$ • Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt • Desserts
35–45 min
  • Ice Cream

  • Frozen Sammich

  • Cookies

  • Cookie Pies

  • Drinks

  • Sammich Party Pack

Ice Cream

Triple Scoop
3 scoops of ice cream - 3 flavors max. See flavor menu for options.
2 Pints
2 flavors max ( 8-14 servings). See flavor menu for options.
3 Pint Special

Frozen Sammich

Single Sammich
Frozen ice cream sammich -2 cookies and ice cream in the middle.
Sold out
Dozen Sammich
Frozen ice cream sammiches.
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Oven Warm Baker's Batch
13 cookies of choice.
Oven-Warm Half Dozen Cookies
6 cookies of choice.
2 Day Old Cookie bags - limited availability
each bag has 7 assorted day old cookie flavors
5 Day Old Bags -limited availability
each bag is assorted differently with 7 day old cookie flavors in each bag.

Cookie Pies

Cookie Pie Slice a la Mode
A slice of oven-warm cookie pie w/an ice cream scoop. See menu flavor for options. Toppings/Sauces are an additional fee.
Sold out
Cookie Pie Slice
A slice of cookie pie.
Sold out
Chocolate Chip Stuff Nutella Cookie and 2 Pints
1 full pie  heated and 2 pints of ice cream.
Sold out


Complimentary toppings - up to 2 choices. See Flavor menu for options.
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Sammich Party Pack

6 Servings
12 oven warm cookies & 2 pints to create your own concoctions
12 Servings
24 oven-warm cookies & 3 pints to create your own sammich concoctions
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