Cafe K - (Brooklyn - Coney Island Ave)

$$ • Seafood • Pasta • Kosher
Opens on Saturday
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Soup of the Day
Mozzarella Sticks
Breaded and fried mozzarella cheese with mix vegetables.
Thin Crust Pizza
Oven baked pizza with homemade marinara sauce topped with mozzarella cheese.
Guac and Chips
Eight oz mashed avocado mixed onions or cilantro and lemon served with tortilla chips.
Thai Mozzarella
Broccoli , Mushroom , Peppers , Onions sauteed in teriyaki sauce topped with crunch
Stuffed Mushrooms
Baked Mushroom Caps Stuffed With Mozzarella Cheese And Spinach


32oz Loaded Greek Salad
Mix greens with onions, peppers, carrots, black and green olives topped feta cheese and lemon oil. dressing.
32oz Tri Color Salad
Arugula radicchio, romaine, with carrots, cherry tomato, asparagus, and radish topped with roasted almonds in a garlic dressing.
32oz Caesar Salad
Romaine Lettuce with croutons, grape tomatoes, hard boiled, egg, and parmesan. Caesar Dressing
Create Your Own Salad
32oz Avocado Salad
Romaine Lettuce , Cherry Tomatoes , Peppers , Baby Corn & Avocado with a Sesame Dressing
32oz Quinoa Salad
Bed Of Romaine Lettuce Topped With Quinoa Mixed With Vegetables , Cherry Tomatoes & Avocado With A Lemon Oil Dressing
32oz Tuna Salad
Mix Greens With 2 Scoops Of Tuna , Onions . Cherry Tomatoes & Cucumbers With A Lemon Oil Dressing


Sweet Cream Pasta
Penne in a cream sauce with asparagus and sweet potato.
Seafood Pasta
Penne pasta with broccoli, salmon, and tilapia in a Marsala Wine sauce.
Penne Marinara Pasta
Penne with breaded and fried eggplant in marinara sauce.
Create Your Own Pasta
Choice Of Ingredients
Mediterranean Pasta
Penne Pasta In A Light Marinara Sauce Mixed With Cherry Tomatoes , Eggplant & Topped With Feta Cheese
Haloumi Fettuccini
Fettuchini Pasta Cooked I n A Light Cream Sauce Mixed With Cherry Tomatoes , Sweet Potato , Portobello Mushrooms , Fried Haloumi Cheese Topped With Bread Crumb


Chilean Sea Bass
Grilled Chilean Sea Bass Topped With A Creamy Garlic Dressing With A Choice Of 2 Side Dishes
Salmon Burger
Grilled salmon patty mixed with cilantro and shallot seasoning and sauteed in teriyaki sauce. Served with mayonnaise, portobello mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and a fried onion ring. Choice of side dish.
Sold out
Blackened and grilled bronzino drizzled with a conflict lemon thyme sauce. Choice of side dish.
Salmon Fillet
Grilled salmon fillet with a touch of herb sauce on top. Choice of side dish.
Tuna Steak
Grilled Tuna Steak With Your Choice Of 2 Side Dishes
Grilled Fish Shell
Romaine Lettuce Mixed With A Creamy Garlic Dressing Topped With Pico De Gallo & Your Choice Of Grilled Fish

Side Dishes

French Fries
Sautéed Vegetables
Mashed Potatoes
Sautéed Broccoli
Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Hot Drinks

Hot Chocolate

Cold Drinks

Bottled Water
Choice of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla.
Fruit Shake
Choice of strawberry, mango, kiwi, blueberry, pineapple, or banana.
Iced Mocha
Iced K
Coffee Milkshake
Iced Limonana
Iced Cappo


Hot Chocolate Souffle
New York Cheesecake
Marble Cheesecake
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