つけ蕎麦ぢゅるり Dyururi Tsuke Soba

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肉つけそば Soba Noodles with Meat
柔らかく煮込んだ豚バラ肉をたっぷり贅沢に乗せた「ぢゅるり」の1番人気です。そばつゆにニンニクを効かせた自家製ラー油、生卵で食す普通のおそばでは飽き足りないお客様にぴったりです。がっつり肉満載でお腹も大満足間違いなし!ラー油抜き出来ます。 Our top selling soba noodle dish made with tender simmered pork ribs. This soba soup is seasoned with garlic and our homemade rayu chili oil. This dish is perfect for customers who want a little more than basic soba with raw egg. We guarantee this hearty meat soba will fill your appetite! Can be ordered without rayu chili oil.
とりつけそば Soba Noodles with Chicken
鶏の旨みとコクが凝縮されたスープの中に、柔らかい若鳥が入って抜群に美味しいです。脂多め出来ます。 A soba soup packed with the rich flavors of tender chicken. A large serving of meat can be ordered.
あなご天せいろ Basket Strained Soba Noodles with Eel Temp...
かなり大きい穴子を1本丸々揚げました。サクッ、フワッっと、お腹は塩で、しっぽはそばつゆがおすすめです。 A soba noodle dish made with a whole eel. This tempura is crunchy and tender. We recommended salting the stomach and dipping the tail in the soba noodle soup.
えび天せいろ Basket Strained Soba Noodles with Shrimp Te...
大きめのプリプリ海老を2本、ふっくら茄子を1/2本、そば屋の王道を召し上がって下さい。 Enjoy a classic soba shop dish made with large and tender shrimp tempura (2 pieces) and a plump eggplant tempura (1/2 piece).
玉ねぎかき揚げせいろ Basket Strained Soba Noodles with Onion...
サクサクっと揚がった大きめのかき揚げ、玉ねぎの優しい甘みがそばつゆと相まって美味しさ倍増です。 Enjoy the crunchy taste of this onion fritter soba. The taste of the soba soup doubles with the gentle sweetness of the onions.
とろろつけそば Soba Noodles with Grated Yams
大和芋をたっぷり使いました。フワフワに仕上げたトロロが一番の魅力です。当店のそばつゆに濃厚トロロの相性がピッタリです!食欲が落ちている時でもスルスルっと召し上がれます。青のり抜き出来ます Made with Japanese mountain yams. The airy texture is the best part. The rich flavors of these yams with our soba soup go perfectly together! Even when you aren't very hungry, you can still slurp this dish right up. Can be ordered without seaweed flakes.
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ごまダレつけそば Soba Noodles with Sesame Sauce
濃厚な胡麻ダレに海苔とワサビの相性が抜群に美味しいです。「ラー油を入れて下さい」と言って頂ければ、たちまち冷やし担担つけ蕎麦の出来上がりです。 The complimenting flavors of a rich sesame sauce, seaweed, and wasabi are amazingly delicious. As fast as you can say "Some rayu chili please," these quick-cooling soba noodles will be ready.
黒担担つけそば Soba Noodles with Black Dan Dan
真っ黒な坦坦スープに、若鳥肉とシャキシャキのきくらげがたっぷり入った具だくさんそばです。坦坦スープにそば?・・・、召し上がっていただけたら納得です。リピーター続出の味を一度召し上がって下さい。 A soba dish made with chicken and crispy wood ear mushrooms in a pitch black dan dan soup. A soba with plenty of delicious ingredients. You might question having soba noodles with dan dan soup, but you'll be a believer once you try it. Enjoy the delicious flavors of this dish bite after bite.
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カモつけそば Soba Noodles with Duck
そば屋の定番。鴨のコックリした脂があふれ出したおつゆに、柔らかい鴨肉がネギと一緒に幸せを届けてくれます。 A classic of soba shops. A dish with duck meat and soba noodles. The juices of the duck flow into the soba broth to make for a delicious meal. The tender duck meat together with onions are sure to deliver happiness in every bite.
ミニ天丼セット Mini Tempura Bowl Set
野菜のかき揚げと、大きめのエビ天1本。出汁の効いたつゆに天ぷらのコクがプラスされて、天ぷらもご飯も美味しいこと間違いなしです。冷たいおそばのみです Comes with fried vegetables and a large piece of shrimp tempura. The soup's broth adds to the flavors of the tempura's richness. We guarantee that this tempura and rice will be delicious. Only cold soba is used.
ミニカツ丼セット Mini Cutlet Bowl Set
揚げたてトンカツにそばつゆが浸みわたり、卵がふんわりとご飯を包み込んでいます。三位一体とはこのことです。そば屋のカツ丼の実力を召し上がって下さい。冷たいおそばのみです Pork cutlet marinated with soba noodle soup layed on top of a fluffy egg and rice mix. Meat, egg, and rice: the holy trinity. Enjoy the flavors of our soba shop cutlet bowl. Only cold soba is used.
天丼 Tempura Bowl
どーんとご飯が見えない位の野菜かき揚げと、海老を3本も乗せちゃいました。たっぷりの天丼を心行くまでお楽しみください。味噌汁付きです。 Featuring a mixture of fried vegetables, 3 pieces of shrimp on top of rice. Your taste buds will be content with this filling tempura bowl. Comes with miso soup.
カツ丼 Cutlet Bowl
揚げたてトンカツにそばつゆが浸みわたり、卵がふんわりとご飯を包み込んでいます。三位一体とはこのことです。そば屋のカツ丼の実力を召し上がって下さい。味噌汁付きです。 Pork cutlet marinated with soba noodle soup rested on top of a fluffy egg and rice mix. Meat, egg, and rice: the holy trinity. Enjoy the flavors of our soba shop cutlet bowl. Comes with miso soup.
もりそば Mori Soba Noodles
そば屋の基本。実力が分かる商品です。鰹の効いたそばつゆ。そばの上に薬味ネギ、山葵を乗せて食べれば間違いなく旨いです。 A classic of soba shops. This dish really knows its ability. A soba noodle soup with the flavorings of bonito. Topped with pickled spring onions. For an even better flavor experience, try adding wasabi.
ざるそば Zaru Soba Noodles
おそばと海苔の相性は抜群です。たっぷりと盛り付けられた海苔とそばをご堪能して下さい。 The combination of soba noodles and seaweed is amazing. Enjoy this filling soba seaweed dish.
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