Bennys Big Time Pizzeria

$$ • Italian
Opens at 5:00 PM
  • Salads

  • Antipasti

  • Pizza

  • Fried Stuff

  • Pastas

  • Sweets


House Salad
Baby lettuces, red onion, pickled peppers, smoky croutons, pecorino, and oregano vinaigrette
Chopped Salad
Radicchio, salami, provolone, pickled egg, chickpeas, and orange vinaigrette.


Marinated Olives
Orange, oregano, Calabrian chili, and bay leaf.
Sold out
Wood Fired Bread
Ricotta, honey, rosemary
Charred Brussels Sprouts
Pepperoni Sauce, Pecorino
Anchovy Butter, Lemon, Chives
Charred Greens
Lemon, Chili, Benne, Colatura


Margherita Pizza
Classic Neapolitan pies. Red sauce, mozzarella di bufala, and basil.
Tony Pepperoni Pizza
Classic Neapolitan pies. Red sauce, mozzarella, and oregano.
Kevin McCallister Pizza
Classic Neapolitan pies. Grayson, provolone, and hot honey.
Guilty Pleasure Pizza
Classic Neapolitan pies. Pineapple, Chili, Braised pork, Onion Salsa, Cilantro
Classic Neapolitan pies. "Nduja, chili peppers, olives, mint, scallions
Sold out
En-Za-Lada Pizza
Classic Neapolitan pies. Provolone, oregano, red onion, salad
Sold out
The Merry Terri
Classic Neapolitan pies. Red Sauce, Caramelized Onion, Mushroom, Serrano, Basil, Almond Butter
Talk'in Shiitake Pizza
Classic Neapolitan pies. Provolone, oyster, shiitake mushrooms, sweet fennel sausage, and Gaeta olive.
Side Marinara Sauce

Fried Stuff

Southern Fried Chicken Parm
Sage, stracciatella, Italian hot honey, and pickled peppers.
Cauliflower Piccata
Capers, Charred Shallot, Brown Butter
Sold out
Semolina Gnocchi
Apple Butter, Speck, Sottocenere


A la Vodka
cassarecce, burrata
Sold out
Pork sugo and herbed ricotta.
Spaghetti All' Amatriciana
Guanciale, pecorino, tomato, and red pepper.
Spaghetti All'Amatriciana
Guanciale, Pecorino, Tomato, Red Pepper
Fall Mushrooms
Creste de Gallo, Leeks, Cranberries
Sold out
Autumn Vegetable Bolognese
Pecorino, basil, mafaldine


Sweet Potato Zeppole
orange blossom glaze, spiced sugar, affogato
Olive Oil & Rosemary Cake
Amaro, whipped Ricotta
Sold out
Apple Pie Crostata
sage gelato, rye
Sold out
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