J’s Korean Cuisine

$$ • Korean • Desserts
Opens at 5:00 PM
  • J's Signature Fries

  • Korean Chicken (Wing or Boneless: Plz leave a Memo)

  • (New)J's Signature Chicken Sandwich

  • Korean Bibimbap

  • Tteokbokki(the T.B.K)&RamenBokki(the R.B.K)

  • Korean Soul Ramen

  • K-Pop Tacos

  • (NEW) Burrito & Rice bowl

  • Small snack Fries,Tempura

  • Beverages

J's Signature Fries

J's Super Fries
French fries topped with bulgogi, cheese, J's teriyaki mayonnaise, fried egg, and J's sauce.
J's Kimchi Fries
J's special red sauce and minced kimchi. Served with super fries.

Korean Chicken (Wing or Boneless: Plz leave a Memo)

Combination Wings
Twenty pieces served with four flavors.
Soy Garlic Wings
Sweet Chili Wings
Sweet and spicy
Habanero Wings
Plain Wings

(New)J's Signature Chicken Sandwich

(New)J's Signature Chicken Sandwich only
chicken tender, lettuce, french bread, soy garlic sauce, mayo sauce
(New)J's Signature Chicken Sandwich + regular frie...

Korean Bibimbap

Deluxe Bibimbap
Beef bulgogi, shrimp tempura, tofu, veggies, egg, and rice.
Bulgogi Bibimbap
Beef bulgogi, veggies, egg, and rice.
Shrimp Tempura Bibimbap
Shrimp Tempura, veggies, egg, and rice.
Tofu Bibimbap
Tofu, veggies, egg, and rice.
Veggie Bibimbap
Veggies, egg, and rice.

Tteokbokki(the T.B.K)&RamenBokki(the R.B.K)

J’s T.B.K
Stir fried spicy flour rice cake: rice cake, fish cake, sweet and spicy sauce, green onion. Bulgogi and cold boiled eggs on top.
J’s R.B.K(Ramen-Bokki)
Stir fried spicy noodles: noodles, sweet and spicy sauce, green onion. Bulgogi and cold boiled eggs on top.

Korean Soul Ramen

Korean Soul Ramen
Korean chili ramen with bulgogi, cheese, minced kimchi, corn, green onion, bean sprout, carrot, mushroom, beef broth, and an egg.

K-Pop Tacos

K-Pop Bulgogi Tacos
Three pieces. Bulgogi, onion, cilantro, and J's teriyaki-mayonnaise on a tortilla.
Kimchi Bulgogi Tacos
Three pieces. Bulgogi, minced kimchi, onion, cilantro, and J's red sauce on a tortilla.
Shrimp Tacos
Three pieces. Shrimp tempura, green onion, cilantro, lettuce, pickled cabbage, and J's sauce on a tortilla.

(NEW) Burrito & Rice bowl

Bulgogi Rice Bowl
Bulgogi, lettuce, minced kimchi, rice, and J's teriyaki mayonnaise.
Bibimbap Burrito(New Version)
Vegetables over rice with bulgogi( or tofu). Sesame oil, a sunny side up egg, and gochujang plus special mayo. All wrapped in a tortilla.

Small snack Fries,Tempura

French fries
Shrimp Tempura


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