Milk Sugar Love

$$ • Desserts • Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt
Opens at 11:00 AM
  • Classic Ice Cream Pints

  • Classic Ice Cream Cakes

  • Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches

  • Cupcakes and Cookies

Classic Ice Cream Pints

Vanilla Bean
Made with real vanilla bean seeds and vanilla extract.
Classic Chocolate
Made with mast brother's 73% dark chocolate.
Salted Caramel
Made with just enough sea salt to enhance the rich caramel taste.
Lemon Olive Oil
Made with lemon infused Sicilian olive oil.
Earl Grey Fudge
Earl grey tea infused ice cream with a generous ripple of housemade fudge.
Malted Cookie
Malted milk ice cream swirled with our housemade triple chocolate chip cookies.
Honey Lavender
Local with a gently infused with lavender.
Stumptown Coffee
Made with stumptown coffees organic holler mountain blend for a true coffee taste.
Non Dairy Cookie Butter
Made by blending cookie butter, a rich paste made from spiced Belgian cookies, with sugar, and a splash of soy milk.
Contains Gluten and Soy
Non Dairy Coconut Chocolate
Made exclusively with coconut milk.
Midnight Cocoa
Jet black chocolate ice cream made with activated charcoal
Banana PB Brownie
Banana Ice Cream with Brownie Bites and Candied Peanuts
Fruity Pebbles
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Classic Ice Cream Cakes

The Classic Ice Cream Cake
Layers of vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate cookie crunch, and classic chocolate ice cream. Decorated with rainbow sprinkles.
The Chilltown Ice Cream Cake
Two giant, housemade chocolate chip cookies filled with vanilla bean ice cream, and rolled in rainbow sprinkles.
The Fruity Pebble Mac Daddy Ice Cream Cake
Two Fruity Pebble French Macarons filled with Fruity Pebble ice cream and rolled in Fruity Pebbles.
Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake
Cream Cheese ice cream, Red Velvet Cake, white chocolate ganache, festive sprinkles

Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches

Coffee Chip Ice Cream Sandwich
Two housemade chocolate chip cookies filled with stumptown coffee ice cream.
The American Ice Cream Sandwich
Two layers of fudge brownie filled with candied peanuts, peanut butter ice cream, dipped in chocolate, and sprinkled with sea salt.
The Mac Daddy Ice Cream Sandwich
Two fruity pebble French macarons filled with fruity pebble ice cream.
The Doughboy Ice Cream Sandwich
Two layers of chocolate chip cookie dough filled with classic chocolate ice cream, dipped in chocolate, and confetti sprinkles.

Cupcakes and Cookies

One Dozen Cupcakes
In any combination of Red Velvet, Vanilla or Chocolate, all with rainbow sprinkles
One Dozen Mini Cupcakes
In any combination or Red Velvet, Vanilla or Chocolate, all with rainbow sprinkles.
One Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies
Our best-seller, topped with flaky Sea Salt
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