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Baked Clams
West Philly style. Topped with oil, garlic, and parsley.
Shrimp Lejon
Tender gulf shrimp stuffed with horseradish and wrapped in bacon. Served with horseradish cream.
Philly Rolls
Cheesesteak eggrolls, filled with fried onions, American cheese, garnished with ketchup, and cherry peppers.
Brick Oven Wings
BBQ or Buffalo style. Fresh and oven roasted. Served with blue cheese.
Clams Casino
Five pieces. Chopped clams, peppers, onions, bacon, and fresh herbs.
How Ya Doin
Fried calamari, tossed with cherry peppers, fresh herbs, shaved reggiano, and balsamic drizzle.
Jonny Boy‘s Ribs
Fall off the bone tender painted with own BBQ sauce and full rack. Served with fries.
Brooklyn Style Italian Sausage
Stuffed with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone. Served over peppers and onions.
Eggplant Parmigiana
Served with a side a spaghetti.
Jersey Fries
Bay seasoning and Cheddar cheese.

Soup and Salads

Mixed Kale Salad
Teardrop tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh mozzarella, crasins, pistachios, and limoncello vinaigrette.
Arugula and Beet Salad
Roasted beets, tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers, goat cheese, extra virgin olive oil, and aged balsamic.
Anthony’s Salad
Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, artichoke, roasted peppers, sharp provolone, oil, vinegar, and sprinkled with Locatelli.
Caesar Salad
Tossed with fresh croutons and shaved romano in our creamy dressing.
Snapper Soup
Made with fresh vegetables, herbs, finished in sherry, and chopped hard boiled egg.

Brick Oven Pizza

Margherita Pizza
Fresh mozzarella, basil, and Italian plum tomatoes.
Traditional Pizza
Italian tomatoes and shredded mozzarella.
Pepperoni Pizza
Shredded mozzarella and pepperoni.
Parma Pizza
Prosciutto, roasted peppers, arugula, provolone, mozzarella, and aged balsamic drizzle.
Kennett Square Pizza
Portabello, shiitake, silver dollars, fresh spinach, and ricotta cheese.
White Pie Pizza
Shredded mozzarella, ricotta, cherry tomatoes, and basil.
Broccoli Rabe Pizza
Fresh rabe, ground sausage, provolone, mozzarella, oil, and garlic.
Philly Philly Pizza
Cheesesteak pizza. Topped with fried onions, cherry peppers, and lightly drizzled with ketchup.

From the Grille

Veggie Burger
Topped with fresh greens, tomato, and avocado. A side of fries.
Grilled Angus Burger
Topped with bacon, caramelized onions, and Cheddar cheese. The side of fries.
Philly Cheesesteak
On a seeded roll, whiz, or American. Side of fries.
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Topped with sauteed spinach aglio e olio and sharp provolone. Side of fries.
Meatball Mania
Served on a long roll, in a bowl, or over Anthonys Italian salad with ricotta cheese.
Chicken Cutlet
Your choice parmesan or Italiano. Served on a long roll.
Grilled Chicken and Avocado Sandwich
Served on a soft bun, with roasted peppers, arugula, extra virgin olive oil, and shaved reggiano.
Fish Tacos
Two pieces. The fresh catch topped with baby arugula, avocado, pineapple salsa, and spicy aioli.
Blackened Salmon Sandwich
Topped with mixed greens, red onion, and lemon zest avocado spread.
Blackened Florida Grouper Sandwich
Topped with crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, shaved red onion, and citrus aioli.
The Big Sausage
Served on a long roll and grilled Italian sweet sausage. Topped with your choice of peppers and onions or broccoli rabe.
Fresh chicken breast, broccoli rabe, and imported provolone.
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