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Lighter Fare

Ricotta and Honey Toast
House made ricotta on toasted whole wheat bread, aleppo chili, honey, and lemon zest.
Avocado Toast
Whole wheat bread, avocado, mousse, various radishes, flaky salt, and lemon zest.
House Made and Freshly Cultured Yogurt
Black cardamom, citrus granola, wildflower honey, seasonal marmalade, and morning market fruit.
Sonoma Hills’ Bloomsdale Spinach Salad
Chinese Rose and Malaga radishes, fresh tart apple aged parmesan, chives & a roasted hazelnut vinaigrette

Further More

Pressed Breakfast Burrito
Chorizo, soft scrambled eggs, pickled red onion, burnt scallions, and pepper jack cheese.
House Baked Brioche French Toast
Farmer’s market apples, toasted cashews, lemon zest, five spiced maple syrup & whipped crème fraîche
Overnight Oatmeal
Coconut milk, honey, tart Michigan cherries toasted cashews, seeds, and spice.
Classic Breakfast
Two eggs, choice of one meat, spiced potato hash, and a side of whole wheat toast.

Something on the Side

Nueske’s Hot Smoked Bacon
House Made, Smokey Chorizo Sausage
Two Eggs
Any style.
Berbere Spiced Potato Hash
Fresh Local Avocado
Fruit From the Ferry Building Market
Just baked brioche and our marmalade
Small side salad with local lettuces
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