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Les Soupes

Onion Soup


Encornet a la Tomate
Jumbo calamari stuffed with andouille sausage, tomato-cayenne sauce
Crepe Provence
Caramelized Pear, Blue cheese, Honey Lavender reduction, Toasted Almond
Quiche Lorraine
Creamy bacon tart, arugula bouquet
Tumeric roasted cauliflower, red quinoa, chia seed, poached golden raisin, orange zest, cumin oil drizzle, manchego eclat
Grilled lamb sausage, cumin chickpea puree, roasted bell pepper - Rivera olives
Avocado cocktail
Stuffed avocado with marinated tuna salad, Grilled shrimp, cocktail sauce

Les Salades

Salad D'Autrefois
arugula salad, grapes, watermelon, feta cheese, candied macadamia nuts, pistachio vinaigrette
Endives aux poires
Endives, frisée salad, Bartlett pear, blue cheese crumble, cilantro sunflower dressing
La Nicoise salad
Grilled tuna, haricot verts, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, black olives, boiled egg, anchovies, , and garlic olive oil dressing
Salad d'ete
Grilled farm raised chicken, pineapples, avocado, watercress, red onion, lemon, balsamic dressing

Les Entrees

Bavette a L'echalote
Beef hanger steak, shallot red wine sauce, and French fries.
Assiette Vegetarienne
5 vegetables
Le Cochonnet
Pork medallion stuffed with sheep cheese & poached fig, summer vegetable, couscous, port-rosemary sauce
Poulet aux olives
Marinated Murray free range chicken breast, lemon confit, French Riviera olives, crispy socca frites,
Ground lamb, pesto, roasted bell pepper, yogurt sauce, French bun, Mediterranean bouquet
Gateau de Crabe
Crab cake, classic celery remoulade, French fries, mustard sauce
Les crevettes
Seared Sea shrimp, Citrus Risotto, seaweed salad cherry tomato confit, chervil coulis

Les Galettes

Jambon Formage
Ham and cheese.
La Noirote
Sauteed chicken breast, asparagus tips,carrot brunoise, creamy paprika-garlic sauce
Basil pesto, sliced tomatoes, grilled zucchini, Creamy goat cheese gratin
Grilled tuna over arugula, lemon confit, French Rivera olives, red onion, tomato, lemon garlic dressing
Smoked salmon, fresh avocado and grapefruit, Poached egg, dill cream fraiche

La Selection de Fromages

La Laitiere
Three cheese selection with mixed greens, and seasonal fruits.
Le Cremier
Five cheese selection with mixed greens, seasonal fruits, and fig chutney.


Le Trio du Terroir
Duck pate, country pate, saucisson sec, and with garnish.
La Belle des Champs
Duck pate, rosette lyonnaise, prosciutto ham, saucisson sec, garlic saucisson with mixed greens, and garnish.
L'assiette des Moissons
Three cheeses, duck pate, country pate, saucisson sec with mixed greens, seasonal fruits, fig chutney, and garnish.

On the Side

French Fries
Baby Spinach
Petite Salade
Sauteed Baby Spinach
Petite Endive
Citrus risotto

Les Petits Plus

Sub Vegetable
Murray organic
Cheese on Galatte
Cheese on Crepe
Feta Cheese
Blue Cheese
Sunny Side One Egg

Sweet Crepes

Banane choco
Caramelized banana, toasted hazelnut, chocolate sauce, Chantilly
Homemade Wild berries marmalade, Chantilly, wild berry sauce,
Rosemary caramelized fresh apricot, hazelnut,Chantilly
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Les Desserts

Mousse au Chocolate
Creme Caramel

Soft Drinks

Sparkling Water
Mineral Water
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