NOUQ Gelato, Ice Cream and Chocolates

$ • Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt • Desserts
30–40 min
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Any 4 gelato flavours
AED 36.00


Any 3 gelato flavours
Choose 3 cups
AED 29.00
Any 2 gelato flavours
Choose 2 cups
AED 19.90
2 cups of Chocolate Chip Gelato
50% dark chocolate ice cream, for the dark and the milk chocolate lovers. Bonus: chocolate chips!
AED 19.90
2 cups of Vanilla Gelato
Our only one with a nice subtle camel milk flavour. Clean vanilla taste.
AED 19.90
2 cups of "Lotus" Caramel Biscuit
Everyone’s favorite caramel biscuit crushed into an ice cream.
AED 19.90
2 cups of Pistachio Gelato
Made from quality pistachio in Italy, includes roasted pistachio bits.
AED 19.90
2 cups of Mango Gelato
Alphonso mango puree gives this exotic ice cream its genuine, refreshing taste.
AED 19.90
2 cups of Baklava Gelato
Real taste of the famous Levant sweet, with small crushed nuts.
AED 19.90
2 cups of Date Gelato
The most Dubai ice cream, made with local Liwa dates.
AED 19.90
2 cups of Honey & Saffron Gelato
With real Iranian saffron. An Emirati favorite with a very clean, balanced flavour.
AED 19.90
2 cups of Arabic Mastic Gelato
Hugely popular Levant flavour with genuine mastic tree gum taste and pistachio bits.
AED 19.90
If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements, please notify the restaurant directly before ordering.
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