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Cups, Pints & 5 Quarts

Kiddie Cup
1 Flavor of Homemade Ice Cream
Regular Cup
Up to 2 Flavors of Homemade Ice Cream
Large Cup
Up to 3 Flavors of Homemade Ice Cream
Serves 4
5 Quart Container
Serves 25

Ice Cream Cakes

Sprinkle Crunch Cake
This cake is completey covered in our most popular toppings, sprinkles and cake crunch, so that you can have the best of the best in every single bite. Comes with chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream.
Classic Birthday Cake
This cake is a classic example of a birthday centerpiece. Vanilla whipped cream is dressed in a glaze of chocolate fudge and brought to life with a colorful display of rainbow sprinkles around the base of the cake. Comes with Vanilla Fudge & Poundcake ice cream.
Yellow Drip Top Cone Cake
We've placed sugar cone loaded with whipped cream and marshmallow drips to create a fun melting visage of this delicious accident. Comes with Cookies & Cream ice cream.
Cookie Dough Party Cake
Our dough is 100% safe to eat and it's hand rolled into beautiful, fudge drizzed truffles. In the middle of the cookie dough is a pool of chocolate fudge, eagerly pleading for you to dive into the world of delicious pleasures. Comes with Chocolate Blackout ice cream.

Ice Cream Pies and Slices

After Dinner Dessert Pie (Serves 8)
Sitting atop our homemade chocolate pie crust lies homemade Coffee ice cream. We've decorated this pie with crushed cream filled cookies and a drizzle of chocolate fudge while a ring of chocolate whipped cream holds the pie together.
The Great Pumpkin Pie (Serves 8)
This seasonal spectacular holds the greatest Pumpkin Pie ice cream you'll ever find with layers of chopped pecans and caramel on top of our homemade cinnamon graham crust!
Slice of Cutti Frutti Pie
In this homemade graham crust you'll find a taste of some sweet natural berries in our homemade Strawberry ice cream. Garnishing this pie are pound cake pieces and sweet drizzles of raspberries around a ruffle of vanilla whipped cream.
Slice of Sprinkle Crunch Cake
Soft Serve Vanilla & Chocolate with cake crunch & fudge filling

Ice Cream Sandwiches

6 Pack
Soft Serve ice cream sandwiched between 2 chocolate wafer cookies.
6 Pack w/ Sprinkles
Soft Serve ice cream, rolled in sprinkles, sandwiched between 2 chocolate wafer cookies


16oz Milkshake
Choose any flavor of Homemade Ice Cream
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