The Drunken Horse

$$ • Mediterranean • Middle Eastern
Opens at 1:30 PM
  • Appetizers

  • Salads

  • Main Course

  • Cheese and Charcuterie

  • Dessert


Salmon Bruschetta
Smoked salmon and seed mustard sauce.
Pumpkin Muhammara
Pumpkin puree and walnut oil.
Smoke eggplant and avocado paste.
Chickpeas and tahini.
Labneh Za'atar
Creamy yogurt and zaatar spice.
Olives and Nuts
Marinated olives and mixed nuts.
Fried chickpeas and vegetable balls. Served with hummus.


Quinoa Avocado Salad
Pomegranate dressing and olive oil.
Beet and Artichoke Salad
Tarragon dressing, olive oil, and lemon juice.
Pear Roquefort Salad
Walnut oil and lemon juice dressing.
Burrata Pesto Salad
Olive paste, basil pesto, and arugula.

Main Course

Filet Mignon
Served with mashed potato and sauteed spinach.
Pan Fried Branzino
Served with arugula salad.
Chickpea Mushrooms Casserole
Tomato sauce and oyster mushroom.
Artichoke Flatbread
Thin crust pizza with herb artichoke and cheese.
Ricotta Meatballs
Caramelized onion, ricotta, and tomato sauce.
Chorizo Hummus Flatbread
Thin crust pizza with hummus and beef chorizo.
Chicken Shish
Marinated chicken with bechamel truffle sauce and oyster.
Shrimp with Green Sauce

Cheese and Charcuterie

Cheese and Charcuterie (3 selection)
Cheese and Charcuterie (3 selection) (copy)


Chocolate Lava Cake
Lava cake served with Bourbon infusion vanilla ice cream.
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Creme Brulee
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Semolina Pistachio Dessert
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