Smitten Ice Cream - Rockridge

$$ • Desserts • Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt
35–45 min
  • Individual Pints (10 pint limit per order)

  • Sundae Kit

Individual Pints (10 pint limit per order)

Classic Vanilla
Plain creme anglaise base with pure vanilla extract from Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.
Cookie Dough with Pretzels & Chocolate Chips
Smitten combines a silky smooth malted brown sugar ice cream base with chunks of freshly-made cookie dough (egg-free!) filled with salty pretzels and tiny Guittard chocolate chips. This is the most irresistible combination of salty and sweet so no wonder it is the best-selling flavor at Smitten shops in San Francisco! Props to you if you can put this pint back in the freezer after opening it up…
Chocolate Ganache
This almost shouldn’t be called “ice cream,” as it takes a chocolate dessert to a whole new level. Instead of just using cocoa powder, Smitten literally makes a ganache by melting a 61% dark chocolate and stirring this ooey goey goodness into their organic milk and cream. The result — a pudding-like must have for chocolate lovers everywhere.
Watermelon Cream
Bursting with the taste of summer, Smitten just made the dog days a little cooler with this refined take on a classic sunny-day refresher: watermelon! Smitten's Watermelon Cream Ice Cream combines fresh watermelon juice, cane sugar, buttermilk and just a dash of salt to deliver an ice cream flavor that's light, sweet, creamy, and dreamy. Perfect for hot summer days, nights, and every hour in between.
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Crush your sweet cravings with Smitten’s fresh, summery take on the classic Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. Smitten’s version of this Americana treasure has upgraded ingredients: think caramelized pineapple, dark brown sugar, bourbon vanilla, and a little Smitten-style magic. With an irresistible retro charm, just one scoop will trick your taste buds into thinking you’ve traveled back in time.
Matcha Verbena
Smitten's limited edition Matcha Verbena Ice Cream is a decidedly zen summer flavor, combining the aromatic, subtle nuance of Lemon Verbena with delicate, earthy shade-grown matcha from the lush farmlands just outside of Kyoto. This special matcha blend is sourced from Smitten's partners at Stonemill Matcha, a new café and tea room in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. With organic milk and cream, Smitten's newest flavor will transport your taste buds to a Japanese tea garden.

Sundae Kit

Small Sundae Kit
Serves six to ten. All wrapped up in a Smitten tote bag. Includes cups and spoons.
Large Sundae Kit
Serves twelve to twenty. All wrapped up in a Smitten tote bag. Includes cups and spoons.
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