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Crispy Pork Rinds
BBQ spice and fresh lemon.
US$ 5.00
Ghost pepper salt
US$ 5.00
Spit roasted pork and cheese fritters and sour orange mojo.
US$ 10.00
Chicharron de Pollo
Fried Chicken chunks with a honey mustard sauce
US$ 8.00

DINNER Small Plates

Soup of the Day
Subject to change daily. Ask the phone operator for details.
US$ 10.00
Kale Salad
pecorino cheese, fried bread croutons, lemon, Caesar dressing
US$ 13.00
Bronx Green Machine
Mixed greens, cucumber, avocado, lemon vinaigrette,
US$ 12.00
Maduro Relleno de Bacalao
codfish fricassee stuffed sweet plantain, aji crema
US$ 15.00
Winter Vegetable Salad
blistered carrots, roasted brussel sprouts, yogurt, fried almonds, chermoula
US$ 14.00
Charred Shrimp Tostada
Jumbo shrimp, tomato de arbol, avocado, and pickled red onion over a crispy taro root chip
US$ 15.00

DINNER Rotisserie

Mojo Chicken
Roasted potatoes, spring onions, collard greens, and choice of sauce.
US$ 21.00
Jerk Pork Belly Ribs
Roasted potatoes, spring onions, collard greens, and choice of sauce.
US$ 22.00
Charred Okra & Eggplant Stew
Coconut cilantro dressing and dynasty peanuts.
US$ 18.00

DINNER Entrees

Cornmeal Crusted Catfish
"locrio" shrimp fried rice and beans, kimchi slaw, Beatstro sauce
US$ 26.00
Viera's Fried Chicken
3 piece dark meat, blue cheese slaw, and crispy creamer potatoes
US$ 23.00
Paella de Mariscos
mussles, jumbo shrimp, chorizo, saffron rice, garlic aioli
US$ 38.00
Boogie Down Burger
smashed beef patty, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, Beatstro Sauce amd crispy creamer potaotes
US$ 19.00
Low country Shrimp and Grits
spit roasted pork, creamy grits, tomatoes, scallions, and roast shrimp broth
US$ 27.00
Thick thighs & Hot Waffles
crispy dark meat chicken, pickled strawberries, maple syrup
US$ 20.00
grilled skirt steak, roast yucca, vidalia onions, chimichurri
US$ 28.00


Rice and Beans
Red Bean fried rice
US$ 9.00
Creamy Grits
US$ 8.00
Collard Greens
Made with turkey
US$ 8.00
Cheesy Macaroni
US$ 11.00
Crispy Creamer Potatoes
US$ 8.00
Fried Brussel Sprouts
US$ 9.00
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