Chicken Meets Rice

$$ • Chicken • Rice-bowls • Asian
Opens at 11:00 AM
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Build Your Own (BYO)

Poached Chicken Box
Chicken poached in our house made Hainanese stock, over your unique choices of bases and sauces. Served with light soup, cucumber, and pickled carrots. Our poached chicken is gluten-free.
Fried Chicken Box
Panko-crusted fried chicken with your favorite base and sauces. Served with light soup, cucumber, and pickled carrots.
Tofu Box
Lightly marinated fresh tofu, perfect over your favorite base accompanied by your choice of our fun regional sauces. Served with light soup, pickled carrots, and cucumber. Our tofu is gluten-free.

Chicken Wings

Chili-Lime Wings
Vietnamese inspired fried chicken wings, finished off with a chili-lime fish-sauce glaze. (5 pcs whole wings)


Chick-arrones (Side)
Lightly salted crispy fried chicken skin.
Chicken Rice (Side)
Jasmine rice steamed with Hainanese chicken stock.
Brown Rice (Side)
Ginger-garlic infused jasmine brown rice.
Mixed Greens (Side)
Combination of vibrant green and red petite whole-leaf lettuces.
Tofu (Side)
Fresh extra firm tofu marinated in a light gluten-free soy sauce broth.
Fried Chicken (Side)
Panko-crusted fried chicken breast.
Poached Chicken (Side)
Juicy chicken poached in our house made Hainanese chicken stock.
Pickled Carrots (Side)
Lightly pickled carrots, Asian style.
Soup (Side)
A light soup to accompany your meal.


Coffee Meets Tea (16oz.)
Blend of Southeast Asian Coffee and Iced Milk Tea.
Coconut Juice (16.9oz.)
TASCO Young Coconut Juice (with Pulp)
Coca Cola (12oz.)
Classic Coca Cola
Sprite (12oz.)
Cool, crisp, lemon lime.
Coke Zero (12oz.)
Just like the real thing.
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (16.9oz.)
Sparkling Natural Water
Bottled Water (16.9oz)
100% Mountain Spring Water
Diet Coke (12oz.)
Diet Coca-cola.
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