Shawarma House - As Sulaymaniyah - بيت الشاورما - السليمانية

$ • Chicken • Fast Food • Sandwiches

4.5 (200+)
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Prince Mamduh Bin Abdulaziz St, As Sulaymaniyah, Riyadh, Riyadh Province 12245 • More info

Opens at 6:00 AM
Main Courses - الأطباق الرئيسية
Eggs - البيض
Cold Sandwichs - السندويشات الباردة
Hot Sandwichs - الساندويشات الساخنة
Beans - الفول
Falafel - الفلافل
Tea- الشاي
Adults require 2,000 calories per day on average and calories needs may vary from a person to another. If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements, please notify the restaurant directly before ordering.