Smitten Ice Cream - Rockridge

$$ • Desserts • Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt
Opens at 12:00 PM
  • Individual Pints (10 pint limit)

  • Sundae Kit

  • Beverages

Individual Pints (10 pint limit)

Classic Vanilla
Plain creme anglaise base with pure vanilla extract from Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.
Cookie Dough w/ Pretzels & Chocolate Chips
Smitten combines a silky smooth malted brown sugar ice cream base with chunks of freshly-made cookie dough (egg-free!) filled with salty pretzels and tiny Guittard chocolate chips. This is the most irresistible combination of salty and sweet so no wonder it is the best-selling flavor at Smitten shops in San Francisco! Props to you if you can put this pint back in the freezer after opening it up…
Chocolate Ganache
Smitten’s classic chocolate ice cream gets the upgrade with Guittard® Chocolate Company’s 61% Cacao. The fifth generation Bay Area brand takes a hands-on approach to crafting new blends while using heritage techniques and original recipes—all with the goal of honoring the full flavors of the cacao. We add a little extra fudgy flavor with Guittard® Cocoa Rouge and melt it down into a rich, dare we say decadent ganache. From there the real magic begins – Brrr® freeze the base into a heavenly scoop unlike any other. This is a modern take on an ice cream classic that will change everything you think you know about chocolate ice cream!
Spiced Apple Pie
Everything but the crust! Introducing everyone’s favorite pie, an American classic, now in ice cream form! Here’s our take on apple pie. Smitten starts by making caramel from local, fresh pressed apple cider. We then add light spices including a touch of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla to take this flavor to the next level!
A Smitten twist on a classic holiday drink! Our rich, custard ice cream serves as the perfect foundation for an eggnog ice cream. With freshly grated nutmeg and a splash of dark rum, this flavor is a sweet treat that will fill you with the holiday spirit! Take a pint home to share after a holiday meal or by a crackling fire, this flavor was inspired by the season – so indulge and enjoy!

Sundae Kit

Small Sundae Kit
Serves six to ten. All wrapped up in a Smitten tote bag. Includes cups and spoons.
Large Sundae Kit
Serves twelve to twenty. All wrapped up in a Smitten tote bag. Includes cups and spoons.


Maine Root Orange Soda
Make your creamsicle float dreams come true. Carbonated pure water, Fair Trade Certified organic cane sugar, spices together make Mandarin Orange! Light, drinkable and thirst quenching. Mmm.
Boxed Water
Bottled water is convenient. The way it’s produced isn’t. Boxed Waters are more eco-friendly than plastic bottles and are more efficient to produce and ship. Every choice we make is a step toward a healthier lifestyle. Make Boxed Water one of your steps.
Maine Root Root Beer
Handcrafted soda made with extracts of wintergreen, clove, and anise. All our recipes are sweetened with Fair Trade Certified Organic sugar so that you can feel good about it!
Rose Lemonade
Made with pure Rose oil from the world-famous Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria and the juice of real lemons. Delivers a beautifully refreshing drink with a unique aroma. Mix with our vanilla ice crea, you've got a magical float.
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