DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections - Greenwich Village

$$ • Desserts
Opens on Thursday
  • Individual (8oz containers)

  • Multi-Packs

Individual (8oz containers)

Signature Chocolate Chip
Signature chocolate chip cookie dough.
Sprinkles, white chips, and chocolate chip cookie dough.
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Sugar cookie, Nutella, chocolate chips, caramel bits, and sea salt cookie dough.
Chocolate Dream
Brownie Batter, oreos, and chocolate chip cookie dough.
Cake Batter
Cake batter, sprinkles, white chips, and chocolate chips cookie dough.
Sugar Cookie
Sugar cookie topped with sanding sugar
Brookie Dough
Signature chocolate chip + brownie batter, swirled together
Oatmeal M&M
Oatmeal + M&Ms + chocolate chips
Straight up signature base
Peanut butter + dark chocolate chips + marshmallow fluff
Salty & Sweet
Sugar cookie + salted caramel + dark chocolate chips + sea salt
Nuts for Nuts
Peanut butter + reese's cups + reese's pieces
Gimme S'more
Signature + hershey bar + toasted marshmallows + graham crackers
PB Snickerdoodle (GF/V)
peanut butter + cinnamon sugar + chocolate chips


4 Pack
6 Pack
Bite Box
Twelve delicious bites of Signature Chocolate Chip, Cake Batter, Brookie Dough and Sugar Cookie.
Tasting Pack
Three tasting jars (2oz) of Signature Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie and Cake Batter.
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