Fusian (Toledo)

$$ • Sushi
35–45 min
  • Sushi Rolls

  • Rice Bowls

  • Salads

  • Bottled Beverages

  • Sides

Sushi Rolls

Spicy Tuna Roll
nori, wild caught ahi tuna, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, + sesame seeds.
Spicy Salmon Roll
nori, Norwegian salmon, scallion, carrot, cream cheese, spicy mayo, + sesame seeds.
Crispy Shrimp
inside-out roll w/ tempura shrimp, avocado, asparagus, spicy mayo, sweet, + tempura crunch
inside-out, nori, crab, avocado, cucumber, sweet soy, + sesame seeds.
The Vegan
roasted tofu, avocado, cucumber, carrot, sesame seed, + sweet soy
Spring Chicken Roll
soy wrap, roasted chicken, cucumber, cream cheese, scallion, spicy mayo, sweet soy + sesame seeds.
Surf + Turf Roll
inside-out roll w/ braised steak, crab, asparagus, cucumber, wasabi mayo, yakisoba sauce, + sesame chili flake
PB + J roll
soy wrap, white rice, peanut butter, + grape jelly
Custom Roll
build your own signature roll

Rice Bowls

Chicken + Rice
roasted chicken, cucumber, sweet pepper, carrot, tossed w/ spicy mayo + house dressing, served over white rice w/ scallion, + sesame seed
Tuna Poké Bowl
wild caught Ahi tuna, cucumber, red onion, + edamame tossed w/ house dressing, served over white rice w/ avocado, scallion, + sesame seed
Custom Bowl
build your own signature bowl


Salmon Superfood Salad
chopped kale, roasted salmon, carrot, asparagus, + sweet pepper tossed w/ chili-ponzu dressing + topped w/ scallion, + sesame seed
Tofu Thai Crunch Salad
mixed greens, roasted tofu, carrot, cucumber, sweet pepper, edamame, tossed w/ Thai peanut dressing, scallion, + tempura crunch
Custom Salad
build your own custom salad

Bottled Beverages

La Croix (Lime)
Always a classic.
La Croix (Pamplemousse)
French for grapefruit.
San Pellegrino
Sparkling water.
Boxed Water
Mexican Coke
A classic cola sweetened with real cane sugar.
Diet Coke


Cucumber Salad
Freshly cut cucumber seasoned with togarashi vinaigrette made with sushi vinegar, sesame seed, and sesame chilli flake.
Seaweed Salad
Our traditional seaweed salad seasoned with sesame oil and vinegar dressing. Topped with sesame seeds and a carrot garnish.
Carrot Ginger Salad
Romaine lettuce, carrot, and carrot-ginger dressing.
Steamed soybeans with a shake of sea salt.
Spicy Edamame
Steamed soy beans tossed with our sweet and spicy sauce.
Miso Soup
Our traditional miso served with wakame, silken tofu, and green onion.
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