Kai Asian Street Fare

$$ • Asian Fusion
Opens at 11:30 AM
  • Handmade Starters

  • Korean Crispy Wings

  • Soup

  • Loaded Fries

  • House Gourmet Tacos

  • Specialty Gourmet Tacos

  • House Specials

  • Sides

  • Drinks

  • Desserts

Handmade Starters

On Fleek Wontons
Five pieces. Pork and shrimp and spicy chilli soy.
Sold out
Legit Wontons
Five pieces. Pork and shrimp, lemongrass, and sweet fish sauce.
Sold out
Vietnamese Egg Roll
Four pieces.
Pork and vegetable filling, pan-fried with soy-ginger sauce

Korean Crispy Wings

Soy Garlic Wing
The original.
Sold out
Spicy Tang Wing
Crank it up a notch with Korean gochujang and spice.
Sold out
Triple Crown Wing
Whiskey soy with some heat.
Sold out
Mango Habanero
Spicy with that mango sweetness
Sold out


In Love with the Pho Pho
Vietnamese beef noodle soup.
Sold out

Loaded Fries

K-Pop and Lock Fries
Korean bulgogi beef, kimchi, and spicy mayonnaise.
Gojira Fries
Japanese loaded fries. bonito flakes, nori, and spicy mayonnaise.

House Gourmet Tacos

Tay Tay Taco
Thai chicken satay and peanut sauce.
Kung Fu Taco
Tofu, cilantro, and chipotle mayonnaise.

Specialty Gourmet Tacos

Dude Where's My Car Taco
Deep fried cod and Kai sauce.
Shrimpnado Taco
Spicy tempura shrimp and chipotle mayonnaise.

House Specials

Legendary Garlic Noodles
Shrimp or crab and garlic and garlic.
Keep Calm and Curry on
Tofu, chicken or shrimp and rice.


Steamed Rice


Thai Green Milk Tea
Refreshing and brewed to perfection.


Matcha Dusted Cheesecake
Banana caramel, deep fried, and delicious.
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