Chimichurri Grill - Midtown West

$$ • Argentinian • Steak • Latin American
45–55 min
  • Starters

  • Eggs

  • Large Salads

  • Pastas

  • Sandwiches

  • From The Grill

  • Sides

  • Refreshments

  • Desserts


Empanadas Regionales
choice of two homemade savory pastries: grass-fed beef, organic chicken, swisschard & manchego cheese
US$ 14.00
Ceviche De Camaron
spicy marinated shrimp, citrus juices, cilantro, tomato, red onion, hot & sweet peppers, served chilled
US$ 20.00
Ensalada Mixta
mixed greens, red onion, grape tomato with virgin olive oil & sherry vinegar
US$ 10.00
Ensalada de Espinaca
baby spinach, roasted beets, goat cheese, pistachios, olive oil, squeeze of lemon, sea salt
US$ 12.00
aged provolone cheese served hot & melted in a cast iron pan
US$ 12.00
Albondigas Finas
two grass fed beef meatballs served with a spicy marzano tomato sauce
US$ 10.00
Trio De Chorizos Caseros
choice of any three: argentine chorizo, blood sausage, spanish red chorizo
US$ 24.00
Almejas San Antonio
US$ 15.00


Tortilla De Lelela
grandma’s frittata: eggs, potato, sweet vidalia onion, sweet red roasted peppers, slices of spanish red chorizo
US$ 16.00
Tortilla de Leo
messi ‘s frittata: eggs, potato, spanish paprika, sweet red roasted peppers, slices of argentine chorizo
US$ 16.00
Tortilla Del Carlitos
gardel’s fritatta: eggs, spinach, mozzarella cheese topped with a light aromatic tomato sauce
US$ 16.00

Large Salads

Ensalada De Pollo Salad
grilled organic chicken breast, mixed greens, blue vein cheese, red onion, tomato, citrus vinaigrette, reduction of balsamic vinegar
US$ 21.00
Ensalada Gaucho Salad
grass fed skirt steak slices, mixed greens, string beans, red potato, citrus vinaigrette, drizzled with green chimichurri & topped with crispy onions
US$ 21.00
Ensalada de Camaron Salad
grilled shrimp, mixed greens, watercress, tomato, avocado, red onion, cilantro, with drop of olive oil and a squeeze of lime
US$ 21.00


Ravioles de Mi Vieja
Grandmas raviolis filled with goat cheese and fine herbs in a light aromatic marzano tomato sauce
US$ 20.00
Canelones Buenos Aires
thin crepes filled with organic chicken, mushrooms, red sweet peppers topped with tomato & béchamel sauce
US$ 20.00
Canelones Criollos
thin crepes filled with grass fed beef, mushrooms, red sweet peppers topped with tomato & béchamel sauce, fresh thyme
US$ 20.00


La Hamburgesa
Grass fed filet mignon beef burger, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, chimichurri mayonnaise, hand-cut seasoned french fries 6oz.
US$ 21.00
El Gauchito Sandwich
Sliced grass fed hanger steak on a roll with sautéed mushrooms, melted regianito argentine cheese, hand-cut seasoned french fries 6oz.
US$ 24.00
EL Medio Dia
organic chicken breast on a baguette, blue vein argentine cheese, sweet red peppers, watercress, hand-cut seasoned french fries 5oz.
US$ 21.00
El Choripan
Argentine pork sausage, caramelized vidalia onions, roasted red peppers on a grilled baguette, hand-cut seasoned french fries
US$ 16.00

From The Grill

Vacio De Pergamino A La Gaucho
grass fed hanger steak served with warm chimichurri and burnt cauliflower 8oz.
US$ 26.00
Churrasco Argentino
grass fed filet mignon, pounded thin, topped with chimichurri served with field greens, citrus vinaigrette & balsamic reduction 6oz.
US$ 32.00
Bife con Fritas
grass fed new york strip steak, served with hand-cut seasoned french fries topped with a sunny side up egg 6oz.
US$ 26.00
Plato de Vegetales
chef’s selection of five seasonal vegetables
US$ 24.00
Paleo Gaucho Plate
6 oz. grilled grass fed hanger steak, romaine heart, tomato, chimichurri
US$ 24.00


Vegetal Del Dia
vegetable of the day
US$ 12.00
Papas Fritas
Hand cut French fries seasoned with garlic and parsley.
US$ 7.00
Pure De Papas
homemade mashed potatoes
US$ 8.00
Hongos Salteados
sautéed mushrooms with garlic & parsley
US$ 12.00
Coliflor Quemada
“burnt” cauliflower
US$ 8.00
Col Risada
“burnt” cauliflower
US$ 8.00
Remolachas Horneadas
roasted beets with virgin olive oil topped with hard boiled egg
US$ 8.00


Coca Cola
US$ 5.00
Diet Coke
US$ 5.00
US$ 5.00
Ginger Ale
US$ 5.00
US$ 9.00
San Pellegrino
US$ 9.00


Panqueques de Dulce de Leche
Thin crepes filled with caramel.
US$ 12.00
Panqueque de Manzana
Caramelized apple crepe topped with caramel ice cream
US$ 12.00
Flan a la Lavanda
Egg custard infused with lavender flowers
US$ 12.00
Torre de Arroz con Leche
Rice pudding layered with homemade vanilla wafers and creme Inglese
US$ 12.00
Buñuelos de Bananas
US$ 12.00
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