Pharm Table

$ • New American • Healthy • Vegan
40–50 min
  • Starters and Beverages

  • Salads

  • Soups & Broths

  • Open Faced

  • Bowls

  • Good For You Treats

Starters and Beverages

Ayurvedic Meal Starter
Spoon of house pickled ginger marinated in lemon juice, turmeric, raw local honey, himalayan salt and fresh herbs. Hit all six flavors in the Ayurvedic flavor wheel and jump start your digestion.
Half Soup & Salad
A cup of your choice of soup and a half Persian Salad.
Chilled Ice Tea
We steep and infuse our homemade iced teas daily according to the season.
Good For You Shots
Four shots including Ginger, Turmeric, Spirulina and Beet
Golden Milk
Golden almond milk infused with dry toasted spices, dates, saffron and turmeric
Filled with billions of probiotic rich cultures. Ask to see our local selection!
Rose Water Kombucha
Low sugar Element Kombucha, rose water, fresh mint
Spiced Teas
Warming, caffeinated spiced teas. Add a shot of Golden Milk for $1.00
Moroccan Mint Tea
Organic, Moroccan mint and Sencha green hot tea
Matcha Chai
Pure Japanese matcha powder + our homemade Golden Milk. Rich in antioxidants.
Vetiver Rose Hot Tea
Supports focus and concentration, without added caffeine. Aides focus.
Ginger Honey Hot Tea
Fresh ginger & turmeric, raw honey and lemon juice. Aides congestion.
CCCF Digestive Hot Tea
Cumin, coriander, fennel seeds and cardamom pods. Aides digestion
Liver Cleanse Hot Tea
Turmeric, dandelion root, burdock, milk thistle. Aides liver health.
Expectorant Hot Tea
Malabar nut & amla, licorice, tulsi, Aides healthy respiratory system.
French Press Coffee
Single origin coffee from local roaster, Brown Coffee. Rich in antioxidants
Zanzibar Coffee
French press coffee with ginger, turmeric, cardamom & clove. Anti-inflammatory.


Persian Salad
Local greens, saffron turmeric cabbage, cardamom carrot slaw, roasted okra, sumac cashew dressing
Paleo Green Goddess Salad
Sweet potato swipe, local greens, cucumbers, beet noodles, avocado, roasted okra, pepita green goddess dressing
Keto Avocado Cabbage Salad
Coconut oil seared collards, fresh greens, beet-kimchi, toasted coconut, turmeric saffron cabbage, avocado, ras al hanut coconut cashew dressing

Soups & Broths

Yellow Squash Coconut "Moqueca"
Vegan squash soup with onion, sweet potato, coconut, turmeric and ginger.
Beet Gazpacho
Chilled beet soup made with almonds, sweet potato, ginger, turmeric, clove, cinnamon, cardomom and nutmeg
Bone Broth
Organic chicken bones with Sephardic spices. Served plain or with sprouted quinoa & herbs.

Open Faced

Farm To Table Tacos
3 non-GMO, heirloom corn tortillas with seasonal roasted, pickled & raw veggies with vegan almond spreads, beet cashew 'crema'.
Paleo Collard Tacos
3 collard leaf tacos with seasonal roasted, pickled & raw veggies with vegan almond spreads, beet cashew 'crema'.
Kale Pizza
Quinoa crust pizza, tomato cashew sauce, kale, red cabbage, pepitas, Korean chile flake, fresh herbs, hemp seeds
Mexican Huarache
Quinoa masa sandal, smoky black bean puree, curry pickled carrots, beet noodles, radishes, cilantro coconut chutney, beet cashew ‘crema’
Kid's Tacos
Two non-GMO, heirloom corn tortillas served with a black bean puree, choice of protein and roasted sweet potato rods.


Quinoa Tamal Bowl
Quinoa tamal, sprouted black bean filling, squash escabeche, cilantro coconut chutney, beet ‘crema’, pressed cabbage slaw.
Summer Curried Kitchari
Sprouted green lentils & basmati rice, squash, house curry, local greens, coconut milk, cucumber, cilantro chutney, beet almond mash.
Macrobiotic Bowl
Asian black beans, greens, squash escabeche, radishes, beet noodles, red cabbage fennel slaw, pepitas, cilantro, and pepita green goddess dressing.
Patty "Plate"
1/2 portion kitchari, choice of 1 taco or 1 tamal, Ayurvedic meal starter, house tea or aqua fresca

Good For You Treats

Espresso Brownie Bites
Two pieces. Raw cacao, pink salt, dates, coconut oil, espresso beans, cashews, pepitas, almonds
Turmeric Energy Bites
Two pieces. Turmeric, chia seeds, dates, maca, almonds, pepitas, coconut.
Spirulina Chocolate Truffles
Two pieces. Spirulina, cinnamon, chile, salt, cacao butter, cacao, agave, hemp seeds.
Vegan Cashew Cheesecake
Date and almond crust, cashew coconut filling (flavors change daily)
Avocado Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate mousse made with avocado cacao powder, agave, and almond milk.
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