" Focaccia Bread is cooked in our Neapolitan oven and comes with rosemary and garlic sauce on top