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Sushi Rolls and Bowls

East Coast Oysters
Yellow Tail Jalapeno
Citrus soy and daikon.
Tuna Crispy Rice
Ponzu sauce.
Vegetable Roll
Avocado, cucumber, japanese pickles, and sesame sauce.
Big Eye Tuna Roll
Avocado, spicy aioli, and soy paper.
Salmon Avocado Roll
Peas shoots and wasabi soy mayonnaise.
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Cucumber, black truffle, and avocado.
Poke Bowl
Tuna, avocado, radish, pickled shiitakes, and brown rice.
Lobster Tempura Roll
avocado, cucumber & kimchee aioli


Caesar Salad
Romaine, kale, Parmesan, and croutons.
Shaved Kale
Brussels sprouts, toasted pistachio, pear, pecorino, and mint.
Farro Bowl
Beet, broccoli, chickpeas, and tahini.
Nicoise Salad
seared big eye tuna tataki & sherry shallot vinaigrette


Salt and Pepper Fries
Roasted Mushrooms
Sauteed Spinach

Small Plates

Fuji apple, fennel, and sunflower seeds.
Crispy Artichokes
Aioli and lemon.
Crudite, pickled vegetables and homemade pita.
American Cheese Plate
Pear mostarda and candied walnuts.
Mussels and Fries
Leeks, tomato, feta, and mint.
Beef Meat Balls
tomato sauce & parmesan.
Green Bean Tempura
truffle aioli
Corn Arancini
arborio rice, sweet corn, manchego, mozzarella & aji amarillo aioli

Large Plates

Tomatoes, sracciatells, and basil.
SG Chicken Parmigiana
Roasted Chicken
panzanella salad & salsa verde
Kingside Burger
Grass fed beef, white Cheddar, lettuce, and tomato on sesame bun.
Skirt Steak
Watercress, roasted garlic, and fresh chimchurri.
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Ora King Salmon
quinoa tabbouleh & lemon yogurt
broccoli rabe, andouille sausage & parmesan
Grass-fed Strip Steak
watercress, roasted garlic & fresh chimichurri
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