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Tip Top Nutrition

Vanilla Protein Shake
20 oz. Banana, Almond milk, Peanut butter, and Protein.
Chocolate Protein Shake
20 oz. Banana, Almond milk, Peanut butter, and Protein.


Avocado Smoothie Bowl
Base: Avocado, Banana, Spinach, Almond milk Topping: Coconut flake, Honey, Granola, two fruits
Blueberry Acai Bowl
Base: Acai Puree, Blueberry, Banana, Almond milk Topping: Coconut flake, Honey, Granola, two fruits
Two fruits, Greek yogurt, Granola 12oz
Fruit salad
Seasonal fruits only.
Chia seed pudding
5oz, Made with vanilla almond milk. Strawberry and coconut whipped cream on top.
Fruits bowl w/Nutella
Strawberry, Banana, Nutella, Granola
Nutella lovers
Graham crackers with Nutella
Sold out

Juices & Shots

ABC Juice
Apple, beets, and carrot.
ABCG Juice
Apple, beets, carrot, and ginger.
ABCO Juice
Apple, beets, carrot, and orange.
Beet Berry Blast Juice
Beets, strawberry, blueberry, and apple.
Menopause Juice
Apple, cantaloupe, flax seed, and strawberry.
Anemia Juice
Apple, carrot, celery, and kale.
High Blood Pressure Juice
Apple, carrot and spinach.
Weight Loss Juice
Apple, celery, cucumber, lemon, and ginger.
Green Lemonade
Apple, cucumber, kale, lemon, and spinach.
Beauty Grow
Apple, cucumber, and pineapple.
Sweet Green Juice
Apple, cucumber, and spinach.
Red Lemonade
Apple, orange, strawberry, and lemon.
Diabetes Juice
Apple and strawberry.
Eyesight Juice
Carrot, cantaloupe, and orange.
Fight a Cold Juice
Orange, Carrot, lemon, and ginger.
Green Day Juice
Celery, cantaloupe, kale, and spinach.
Calm Down Juice
Ginger, lemon, orange, and pineapple.
First Love Juice
Orange, strawberry, and pineapple.
Ginger Shot
Wheatgrass Shot
Sold out
Wellness shot
Ginger, orange, honey, cayenne pepper
Flu shot
Ginger, turmeric, orange, honey, cayenne pepper


Beginner's Green Smoothie
Banana, pineapple, kale and spinach.
Avocado green Smoothie
Spinach, Kale, Apple, avocado
Strawberry and Banana Smoothie
Strawberry, Blueberry and Banana Smoothie
Strawberry and Kiwi Smoothie
Mango, Pineapple and Banana Smoothie
Mango, Pineapple and Strawberry Smoothie


Veggie burger
Veggie patty, tomato. lettuce, minced onion, vegan cheese, wheat bun. (This is NOT impossible burger. Impossible burgers are available in store only)


Vegan Egg Foo Young
Tofu with vegetables, Serve w/Jasmine rice and vegan gravy sauce
Vegan Taco rice bowl
Meat-less beef, lettuce, tomato, vegan cheese Jasmine rice, vegan chipotle mayo
Vegan General Tso’s chicken
Vegan meat, vegetables and Jasmine rice
Vegan Sweet chili
Meat-less chicken, vegetables, Jasmine rice
Vegan Korean BBQ Bowl
Meat-less beef, vegetables, Jasmine rice


Philly classic
Meat-less beef, Caramelized onion, vegan cheese, vegan mayo, ketchup
Buffalo chicken w/sliced avocado
Mea-less chicken, Caramelized onion, vegan cheese, buffalo sauce, vegan blue cheese
Korean BBQ
Meat-less beef, Broccoli, carrot, caramelized onion, vegan cheese, vegan mayo
Cheesesteak hoagie
Meat-less beef, Caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, vegan cheese, vegan mayo, ketchup
Fish hoagie
Swai fish, Caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, raisin, sweet pepper, chipotle mayo, ketchup

Vegan Milkshake

Oreo vegan milkshake
Mango vegan milkshake
Strawberry vegan milkshake
Banana pudding vegan milkshake


Vegan Drum sticks BBQ
Vegan Drum sticks plain
Vegan Drum sticks Sweet chili
Crab cake


Cheese fries
Vegan cheese wiz, ketchup
Chipotle mayo cheese fries
Caramelized onion, vegan cheese wiz, vegan chipotle mayo, ketchup
Buffalo cheese fries
Caramelized onion, vegan cheese wiz, buffalo sauce, vegan blue cheese
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