Manny’s Sweet Treats- Mineola

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35–45 min
  • Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast Sandwiches

Avocado & Cheese Sandwich
This sandwich is one for the books! The buttery texture of the avocado pairs well with the thick, buttered slices of Portuguese bread. Accompanied with the flavor of melted mozzarella cheese creates a filling, yet light summer sandwich favorite!
Tuna Sandwich
Have no fear, you can eat tuna here. Aside from gaining the heath benefits a little fish will add to your diet, you will also gain a free mint with every tuna sandwich you buy! Our homemade tuna is created right in Manny’s, and sandwiched between our tasty Portuguese bread! Talk about delish!
Ham & Cheese Sandwich
This classic sandwich made on fluffy Portuguese bread is an authentic favorite here at Manny’s. When the ratio of meats to cheese to bread is this perfect, you will savor every buttery, cheesy bite.
Rainbow Grilled Cheese
We don’t only have crazy milkshakes, but we also have crazy grilled cheeses! These rainbow grilled cheese are made with fresh mozzarella cheese and our Portuguese bread. You don’t have to eat skittles to taste the rainbow, just come to Manny’s!
Regular Grilled Cheese
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