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Frozen Yogurt
We start with real yogurt made from cultured non-fat milk, then freeze it and then hand churn it in our shop. As simple as that. No powder mixes, no chemicals, just sweet and creamy goodness!
Rice Pudding

Fro-yo Favorites

Peanut Butter Cup
Vanilla blended with peanut butter & chocolate chips.
Thin Mint
Vanilla blended with Oreos & Junior Mints.
Mocha Chip
Chocolate blended with espresso beans & bittersweet chocolate chip.
Dirty Hipster
Vanilla blended with Nutella & Oreos.
Strawberry Shortcake
Vanilla blended with strawberries & animal crackers.
Cookie Monster
Vanilla blended with cookie dough & Oreos.
Almond Joy
Chocolate blended with almond butter & coconut.
Salty Dog
Vanilla with house-made salted caramel & pretzels.
Brian Boitano
Vanilla blended with blueberries & toasted coconut.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Vanilla blended with cinnamon & graham crackers.
Banana Bread
Vanilla blended with bananas, walnuts & cinnamon.
Party In My Mouth
Vanilla blended with peanut butter & Oreos.
The Dude Abides
Chocolate blended with almond butter & English toffee.
Butter Finger
Vanilla blended with peanut butter & English toffee.
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