El Vez - NYC

$$ • Latin American • Mexican • Salads
Opens on Thursday
  • Sopas Y Ensaladas

  • Salsa Y Guacamole

  • Nachos Y Fundidos

  • Ceviches

  • Antojitos

  • Tacos

  • Enchiladas

  • Tacos al Carbon

  • Adicionales

Sopas Y Ensaladas

Chopped Salad
Romaine, chayote squash, golden beets, corn, cherry tomatoes, toasted pumpkin seeds, and lemon-avocado dressing.
US$ 16.00
Kale Caesar Salad
Vegan Caesar dressing, grape tomatoes, crispy shiitake mushrooms, and cashew parmesan.
US$ 15.00
Tortilla Soup
Chicken, avocado, crunchy tortillas, crema fresca, and queso fresco.
US$ 9.00

Salsa Y Guacamole

Mil Mascaras
Tuna, mezcal, charred habanero, watermelon, and poblano.
US$ 17.00
Tito Santana Guacamole
Mango, red bell pepper, jicama, habanero, and serrano chiles.
US$ 17.00
Classic Guacamole
Cilantro, lime, onion, jalapeno, and cotija cheese.
US$ 16.00
Chips and Salsa
Tomato, tomatillo, red onion, jalapeno, and lime.
US$ 6.00

Nachos Y Fundidos

Macho Nacho
Nacho mama and chorizo.
US$ 19.00
Nacho Mama
Melted queso mixto, black beans, salsa ranchera, sour cream, pickled red onion, and jalapeno.
US$ 17.00
Queso Fundido de Hongos
Wild mushrooms, jalapeno and poblano pepper, queso chihuahua and Oaxaca, and flour tortillas.
US$ 13.00
Queso Fundido Con Carne
Melted chihuahua, Jack and Cheddar cheese, chorizo, and flour tortillas.
US$ 12.00


Baja Crab and Shrimp Cocktail
Roasted tomato, red pepper, and jalapeno.
US$ 18.00
Snapper Aguachile
Ginger, toasted morita chile, and cucumber.
US$ 13.00


Steak Quesadilla
Marinated flat iron, chambray onion, avocado salsa, and crispy queso.
US$ 17.00
Chicken Quesadilla
Achiote marinated chicken, chihuahua cheese, tomatillo salsa, and pickled jalapeno in a corn tortilla.
US$ 15.00
Fall Squash Tostada
roasted squash, pomegranate, avocado, queso fresco, sikil p’ak
US$ 9.00
Tuna Tostada
Tuna with avocado, serrano, and chipotle mayonnaise on corn tortillas.
US$ 15.00
Black Bean Tlayuda
Crispy corn flatbread topped with refried black beans, Oaxaca cheese, avocado, jalapeno, lettuce, and salsa roja.
US$ 13.00
Machete Quesadilla de Puerco
Guajillo chile braised pork and chihuahua cheese.
US$ 12.00


Tuna Carnitas
seared yellowfin tuna, tomatillo & morita chimichurri, avocado
US$ 18.00
Steak Tacos
Grilled skirt steak, cherry tomato pico de gallo, and salsa taquera.
US$ 17.00
Baja Fish Tacos
Crispy cobia, fennel slaw, and roasted chili salsa.
US$ 16.00
Carnitas Tacos
Tender pork belly and shoulder with salsa verde.
US$ 16.00
Chicken Tacos
Chihuahua cheese, avocado, El Vez salsa, and crema.
US$ 16.00
Crispy Mahi Mahi Tacos
Red cabbage, avocado, and chipotle pepper remoulade in a flour tortilla.
US$ 16.00
Lamb Arabes Tacos
Grilled rajas, onions, and chipotle-tomatillo salsa in a flour tortilla.
US$ 16.00
Shrimp Tacos
cascabel chile, crispy potato, creamy queso mixto, rosemary, roasted cherry tomatoes.
US$ 17.00
Cauliflower Tacos
Tempura battered cauliflower, chile de arbol, Cheddar, and crispy capers.
US$ 13.00


Crab Enchiladas
Poblano crema, cherry tomatoes, cotija cheese, crema, and cilantro.
US$ 18.00
Beef Short Rib Enchiladas
Watermelon radish and tomatillo, epazote crema, cotija cheese, baked cashew, and Mexican chile sauce.
US$ 17.00
Chicken Enchiladas
Salsa roja, habanero, queso cotija, and crema.
US$ 16.00
Black Bean Enchiladas
Salsa pipian, chihuahua cheese, crema, mushrooms, and pickled red onion.
US$ 15.00

Tacos al Carbon

Taco Combination of Three
Traditional build your own tacos with rajas, onions, queso fresco, guacamole, crema, salsa roja, and warm flour tortillas. Achiote grilled chicken, grilled shrimp, and grilled skirt steak.
US$ 61.00
Taco Combination of Two
Traditional build your own tacos with rajas, onions, queso fresco, guacamole, crema, salsa roja, and warm flour tortillas. Achiote grilled chicken, grilled shrimp, or grilled skirt steak.
US$ 42.00
Build Your Own Tacos
With rajas, onions, queso fresco, guacamole, crema, salsa roja, and warm flour tortillas.
US$ 36.00


Black Beans and Rice
Seasonal vegetables in garlic chili mojo.
US$ 7.00
Grilled Corn on the Cob
Lime, chipotle, and queso fresco.
US$ 7.00
Plantains con Queso
US$ 7.00
Refried Black Beans
US$ 7.00
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