Peppercorn Kitchen

$$ • Chinese
25–35 min
  • Mains


Mala Tang
Potato, lotus root, Napa cabbage, broccoli, wood ear mushroom, tofu skin, glass noodle, bok choy, and enoki mushroom. Cooked in fresh chicken broth and secret hotpot sauce, topped with scallion, cilantro, and garlic.
Spicy Crinkle Cut Potatoes
Lightly fried crinkle-cut potato, seasoned with cumin, peppercorn, chili pepper, and topped with scallion.
Sichuan Silken Tofu
Warm silken bean curd with crunchy soybean and pickled vegetable, bathed in Liu's family secret sauce. Topped with cilantro and scallion.
Dumplings in Chilli Oil
Six pieces. Pork and cabbage dumpling with Liu's family chili oil and sweet soy sauce.
Sichuan Jelly
Chilled clear jelly with brown sugar syrup, peanut, raisin, and haw flak.
Diet Coke
Wang Lao Ji
Chinese herb tea
ITO EN Green Tea
Bottle Water
Pork & Vegetable Wonton
Pork & Shrimp Wonton
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