Wawa 161 (2040 Hamilton Street)

$ • Salads • Juice and Smoothies • Sandwiches • Deli • Desserts

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2040 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103    More info

Updated Fees
Deliveries with Uber now include a service fee. For orders under $10, a $2 fee will apply.
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Fresh Baked Goods
Hot Hoagies and Sandwiches
Cold Hoagies and Sandwiches
Double Meat Hoagies and Sandwiches
Club Sandwich
Roasted Chicken Sandwiches
Hot Bowls
Custom Salads
Flatbread Sandwiches
Salty Snacks
Grab and Go Favorites
Iced Handcrafted Beverages
Frozen Handcrafted Beverages
Hot Handcrafted Beverages
Wawa Premium Coffee
Single Serve Beverages
Family Size Beverages
Sweet Snacks
Gum and Mints
Grocery Staples
Energy Drinks and Snacks