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Build Your Own Shake
You chose the insides, we just make it with love

Hot Dogs

Long Dog
1/4 lb. Vienna Beef on Freshly Baked Pretzel Bun. Doesn't really get much better then that
Chili Dog
1/4 lb. Vienna Beef on Freshly Baked Pretzel Bun - Diced Onion - Cheese Sauce - Homemade Chili
Slaw Dog
1/4 lb. Vienna Beef served in Freshly Baked Pretzel Buns - Deep Fried - Topped with Homemade Slaw


WTF Burger
American Cheese - Half Pound Angus Beef Patty - Lettuce - Tomatoes - Onions - Dill Pickles - Mayo - Ketchup. It's simply our perfect flame grilled burger.
Pepper Jack Cheese - Double Half pound Angus Beef (Full pound) - Bacon - Grilled Onions - Jalapeños. Only if you're serious about your burgers
Half Pound Angus Beef patty - Stacked with Thinly Sliced Ribeye - Pepper Jack Cheese - Grilled Mushrooms - Grilled Onions. When you can't decide between a burger or a Philly, have both
Break up
Provolone Cheese - Half Pound Angus Beef Patty - Pastrami - Mayo - Grilled Onions. If you like pastrami, you're going to love this
Monster in Law
Half Pound Angus Beef - Topped with Homemade Chili - Shredded Cheese - Onions. It's kind of messy but it's like a mouthgasm..
Single Build Your Own Burger
Double Build Your Own Burger
Triple Build Your Own Burger
WTF Build Your Own Burger
4 Patties (2 full pounds)
WTF Fries
Fries piled high - Your Choice of Meat - Grilled Onions - Grilled Peppers - Mo's Sauce - Cheese Wiz
Shroom Burger
Swiss Cheese - Half Pound Angus Beef Patty - Grilled Shrooms - Grilled Onions

Heavenly Cuts

Wtf Pastrami
French Onion Bun - Fresh Pastrami piled high - Swiss Cheese. Simple and delicious
Wtf Corned Beef
French Onion Bun - Fresh Corned Beef piled high - Swiss Cheese. Simple and delicious
Reuben Who
Pastrami or Corned beef - Sauerkraut - Swiss cheese. Served on Marble Rye
Wtf Slaw
Pastrami or Corned Beef - Coleslaw - Swiss cheese
Perfect Breast
French Onion Bread - Pepper Jack Cheese - Flame Grilled Chicken Breast - Lettuce - Onions - Tomatoes - Spicy Mayo. When you want dem gains but feeling healthy


Curly Fries
Steak Fries
Chili Cheese Fries
Your choice of fries - Topped with Home-made Chili - Diced Onion - Shredded Cheese
Potato Salad
Macaroni Salad
Onion Rings
Hush Puppies
Mozzarella Sticks
Jalapeno Poppers
Deep Fried Mushrooms
Deep Fried Okra
Deep Fried Zucchini
Cup of Chili


It's delicious really..
Sold out
5 Layer Carrot Cake
5 Layer Chocolate Cake
Pecan Pie
Sweet Potato Pie
Deep Fried Oreo's
Oreo's Deep fried in a pancake batter served with syrup. Comes with 3
Home-made Krispy Treats
Home-made Rice Krispy Treats with cereal. An age old recipe - Our little brother makes these every night to pay for his future tuition. Flavor depends on availability.


Mexican Coke
Mexican Sprite
Mexican Fanta
Bottled Water


Garden Salad
Spring Mix - Romaine - Cucumber - Red Onion - Tomato - Shredded Cheese
Garden Salad +
Spring Mix - Romaine - Cucumber - Red Onion - Tomato - Shredded Cheese + Boiled Egg
Greek Salad
Romaine Lettuce - Tomato - Red Onion - Cucumber - Olive - Feta Cheese
Chicken & Egg
Garden Salad - Tomato - Parmesan - Grilled Chicken - Boiled Egg
Chicken Cesar Salad
Crispy Chicken - Romaine Lettuce - Parmesan Cheese - Croutons - Cesar Dressing
Berry What
Romaine - Cucumber - Strawberry / Blueberry - Tomato - Feta Cheese - Cranberry Dressing
Buffalo Blue Salad
Garden Salad - Grape Tomato - Blue Cheese - Banana Pepper - Buffalo Chicken - Cilantro
Taco Salad
Romaine - Tomato - Red Onion - Shredded Cheese - Tortilla Chips - Topped with Chili

Fruit Cups

Fresh Fruit Cup
Prepared Daily - Fruits depend on season
Yogurt & Granola
Prepared Daily
Yogurt & Fruit Cup
Prepared Daily


Vanilla Milkshake
Chocolate Shake
Satisfy your chocolate thirst
Strawberry Shake
We blend actual strawberries into the shake. Like come on
Oreo Shake
What more do you need then the name
Heath Shake
Banana Chocolate Marble Cake blended into the actual smoothie with some left over.
Build Your Own Shake
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