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JG Burger
By Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Grass fed beef, pepper jack cheese, avocado, crispy red onions & russian dressing on a potato bun.
Belles Hot Chicken
By Chef Morgan McGlone. Crispy chicken breast, American cheese, lettuce, onion & Belles "Good Good" sauce on a sesame bun.
The Big Burger
Beef, smoked gouda, diced red onions & Doja sauce on a Pain D'Avignon bun with fries.
Basic Hamburger
Cheese Burger
Beef, cheese & french onion aioli on a potato bun with fries.
Supreme Burger
Beef, cheese, special sauce, lettuce, onions & pickles on a sesame bun with fries.
Emoji Burger
Beef, cheese, french onion aioli, butter lettuce & tomato on a sesame bun with fries.
Ebi Burger
Shrimp, old bay, butter lettuce, house pickles, & spicy mayo on a potato bun with fries.
The Daniel Humm Burger
By Chef Daniel Humm. Chicken with truffle, gruyere & pickled shallots on a potato bun.
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The George Mendes Burger
By Chef George Mendes. Beef, sao jorge cheese, melted coriander, onions, fresh cilantro, butter lettuce & piri piri aioli on a sesame bun.
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The Magnus Hansson Veggie Burger


Organic Kale Caesar
Chiffonade of Kale, caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and fine herbs.
Heirloom Roasted Carrots (Gluten Free)
Chickpeas, herbs & red wine vinaigrette.
Organic Roasted Beets (Gluten Free)
Whipped goat cheese, herbs, toasted pumpkin seeds & red wine vinaigrette.
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Native Grains (Gluten Free)
Citrus Vinaigrette, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and crispy shallots.
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French Fries

Cold Beverages

Apple Juice
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Iced Tea
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Arnold Palmer
Lemonade Iced Tea
Sold out
Cherry Coke
Sold out
Diet coke
Orange Soda
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Sparkling Water
Bottled Water
Ginger Ale
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Root Beer
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Cane Cola
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Coconut Water
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Sold out
Chocolate Milk


Drip Coffee
Iced Americano
Iced Cappucino
Iced Coffee
Cold Brewed
Iced Latte
Iced Mocha


Iced Tea
By Rishi.
Hot Tea
By Rishi.


Steak Frites
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