Kombi Rocks

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Opens at 12:00 PM
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  • Signature Mains

  • Signature Seafood

  • Platters

  • Bar Bites

  • Sides

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  • Drinks

Signature Mains

Koon Kee Mee Goreng
Option for Small & Medium Portion
Shrimp & Charsiew Fried Rice
Option for Small & Medium Portion
Sambal Beef Fried Rice
Option for Small & Medium Portion
Thai Beef Beehoon Soup
Thai Curry Chicken with Rice
Crab Fried Rice
Wok-hei Prawns Horfun
Option for Small & Medium Portion
Wok-hei Beef Horfun
Option for Small & Medium Portion
Claypot Fujian Noodles (2 to share)
Fried Sea Bass & Fries
Crab Mee Goreng
Red Wine Chicken Chop, Egg + Chips
Sold out
Thai Crispy Chicken Cutlet, Egg + Rice
Thai Spicy Basil Minced Pork, Egg + Rice

Signature Seafood

Handmade Mackerel Thai Otah
Sold out
Sliced Grouper fried with glazed bittergourd & bla...
Sold out
Sliced Grouper, Fishmaw and Beancurd in a claypot
Sold out
Crispy Sea Bass dressed with Thai Sauce
Buttered Prawns
Oyster Sauce Prawns


Signature Kombination Platter (for 4)
Includes Handmade Thai Fishcake, Handmade Prawn Roll, Crabmeat Omelet, Thai Spicy Vermicelli Salad with Pork, Pork Ribs with Lychee & Pineapple. Option to add Drinks.
Watching The Wheels Platter (for 4)
Includes Codfish Tofu, Salt & Pepper Calamari, Spiced Chicken Pops, Fish Skin Crisps and Sea-Salted Fries. Option to add Drinks.

Bar Bites

Loaded Cheese Fries with Thai Basil Minced Pork
Spiced Chicken Pops
Fried Anchovies with Onions
Fish Skin Crisps with Thai dip
Sea-Salted Fries
Thai Crispy Chicken Wings Bucket (25pcs)
Nachos with Warm Cheese Dip


Thai Mango Vermicelli Salad with Pork
Signature Handmade Prawn Roll ‘Ngoh Hiang’
Signature Handmade Thai Fishcake (5pcs)
Signature Red Wine Fried Chicken Midwings
Thai Fried Chicken Midwings
Signature Pork Ribs with Lychees & Pineapple
Thai Spicy Minced Pork with Basil
Thai Spicy Basil Beef slices
Pork Omelet
Shrimp Omelet
Crispy Beancurd topped with Spicy Basil Minced Por...
Crispy Beancurd with Thai Dip (8pcs)
Signature Kailan Stir-fried with ‘Taukee’
Organic Red Spinach fried with ‘Blacan’
Beansprout with Shrimps
Sold out
Glazed Long Beans with Minced Pork
Glazed Long Beans with Dried Shrimp
Battered Eggplant with Thai Dip
Beef with Ginger & Spring Onions


Signature Fishmaw & Crab Broth
Tom Yam Goong (clear) with Prawns
Omelet Seafood Bittergourd Soup
Thai Beef Broth


Signature Home-brewed Thai Milk Tea
Signature Home-brewed Lemongrass with Lemon
Sold out
Fizzy Juice
Stewarts Root Beer Soda
Sold out
Stewarts Key Lime Soda
Sold out
Stewarts Orange’N Cream Soda
Sold out
Stewarts Cream Soda
Honey Citron
Sold out
Bottled Mineral Water
Sold out
Premium Iced Tea - Mango Chamomile Green Tea
Iced Orxata (TigerNut Milk)
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