Rough & Bare Mona Vale

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  • Light Meals

  • Signature Meals

  • Nourishing Salads

  • Smoothies

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Eggs On Toast
Pastured eggs, either done poached, fried or three egg scramble, house tomato relish, seasonal salad and house gluten free sourdough or sprouted quinoa toast.
A$ 14.00
Breakfast Sandwich
Nitrate free pastured bacon, fried egg, mixed cress, house tomato relish and house gluten free sourdough or sprouted quinoa toast.
A$ 15.50
Avocado Tartine
Avocado, heirloom tomatoes, probiotic pesto oil, local herbs and house gluten free sourdough or sprouted quinoa toast.
A$ 17.50

Light Meals

Toast and Preserves
House gluten free sourdough or sprouted quinoa toast served with butter and one of the following: almond butter, house chia and berry jam or raw honey.
A$ 9.00
Nuts, seeds, almond milk, apple, turmeric, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut yoghurt, seasonal fruit and maple syrup.
A$ 17.50
Salmon Cracker
House seed cracker, beetroot cured wild caught salmon, avocado, salmon caviar, baby watercress, pickled cucumber, radish and lime.
A$ 26.00

Signature Meals

Lamb Shoulder
Lamb terrine, sweet potato hummus, rainbow chard, broccolini, red wine jus, rosemary and anchovy oil.
A$ 25.00
Bone Broth
24hr beef bone broth, spices, seasonal greens, kraut, lemon and house gluten free sourdough or sprouted quinoa toast.
A$ 17.50
Breakfast Bowl
Baby kale, mixed cress, carrot, cabbage, quinoa, kraut, avocado, fermented cashew cheese, house seed cracker, apple cider vinaigrette and poached pastured eggs.
A$ 24.00
Pork Belly
Smoked pork belly, smashed peas, baby kale, fennel, kimchi, red wine jus and pine nut dukkah.
A$ 26.50

Nourishing Salads

Daily Seasonal Salad
A$ 14.00
Beetroot Salad
Beetroot, fennel, broccolini, quinoa, walnuts, mint, mixed cress, baby kale, apple cider vinaigrette and fermented cashew cheese.
A$ 22.00
Waldorf Salad
Baby cos, mixed cress, walnuts, celery, apple, cabbage, pickled cucumber, parsley and green goddess dressing.
A$ 25.00
Miso Eggplant Salad
Miso eggplant, wild rice, snow peas, baby kale, shallots, orange, mint, sesame seeds, spiced cashews, kimchi and tamari sesame dressing.
A$ 25.00


Green Machine
Baby spinach, Spirulina, banana & raw honey on coconut water
A$ 10.50
Salted Caramel
Banana, almond butter, sea salt & dates on coconut water
A$ 10.50
Berry Power
Mixed berries, banana, lemon & raw honey on coconut water
A$ 10.50
Mocha Bomb
Espresso shot, cacao, banana, cinnamon & coconut sugar on coconut water
A$ 10.50
Tropical Bliss
Mango, pineapple, banana, Passionfruit & raw honey on coconut water
A$ 10.50

Cold Drinks

Fermented black tea with ginger or fruit flavour
A$ 8.50
Sparkling Water
A$ 5.00
Nectar Cold Pressed Juice
A$ 7.50
Imbibe Water Kefir
A$ 7.50
Raw C
Coconut Water
A$ 4.50
Iced Coffee
Espresso shot, coconut ice cream, ice, coconut syrup & milk
A$ 8.00
Iced Chocolate
Cacao & coconut sugar mix, coconut ice cream, ice & milk
A$ 8.00
Cold Brew Coffee
Organic coffee infused in water for 24hrs, served over ice
A$ 5.50

Hot Drinks

Organic Coffee
Organic house blend, with milk your way
A$ 4.50
Single Origin Black Coffee
Single origin of the week your way
A$ 4.50
Bone broth, tumeric, secret spices & lemon
A$ 7.00
Sherpa Coffee
Blended espresso, cultured grass-fed butter & MCT oil
A$ 7.00
Golden Latte
Tumeric, ginger, black pepper
A$ 8.00
Matcha Latte
Ground green tea, maca powder
A$ 8.00
Chai Latte
Spiced Indian masala tea infused in milk of your choice
A$ 5.00
Red Chai Latte
Caffeine free rooibos tea, spices brewed on milk of your choice
A$ 5.00
Dandy Latte
Dandelion & chicory root with milk
A$ 5.00
Hot Chocolate
Blend of 50% dark cacao & coconut sugar with milk
A$ 5.00


House Tomato Relish
A$ 1.00
Slice of Toast
A$ 1.00
Raw Honey
A$ 1.00
Chia and Berry Jam
A$ 1.00
Almond Butter
A$ 2.50
Poached Egg
A$ 2.50
Coconut Yoghurt
A$ 2.50
A$ 3.00
Smashed Peas
A$ 3.00
Sweet Potato Hummus
A$ 3.50
Fermented Cashew Cheese
A$ 4.00
Seed Crackers
A$ 4.50
A$ 4.50
A$ 5.50
Nitrate Free Bacon
A$ 7.50
Grilled Chicken
A$ 7.50
Wild Caught Salmon
A$ 8.50
Pork Belly
A$ 9.50
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